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  1. On my first Regent Cruise in a lowly Penthouse A we got free laundry. I was really annoyed that my cousin also on her first Regent cruise in an even more lowly Penthouse C also got free laundry. Not sure how we earned it but it was welcome anyway. To keep in the spirit of the thread the included champagne was excellent for washing socks as suggested by an earlier poster.
  2. Blue top in suites and the Germain above in the bars. Good news is all my socks are clean.
  3. My wife and I have done several cruises (mostly in Suites with Celebrity) and this was our first time cruise with Regent. I am currently on Voyager and this is our last night. Our cruise embarkation was changed from Monaco to Marseille due to weather damage at Monaco. The mechanics of the transfer was handled well but we were not notified of the change until we reached the hotel in Monaco. Disappointed about the change but nothing Regent could do except manage the communication process better. Overall it was an experience where the good evened out the bad. It turned out that this was to become a common theme for the cruise where there was stuff that was done extremely well or extremely poorly. 99% of the staff were extremely pleasant and friendly, 1% were surly and in some cases rude. Of the 99% who were friendly, 75% of them were actually good at their jobs, the others were mostly not very good. The staff at Chartreuse in particular were rude, it was the worst food experience on a cruise ship that I have had. I am going to make some general comments on specific areas and where applicable I will compare them to Celebrity, travelling in a suite. Food The food in Compass Rose was mostly better than the MDR on Celebrity, except for the two nights when it was terrible. They could not get their act together, get orders right or deal with and rectify deficiencies. It was definitely better in the buffet but it was regularly closed for quite long periods. I understand you need to change food etc but you could at least have a limited availability of something. Pool Grill food was better but the process of ordering and getting your order were chaotic/shambolic. Prime was great and comparable with the specialty equivalents with other lines. Chartreuse was something else. It was in a word rubbish. The food was just ok but the service was rude, slow and inattentive. I didn't make a complaint as I couldn't quite work out who was running this rock show. I think they were self organised as an autonomous collective that had locked the boss in a supply cupboard. The coffee at all venues is something else and I don't mean that in a good way. Eating in the suite restaurant on Celebrity is superior to everything but Prime 7. Drinks The included wine is better overall if you work at it. An exception is the champagne, it is not great and IMHO is not as good as the Californian Chandon. The spirits were about the same except they didn't have Tanqueray 10 and only had 3 bottles of Fever Tree on the ship. Cocktails were about the same. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but the coffee is terrible. Service The service is fantastic (with one or two exceptions but they happen) if you want the staff to smile and kiss your butt. If you want them to competently fulfill their duties then it is very hit and miss (75% hits). One of the casino staff was an absolute shocker. There was also one bartender who was terrible one night but actually quite good the next 3 nights. Cabins The cabins are about the same (good) but I do like the included Mini Bar which is restocked daily. The balconies are very small which is a negative. Atmosphere/Entertainment There was no buzz and very little going on. I saw the cruise director and his minions on the ship after 5 anywhere other than the show never. As for the entertainment it was somewhere that I never found. Overall Experience I found it to be a little dull and was completely underwhelmed by the included tours with a couple of exceptions. I would rate it 7.5 out of 10, I would rate a Celebrity an 8.5. Would I sail again? Maybe if the price, timing and itinerary was right but I would not go out of my way. Would I recommend it to my friends? No but I wouldn't try to talk them out of it either. I would let them know my experience. IMHO I may be a touch too young for Regent (age 58) and maybe will try again in 10 years or so.
  4. Last night on Voyager. They have Schweppes and another cheap brand. They had three Fever Tree on the ship, that was it.
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