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  1. I don't think there is any such thing as a socially distance cruise. Reducing capacity by 50% would not ensure that every one maintains the required physical distance at all times. Reducing numbers help with physically distancing requirements, but it doesn't guarantee it. I have experienced this time and time again when I go out. Just yesterday I was at a big box store and while I made a point to step back from the sales clerk as he was preparing my order, another couple made it a point to get up to within a foot of him to ask him a question. So while there are physical barriers on a ship that place challenges on physical distancing like narrow hallways, no cruise line can fully prevent mindless and oblivious passengers from getting too close to others.
  2. I think the risks with cruise ship washrooms is sharing public washrooms and passengers exercising poor hygiene after using the washroom. Similar risks as many other viruses and bacterial transmissions.
  3. This may be one of the reasons that the CDC wanted improve medical facilities onboard and hospital ships.
  4. I disagree with your assertion considering that cruise passengers come from all over the world.
  5. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a reaction to some of the additional guidelines in the link such as: Special precautions to "high risk" groups – those over the age of 65 or with underlying conditions, such as visiting a doctor to assess fitness to travel, different group activities, etc Limiting of interaction (could be accomplished by dividing passengers and crew into groups for activities like meals, etc.). Physical distancing: Using the outdoors for gathering, putting up plastic barriers in bars and restaurants and markings on where passengers are and are not allowed to sit to enforce social distancing. Face masks should be worn in cruise terminals by passengers and crew and in indoor spaces on board ships. Recommended to divide passengers and crew dining into groups
  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/07/01/eu-cruise-requirements-covid-19-screening-face-masks/5354654002/?fbclid=IwAR3USZMOEglbc_5nr4vOFQAtMI6Rg-pU1faPHUaRj8lrARn6JEqDcEU_-r8 There are a lot of guidelines, needless to say. The Essentials include: Essential prerequisites set forth by the EU include: The monitoring of the epidemiological situation worldwide – prior and while cruising – including evolving rules and restrictions A written contingency plan or plan to manage any COVID-19 outbreaks onboard Arrangements for necessary medical treatment Arrangements for repatriation Arrangements for the shoreside quarantine of any passenger or crew member who had close contact with an infected party who have tested negative Arrangement for the shoreside quarantine of any passenger or crew member who tested positive and is pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic after close contacted with an infected person Adequate testing capacity onboard or pre-arranged with laboratories on shore Proper training for crew members about COVID-19 A commitment to report any possible case to the next port of call immediately Reduced capacity to allow for physical distancing standards to be implemented Inspections from EU member states
  7. Insurance is a big issue. The EU has announced that it will open its borders to Canadians. The Gov't of Canada though still has travel advisories in place to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada and to avoid all cruise ship travel. They continue to warn all Canadians that should you decide to travel outside of the country that you do so with considerable risk and that the gov't will not be chartering any planes to return Canadians home and that the Gov't of Canada may not be able to offer Canadians much help if stranded outside of Canada. All of this basically means any Canadian leaving the country to vacation is doing so without any insurance coverage.
  8. Bang on again Hank. Many people are posting what they hope will happen. Fact is in the past ships with outbreaks were not allowed to dock. Another fact is that the cruise lines have not announced any plans on how they plan to deal with an outbreak on board. Nor have any cruise line offered any assurances that when an outbreak occurs that the ship will dock safely. My guess, and I state again, it is only my guess, is that the cruise lines have not released these plans because the cruise lines will not comply with the CDC requirements of basically being solely responsible for treating on board passengers who become infected. Keep in mind that for some passengers this may mean providing medical treatment for months.
  9. I agree and think that this is key. We are now seeing clusters of cases, which were expected, once restrictions were relaxed. The question that cruise lines have to face is how will an outbreak on a ship be received? At this point, not well, not well at all. No reason it would be any different than previous outbreaks and I agree with you, the cruise lines cannot afford this bad publicity and litigation.
  10. We were booked on the Pacific Coast cruise leaving Vancouver Sept 26th. On May 29th the Canadian gov't extended its cruise cancellations until the end of Oct. HAL didn't formally announce the cruise cancelled until June 11th.
  11. We never use back packs. Too awkward for us and I have back issues so it's out. Also, I find most people with back packs to be quite rude and often hitting people with them so I don't want to be one of those people lol. We use the HBC City Tote. It's a canvas tote and works really well. We use it as our carry on for the planes as we can throw a lot in it and easily slide it under the seats in front. We have used it for trips to the beach and it works fine. Love that there is a place for a phone and zippered pockets for wallets and the like. https://www.thebay.com/product/hbc-stripes-multi-stripe-city-tote-0600084451550.html?dwvar_0600084451550_color=MULTI-STRIPE https://www.thebay.com/product/hbc-stripes-city-tote-0600088073107.html?dwvar_0600088073107_color=BLACK
  12. The original assertion was that HAL are cancelling, which I take to mean that they plan to cancel but have not yet done so.
  13. That may be. Just keep in mind that HAL also has this comment on the top of its page: We are currently assessing enhanced health and safety protocols in light of COVID-19 and how they may impact our future offerings. Our actual offerings may vary from what is displayed or described here.
  14. I want to cruise again. It won't be until I know exactly what the cruise experience will be and how the cruise lines will deal with an outbreak onboard. I need to know what I am paying for and how safe I will be on the cruise. Part of that safety also involves knowing that I will be able to safely disembark at the end of the cruise.
  15. The programs are able to detect the difference between 33 feet and 6 feet and only note that you have been in range for the appropriate amount of time. Masking and ventilation play a role, but not as substantial a role as actually being in contact with the virus. The point though is that anyone with a cell phone or uses the internet is already consenting to a high level of tracing. When we connect our phones to our vehicles we share a substantial amount of information. As cruisers, we already consent to a high level of tracing when we voluntarily step foot on a cruise ship. I agree that we should all exercise caution with these apps to make sure we fully understand what information is actually collected and how it is used. We should already be used to doing that anyway, as we do that we every new service that we subscribe to and every new update to our computers, tablets, phones, IoT, and other devices.
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