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  1. I even use the 80 hrs out to move from our chosen seat to row 4 right behind business on our domestic flights! I get it 9 times out of 10! I just want to be at the pointy end always 😁
  2. Beat me to it! I have found the 80 hr window pretty accurate and use every flight we go on (I think I previously posted ages ago I was terrified of flying, which has now been conquered, so much I started counting flights when I married Frank 16 years ago this year. In first two years I counted 250 flights so stopped counting. I would be up to 500 at least now.)
  3. We stayed five nights pre cruise at pan pacific at the port! Lovely hotel with great buffet breakfast! And we got a great special ! Perfect place to stop
  4. Have an awesome time. We’re on majestic princess 18/3 to NZ
  5. That’s what I would do, take a photo with other phone. As you say it should be showing in the system anyway. what cruise are you ?
  6. Oh! I thought you could take screen shots of everything on your phone??? So can you take a photo of the screen from another phone and save it in photos as back up????
  7. Can you take a screenshot and print it out to be on safe side?
  8. We did Vancouver return last May, as one journey but many did it as back to back.
  9. Not with those cards but we use Qantas money card (debit) when overseas and find it great
  10. Can you book it through booking.com which though we usually try to go through direct to hotel, we’ve used booking.vom over last few years with great success and good savings.
  11. That’s very true! And if I go to some of the promo ads, like from agencies, they want me to input all my details before they will show me “anything”. best result I’ve found so far is to go direct to the cruise lines and search that way. so I’ll be watching this topic with interest 😁
  12. I’m not laughing if you’re really hurting🥰 just the “thinking”
  13. That’s right!!! That’s where you started in the beginning lol
  14. Gosh this is almost turning into a confession time 😁😁😁
  15. Or maybe his wife looks after him 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Or he’s just a natural born spunk 🥰
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