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  1. Here are a couple of photographs. This was from Prins Christian Sound. You got this iceberg from an angle but I guess it was never really facing the port side. Regrettably there is nothing that gives you a sense of scale: And this was us in port yesterday.
  2. I fondly remember the two all-you-can drink parties poolside on last year's GWV that I attended on the segments I did. A number of people went in the pool. I do have photographs but as I could not find one that did not show faces, I will not post any. However, nothing got out of control although I heard there were noise complaints. I wound up on Deck 7 somewhat the worse for wear.
  3. Regarding some of the recent posts, I will not reply directly, but there is nothing wrong with expecting the ship's activities to be conducted in a first-class manner.
  4. The metal pins were too expensive so they've gone to genuine imitation plastic.
  5. I thought we were having a more ... cautious conversation than the thread that was zapped.
  6. If they seal them shut it will be very hot under there. If they put some sort of barrier, it will be ugly. I really hope they do not for the sake of one incident. I suppose you could put a child's feet on the track that the window runs in.
  7. These are sideways opening underneath the overhang on the pool deck. Mostly for ventilation.
  8. Copper, Any late word on who the Cruise Director and Entertainment Director/Show Host/Whatever you call them now, for the Voyage of the Vikings on Zuiderdam 7/30/19? Many thanks.
  9. I have a Global Entry card. I use it for onshore ID. Or sometimes my driver's license. You may be able to get the passport back temporarily for the day, ask at the front desk. Once I needed it to rent a car for the day, gave back my receipt and we exchanged,
  10. Embarkation for the Nieuw Statendam was poor both times I've been on her, December 5 and March 17. Enough so that I gave significantly negative views and ratings on the surveys. I did not feel crowded on her but you will not find me in the Lido at peak or going to the show much.
  11. If Princess wanted to, they could ask eBay to not allow the auctions. This has happened from time to time I've read, for example, free tickets to an event that are being sold. I've gotten rid of all of my cards, mostly via eBay. My conscience, such as it is, remains quiet.
  12. I have one canvas HAL bag, which I got on the Westerdam in 2011.
  13. Same in the cruise ports that use GE. I keep my GE in my travel wallet for the same reason I bring my yellow fever vaccination, they are light, and they will do me no good at home. At FLL, I disembark wearing a little holder on my lanyard with my cruise card on one side and my GE card on the other.
  14. No ... I don't demean for that. Only for doing it publicly under a spotlight and telling everyone about it incessantly. Other forms of virtue signaling include telling everyone on one thread how backward the people are on another thread, signaling you are fully woke.
  15. I am in a NS on the Maasdam right now and am having room service every morning. Although most mornings I order 1 mimosa, one morning I did order 2 and there was no problem.
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