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  1. As a solo cruiser, I am usually frugal as I am paying more than the average cruiser, but with everything going on, I will only be doing balconies going forward. The Diamond discount will help out tremendously and the 4 future sailings I have booked are all in balconies. I'll also probably stay clear of the buffet and use the main dining room and room service. If my pocket can afford it, I'll get a dining package.
  2. I currently have Oasis booked in November, Harmony TA booked for next April and Anthem for next December. Right now, the first 2 sailings are up in the air. My concern is based around the fact that I typically cruise solo and wanting to see cruising get back to normal before I indulge again. Final payment for Oasis is not until August so I have plenty of time to decide. I also booked cancellation insurance with my flight so I wouldn't be out much money.
  3. I'm' booked on Oasis in November and I've been going back and forth. I cancelled the hotel booking and will continue to watch how things develop but I plan to make a final decision by May. I have the Harmony TA booked for next April and I'm even questioning that right now. Not really fear but more getting my deposit money back as I could use it right now for more pressing things.
  4. Thanks for this great review - I board the Navigator on Monday and I can’t wait!!
  5. Single female travelling on the Nov 25th RCI Navigator sailing followed by the Nov 29th RCI Explorer sailing.
  6. I’m about to do my 8th and 9th solo cruises next week and I absolutely cannot wait. From my first solo cruise in 2010, I just can’t stop. I love the freedom and independence it provides. I can do what I want when I want and I don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone. I will cruise with people but I will always request to have my own cabin.
  7. I've tried to do this a few times and they told me I couldn't. Now, I just stop at the DL before my reservation and walk in with 2 drinks in hand.
  8. Do they have day passes available? How can it be booked and what's the cost? Just checked their website but didn't see anything.
  9. Thanks for this review - were you traveling solo? I'll also be going on the Navigator solo at the end of the month in a JS on deck 9! It was nice to see the JS room tour - sooo looking forward to exploring the amped ship!
  10. I have a question as well. I'm looking to book onboard during my Navigator sailing later this month for a TA next fall - I don't remember exactly, but is there a reduced deposit for longer cruises as well? I know it's usually $480/pp. Also, how the OBC work again? Is it for the current sailing or the booked sailing?
  11. This is a good plan - I will try this on my upcoming sailings.
  12. I've been able to watch many NBA games in my cabin when I cruise during the season but looking forward to more variety - especially watching a game at Playmakers this November!!
  13. I've only been heavily questioned once while traveling solo - I was going on a cruise through Cape Liberty and the Customs person was surprised I was solo. He said, "where's the company?". I said excuse me? and he quickly realized the question was a bit out of line. I told him I travel solo to get away from the every day stresses of life - he handed me my passport and said have a great trip. They do tend to look me up and down but they wave me through fairly quickly.
  14. I have a solo S2S in November - first 4 night Bahamas sailing on Navigator of the Seas and then a 9 night Southern Caribbean on Explorer of the Seas - I can't wait!!
  15. RCL Explorer of the Seas 9 night sailing on November 29th out of Miami - for an inside cabin, it was $1,300 CDN so I can only imagine what it is in USD. Stops at Labadee, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. I'm on this sailing and upgraded from an interior to a balcony since the huge price drops.
  16. My first cabana was on Labadee in 2012 during an Allure sailing. It was $200 for an over the water cabana that we enjoyed immensely. I'm going on the Navigator in November the cabanas are showing around $800 CDN. Glad I got to enjoy one when I did.
  17. Majesty was my second cruise and first solo cruise so it will always have a special place in my heart - those shots of the aft at night are making me want to go back! Absolutely amazing pictures.
  18. Yes! Looking forward to following along - I'll be home for the start of your trip but will be in Jamaica when you return so a good way for me to pass the days by! 🙂 Congrats to Owen! How does he manage all these sports? Amazing!
  19. Quest is one of my favourite activites during a sailing and it hasn't become boring to me yet. My next sailings are on the Navigator and Explorer and I expect both to be good.
  20. Looking for 2 sailings ... 1) May TA from Florida to Spain, preferably on a big ship, or 2) Sept 10 night Greek Islands cruise from Italy, which is similar to my bucket list trip on Rhapsody in 2016. 2021 is definitely when I head back to Europe, preferably Spain and Portugal!
  21. I've heard it was my smile, laugh and the fact that I was traveling alone why they remembered me - it was about 3 years in between sailings, which was amazing.
  22. I'll be going on the Explorer for the 3rd time in November and have heard reports of the ship looking rough. However, it's a 9 night Southern Caribbean sailing so I'll be fine!
  23. Enjoy the package - I have the 3 night dining package booked for my Navigator sailing. I wanted to try all the new restaurants.
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