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  1. Apologies for my post above. I don't know how I missed yours. Hope all ok now and that you have a great time.
  2. Of course I I hope all is well with regard to those in the accident, I also hope you are soon on your way to Arvia. Keep us informed.
  3. I really enjoyed that Kalos, but didn't remember it. I think my time was the early 60's Not only difficult to dance to, I tried singing along and it was difficult!!😃
  4. Wow, you were busy Snow Hill. Wore me out just reading it😂 Perhaps just thinking about it might make me fall asleep now! 3.09
  5. Firstly, I hope your mum is ok. About 28 years ago I had three weeks traction on my back and it was like a miracle but they don't do that anymore It must have saved the NHS thousands as I needed no more back treatment until recently. Have you tried threading for your eyebrows. It's much less painful than waxing, but takes longer. There is also less redness. I used to go to the booth at Hempstead.
  6. I have my eyebrows shaped and dyed. It doesn't hurt but my back does when I get up after laying flat out on the settee. Slightly embarrassing too. The lady comes to my house. She does gel nails, eyes, and hair in some sort of rotation. I can never remember when she is due to do what. I just go along with it. When she is finished OH always comes out with "Who is this vision" and I always reply "It's only meeeee"🤣
  7. Well that's that all done and dusted. Most of the Christmas shopping done!!!!😂 (better put me tin 'at on) We are not a large family. A few years ago I bought one of my daughters, and the grandchildren and their partners a trip to London,or part of it, for Christmas. They had a whale of a time but mostly they said it was family time and everyone really felt bonded. We all spoke and everyone said.they would like to repeat it, so they asked for no birthday or Christmas presents but a treat. So now its a weekend or night away all together and they love planning it, and last years was a blast at Disney Paris. (they added some) So today I transferred the pennies ready for them to plan. It was one of the best ideas we have ever had. So much enjoyment for them and no worrying for me over presents. I admit to buying a few silly bits at Christmas, some from the Pound Shop, as I cannot bear them not having a parcel from me to open!😃
  8. Thanks Megabear.🤣 I did a reply and it disappeared into the ether. The course sounds great. Not worth looking round here for a course. Even the pain clinic has an 18 month waiting list. Only people in severe pain need the actual Pain Clinic so 18 months is far too long to wait. I totally understand about the meds/weight gain. I am on tablets and patches but one of them has made me balloon. I have put on 10 kilos since last September. The Drs. say the weight wont come off till I can stop them, but this has to be done slowly over time and no good stopping them when in pain. It's a double edged sword because the meds put on weight but some of of the pain is made worse by weight bearing. I had four procedures to my back and groin 2 weeks ago. People keep asking me how its going but I am scared to say anything or it will all go wrong. OH has booked us a short cruise in a few weeks. The plan is that I will not over eat. I will refuse all rolls and butter,,, I will have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast etc etc but I know all that will fly out of the window as soon as I am on board. That is one reason I could do with a course!
  9. Megabear, I hope you don't mind me asking. but are these sessions by Zoom. Also do you know the best way to check they are qualified. I ask because a while ago I tried a new young Chiropodist. She turned on the wheel thing, I smelt burning It turned out she had done a home course or night course, I can't remember which. She told me her main job was Legal Secretary this chiropody was only in her spare time!. . .ps we had our jabs today too.
  10. ssshh can I sneak in a little query about somewhere else. No-one is replying over there. Someone on here said about their cruise on Ambience. I have been her but used the buffet for breakfast and lunch. My query is, if we use the mdr for breakfast and lunch do we have to sit where they put us or can we ask to share or not share. thanks
  11. I was here but didn't know you were!😊 Slightly different... I haven't been to sleep yet. I have tried a couple of times. Not going to bother now. The trouble is, I have to go to town later. Oh well, I expect I wont be the only haggard person there😂
  12. We have been on Ambience before but apart from dinner we ate other meals in Borough Market. We know we have our own allocated table for dinner. What is the situation for breakfast and lunch in the MDR are you just seated anywhere. Do we have to share? Thanks
  13. Its so quiet here in the Wide Awake Club. Went to bed at 12 got up again after 45 minutes. The other night my app said I had slept for 2 hrs 18 minutes. Don't want too many of those. I just wish I could go to bed and sleep like normal people. I don't worry, its just my brain wont stop racing around😏
  14. Help,,,, I think they got my brain on Thursday because today I suddenly wanted to do baking. I know some of you bake your own bread. I don't but today I did, and we ate more than we should. Whats the best way to keep the rest of the loaf fresh, is it clingfilm, foil or some other way Thanks.
