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  1. Thank you! Made all my reservations for April!
  2. This is great info - thank you! You didn’t mention what cruise line you were on, but we are cruising Carnival - will the locations be the same?
  3. We are doing this cruise next April - I really hope the review gets finished. I keep checking back for more!
  4. We booked for 2020 and I’m so excited! We have a year to wait but so much research and planning to do. We got an aft wrap suite on deck four.
  5. Thank you for this statement! I have been going crazy trying to find the search bar on my iPad. I turned it and there it was! Yay!
  6. We are considering this cruise for 2020 - this is a great thread!
  7. I don’t cruise until November - still checking out all the options :)
  8. Some colors of this suit are on clearance for $6! I just ordered two sizes in pink, so I can try them on and return one. Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. Love this review! Too bad it wasn’t finished. Thinking about the Splendor and lots of good info here!
  10. I love my extensions! I love being able to wake up and all I need is lipstick to look fine. Can’t wait to try them on a cruise. You won’t even know you have them on, they are so light. Just please research the person you go to. Thee are a lot of people doing the extensions that don’t know what they are doing. If you find a reputable person, you will love your lashes, and be hooked!
  11. I would suggest going to TJ Maxx or a similar store and see what you can find. They will have good name brand cubes and I got a set of 3 for less than $10. Then you can try out the different sizes and see what works for you before you order more expensive ones online. Or maybe you won’t even need to. I really like the ebags slim because they are small but hold a lot. But the set I got at TJ Maxx is just as good, just different sizes. I also Watched a great video on how to pack them. I’ll post a link below.
  12. Some of my favorites: https://sosewenglishfabrics.com/ https://www.girlcharlee.com/ https://www.thefabricfairy.com/ https://www.lafinchfabrics.com/ http://www.madewhimsy.com/ https://knitpop.com/ I mostly buy knits like cotton Lycra or brushed poly and I have ordered from all these stores. I also find a lot on Etsy by searching for the type of fabric I want. I hope you find what you’re looking for. There are some great deals online, and many things available that I can’t get locally.
  13. I’ve purchased a lot of fabric online in the last few years. Some stores will send you sample swatches, which helps a lot. Otherwise, I will go to Joann’s and look at fabric content and weight to find similar fabrics and see how they feel. It’s still not foolproof, but it helps, and after a few purchases you’ll start to learn what you like. If you’re looking for knit fabrics, I can recommend a few really good sources if you’re interested.
  14. Oh no! We were planning to go in November, so I’m glad you posted. I will email them when it gets closer to check. What’s a good alternative? We’ve never been to Nassau.
  15. We got this one at Target. I like that it’s ring bound so you can move pages around. It comes with a lot of pages and you could leave the cover at home if you wanted to save weight. https://www.target.com/p/mead-174-2-ring-journal-lined-and-plain-paper-120-sheets-6-x-8-5-travel-stamp-design/-/A-50236397
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