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  1. I've done a TA before and had 5 sea days in a row. I absolutely loved it, which surprised me. I slept in and skipped breakfast, woke up for lunch and sat by the pool with my book, napped on my balcony, got ready for dinner and then enjoyed the night life the ship has to offer. It definitely allowed me to relax and come back home refreshed. My upcoming cruise is a 8 night sailing but only has 3 port stops including 2 sea days prior to disembarking. I cannot wait.
  2. I'll be heading on my 11th solo cruise this September and I can't wait. The hardest part for me honestly is getting good pictures taken. I'll have some people stop and take one half decent picture and that's it. I appreciate it because they don't have to but when I tend to take pictures for people, I put in an effort to take 4 or 5 shots with different angles. On one of my solo cruises, I went to a beach in Aruba for the day and shared a taxi with a family from a Carnival ship. One of the ladies in the group saw me taking a selfie and said catch me later and I'll take a picture for you .... she literally ended up taking about 50 pictures of me walking up and down the beach. It was fantastic and so appreciated. She said just because you're traveling solo doesn't mean you can't make your friends back home jealous LOL
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