  15. Thank you for your messages. I dare not say too much and put the mockers on it all but am a bit of a scaredy cat at the moment in case I set pain back on again. I must get over that. I am a bit of a tough old bird usually but this pain lark got me. Every time I thought it couldn't get worse. it did. My OH has booked a pub restaurant again for Sunday lunch tomorrow (after last year's one) so that our respective families can all meet up, mine/his, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, steps, grandchildren etc. The pub has been warned and the champagne is on ice. My grandson has been injured playing football, he is ok but on crutches, so it will be a good family photo, me on two gold sticks (for special events) and him on crutches!🤣
  16. All ok here,no missing bits after yesterday! Thank you all so much for all your good wishes, What a difference they make.💕 Too early for any results, four lots of strong back, leg and groin injections under almost GA. I can handle the back and leg pain but it is the groin pain they just cannot find a reason for so hope this will help a bit, by which time I should be up on the local pain clinic list. I have been on it about 9 months already. I am not expecting to run round the block, just a bit of pain relief without going doolally as I do a bit on the high morphine patches🤣😆 Hospital seemed like a Georgian house, lovely. As for hotel, well it was like a mini town with three towers apparently. We finally found our rooms but were hungry and went straight away. It advertised "Come to our friendly kitchen cafe.. bring the family" The menu was about 6 or 8 dishes. All seemed well over £30.. My daughter and I ordered a near £40 steak and ordered them med/well but they came up almost uncooked. They went back. I ate mine the second time although it was barely med/rare, my daughter didn't so that was taken off the bill. The service was dire, and very very slow ie 2o minutes before drink order and had to actually wave to get any attention so off came the 12 and a half pc. I think some of these hotels think they can fleece the tourist so get away with it which is such a shame. I got nurses to tell OH no household matters for me for three months!! I won't print the reply. I will say publicly though that I am so glad OH was with me during the first episode (accident) and he fully understands everything and has been a diamond, especially dealing with me during agony episodes, I thank him so much.
  17. What's going on with you lot today? I can't turn my back for 5 minutes. I was a bit late getting in here today and there are pages and pages to get through.🤣 We are off later to London, paying a fortune for two rooms just to sleep for a few hours, ready for tomorrows adventures. Needs must as it is a 6 am start. Just have to pay up and forget. Have a good day everyone
  18. I wonder how may cancers are found incidentally, No cancer, but happened to me too. While trying to find agonising groin pain they found unrelated artery obstructions in my legs. Had two stents put in. Still not found the groin pain but have found the back problems. Going in on Thursday to London for epidural in hip, more spinal injections (different than before) and some radiofrequency treatment. Surgeon feels that if we throw the book at it it might find the groin problem itself, He suspects a nerve in the stomach. At one stage it was breaking my heart seeing OH tearful beside me when hanging on the wall in agony, because he felt so helpless. Also not happy that with the side effect of one of the meds I have put on nearly 10 kilos. As an aside, we have to be there at 7 am so have to travel in the night before. I dare not think about the hundreds for hotel bill when we will only be there for a few hours sleep. I found out that the hospital got a 'good' discount at a local Hotel. I enquired. They wanted £750 for three of us!!!
  19. 5ft 7" here too🙃 or rather I was. I'm a bit scared of being measured now!
  20. I apologise but think I may be misunderstanding here. How will the gentleman manage on board. I didn't think you could use the on board assistance ones. When I needed one it cost me £200 to hire (motorised)
  21. And best wishes from me too. Take it easy, Prosecco and chocolates are supposed to be great healers x ps totally agree with all your sentiments over this thread and suspect we all do.
  22. . Thank you, thank you, thank you Kalos, you are a diamond. That made me cry with laughter on a bit of a difficult day.🤣 I hope OH canget it on my phone so I can send it to my friends
  23. Probably already said... there must be safety rules. No way are such rules discriminatory. I am quite newly disabled.
  24. Re: ants So glad it wasn't a Sp+d+r or I would be halfway down the street. Just the name fills me with dread. To everyone off on holiday and cruising.. have fun, and enjoy every minute x
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