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  1. Well, yesterdays "I'm out of practice" (due to the accident) lunch for family and other halves went brilliantly. I was determined not to stress. I just poodled along with it all. We had fun preparing and were in hysterics when I told OH to lift the whisk up when doing the cream before he broke the bottom of the basin. He did and was covered in cream as was the wall, counter and microwave 🤣I forgot to say turn it off first. We gave them fizz when they arrived and the meal was great, but next time I'll make three Mars trifles instead of two! We laughed for at least two hours.. mostly at my expense! Obviously by the time we finished the room/tables were a mess. The best thing ever, was when my daughter said "One two three go" and they all six of them went into action putting furniture back, clearing up and in five minutes it was all done. We were ordered to watch! It was great fun and better than any tonic/pills.
  2. We are at Harty Ferry for a wedding early next year. Its been postponed twice so it's third time lucky. lo That road leading up to it is 4 miles long, with hardy anything on it.. just the venue and a few dwellings and a church at the end.
  3. Not sure if you have sorted this out yet, but this came from another cruise line and was from their preferred Insurer..Holiday Extras. It definitely includes a companion. "Holiday Extras, cover will include coronavirus, meaning if you become ill during your cruise they will cover medical assistance. repatriation costs and accommodation for you and a companion, should you need it. This policy is available to all guests who meet Holiday Extra’s health criteria, including those aged over 70."
  4. I will not panic, I will not panic. I used to entertain a lot but have spent the last couple of years getting back on my feet, and am still semi-disabled, but cope. I invited daughter and son in law for lunch tomorrow, and made it easy and did a quick Ocado/MS delivery. with some things already prepared. Great I thought. THEN the grandkids and their partners decided to come 🙃. I am lucky that OH can go to another supermarket to get the extras. I will have to double up on the Mars Bar Trifles or they won't come!!! I have never cooked a big meal on the cooker here, and tables and chairs will be a mish mash but it will be fun and all hands on deck...I have alcohol😃 For anyone else in my position.. a few weeks ago I had 9 ladies from a group coming for lunch. It was a bit short notice so I looked at the pre order stuff in M**isons and ordered sandwiches and cheese board, then heated quiches, sausage rolls and some other bits and pieces. After cake etc I asked if anyone wanted those icecream things in a stick.. wow they went down well too. I did hardy any work only laying it out and the emails I got the next day were lovely. They are al thinking of doing it next time. No stress.
  5. Thanks a lot for that Graham. Got a good price at the PI, and with that price for parking its an even better deal!
  6. I think we would have a great time Wowzz🤣 They live not far from Boston but we are staying in their log cabin near Louth I think it is. One of their in law relatives is celebrating a birthday with a hotel Sunday roast. When she explained we were going up they very kindly invited us too. We don't know them so it was very kind of them. It should be a good weekend
  7. I think it was discussed that we can now park in the West Quay Multi Storey for a good rate and for the duration of our cruises. I mean the one by the Premier Inn. Am I correct in thinking that? If so do we just turn up and park the car or do we have to let them know or book? Is it on any floor?
  8. I'm going up to Lincolnshire tomorrow to visit my daughter. We haven't seen each other since Covid as it was too risky due to health conditions. We are all excited. She says she's got the wine in!! 😃🍹
  9. There were about six things missing from my Iceland delivery yesterday. Strangely three were from their "Chinese " food range. Tonight they sent a £5 voucher as an apology and it's not even their fault!
  10. We've never been on Ventura. Looks like we might have missed a bargain. We enjoyed our staycation on Iona as we desperately needed a break, but I don't think it would suit us at full capacity, and we felt it was far too large for us with 18/19 decks and so many bars and restaurants. Others will love it but just a bit too big for us.
  11. As I was in the bathroom when he briefly introduced himself to my OH, I didn't see the steward at all. We are used to having a laugh and some banter with them. Another thing we missed was seeing Officers all decked out in white, walking round the ship. It made it all seem special somehow, wondering who they were etc. It was just nice seeing them around, and gave confidence somehow. The Captain had announced they wouldn't be out and about with the passengers (covid)
  12. Against advice we went to the Dolphin... we should have listened. Room very worn and dark. I have never had to eat bacon with my fingers before, it was so crisp if cut with a knife it spattered into 100 pieces!! Gave us a good laugh though. Back to West Quay PI next time.. you know what you will get there.
  13. Coral was used for the loyalty lunch on Iona last week.
  14. Absolutely.. the best I've tasted for a long time. Must be tried😃
  15. I know a lot of people do, but I just cant think of Christmas at this time of year.. its like wishing my life away somehow. I like to enjoy the moment when I can. Went out today and saw that Dunelm have big posters out saying their Christmas stock is in, and M and S have even bigger posters inviting us to order our Christmas food now. I don't know what I want for breakfast or lunch yet, so chance of me ordering Christmas lunch yet!!!🙃🤣
  16. I loved my staycation cruise, but must say that due too some personal bits missing due to covid protocol, I did miss that 'pampered' feeling. I don't know which of the changes will stay when we get back to 'normal'. I hope some things go back to how they used to be pre covid.
  17. Goodness I could have written that myself! We had a great time, but have decided it was a bit big for us, and we don't think we would like it at full capacity, but we did have a good time and a much needed break. The 14" between the bed and the wardrobe amused us. We had to go between them, open the door on the right then move to the right to open the lefthand door. If that makes sense. I would say that on our cruise, last week, I think everyone adhered to the 4 in a lift rule. Conservatory cabin was lovely, but because of the extra room it could make the actual cabin dark at certain times of the day. But really glad we went, it was much needed. Lastly, to anyone on that cruise last week, your kindness to me was great.( first time on scooter)
  18. We went across her twice last week and it was like a millpond. A bit different from one memorable crossing when she played up badly.. but that was midwinter. I hope she behaves for you.
  19. I'm off too... Southampton tomorrow then a week bobbing about on Iona. Hope we have done the paperwork properly Behave while we are away, and for those hoping to cruise properly from next week... we'll tidy up before we leave.. and leave you some beer!!!! xxx
  20. There can be a new hobby... instead of watching pier runners (as there are no ports) we can watch all the selfish ones saving multiple sunbeds and clock when they are used!!! There has to be a solution to this
  21. I think it was suggested that if ringing P & O if you are given options then press the one for 'new booking'. They seem to answer quickly.. it did for us but may have been coincidence of course.
  22. Had interconnecting doors a couple of times and have never had a problem. Never heard anything through them.
  23. We are at the Dolphin too. Its only for one night and is really reasonable and includes parking for the duration . It can't be worse than the Leonardo That hotel was once very good, but on our last visit it had buckets everywhere due to rain and had certainly seen better days. That was a real disappointment.
  24. For myself, I would like to thank you all for coming on here... during those days when we couldn't see our friends your virtual friendship, advice and encouragement to me and probably to all of us was priceless. Kalos, you made me laugh every day. I feel a bit of an affinity with a slightly dodgy ticker myself!!!!! Thank you for starting this thread Host Sharon, I bet you didn't think it would take off so much... 1000 pages....... Thanks from the bottom of my heart xxxx (oooeeer, I'm not usually sloppy!)🤣
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