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  1. Hey Thinfool, I was thinking about this but... if PRINCESS cancels me how does that effect the refund situation?? I had so many cruises canceled and re-booked the last 18 months I have no idea how much money is mine and how much is the 125% princess offered etc?? I live in California so we only selected this trip because of not needing flights etc. so this is an easy 45 min drive to the port so no other travel issues needed just the cruise. I have an an amazing TA she has been with me for over 30 years and I feel bad for her during this mess. I am sure she will help me forge m
  2. Thanks for all the comments. I will just wait until they tell me I can't cruise instead of cancelling. One would think since they are telling me no that there should be no reason I can't get 100% of any money back. If I cancel they might fight me to refund anything. I will not be subjecting my 6 year old to the vaccine until at some point in the very distant future. I am not comfortable subjecting him to something that is unproven to be safe from long term issues to protect him from something that he is highly unlikely to get. I am not saying this to make a statement just simp
  3. After just under 435,679 cancelled cruises we finally booked the Grand out of Los Angeles for a little 4 day weekend getaway on Sept 30. We have had this booked for almost a year and it looked like we would be the 2nd cruise on her after the great Cruise Lock out..... My wife and I are fully vaccinated, we have a 6 year old and the 3 of us have been counting down the days..... Here is where it gets sticky, they are saying we can't sail unless fully vaccinated. Well, my 6 year old is not eligible. From what I understood the ships would be sailing about 90-95% vaccinated to
  4. I booked through TA and I just got off the phone with her. Was able to Lift and shift to 2022. (we were on the 5/22/21 Symphony , shifted to the 6/4/2022 Symphony) it was actually substantially easier than dealing with all the future cruise credit stuff from our previous 4 or 5 canceled cruises dating back from May 2020. I didn't get an e-mail from RCL but my amazing TA contacted me as soon as she was notified earlier this morning and took care of everything.
  5. Instead of being upset at the end of the Lift and shift policy.... Does anyone beside me think that it could signal the actual beginning of cruising again May 1?? Let's try to be positive.... We are booked May 22, 2021 I am trying to remain positive. My question is no doubt if they are starting the engines on May 1 no way they will sail at more than 50% capacity by May 22 so how is it going to be determined who goes and who gets cut??? We are mixed, would be great to cruise on a ship half full but I don't want to mask up and more importantly I don't want to be stuck with
  6. I took a lightweight camping hammock on the allure last year and took plenty on naps in it. The issue will be your height. the width of the balconies are only about 10 feet wide and that leaves you with the hammock pretty high off of the deck so entering and exiting becomes a challenge. (especially after a couple of cocktails). or it you make the hammock lower it is not very comfortable for anyone very tall. I am only 5'6" so it worked out OK. In fact I used it more as a swing type seat then a hammock. Bottom line is yes you could easily sleep outside in it and not worry about gettin
  7. Just booked this hotel for our May Cruise! Thinking that the embarkation is probably going to change allowing for more on board cleaning before boarding. Is there anything to do around the hotel for a couple of hours in the morning before heading to the port? We normally love to have breakfast then head on down to the ship but thinking that might not be an option we are looking for ideas??
  8. I would gladly wheel all my luggage not just my Carry-on, push my car, schedule a colonoscopy, or just about anything else just to be cruising.👍 That is a great point if boarding is pushed back to early afternoon, then the cabins should be available upon boarding.
  9. Happy Sunday CC Boards..... We are booked in a Junior Suite aboard the Symphony and we are Diamond Members. Upon embarkation is there any place we can either drop our carry-on luggage off or can we run it to the cabin then get out of every ones way to start our much needed vacation? We are the family that loves to be onboard as early as possible. I realize things might be different once cruising starts again but was wondering if this was at least possible pre COVID?
  10. We cancelled and re-booked so many cruises this year we had enough credit to get a mini-suite on this trip and its already paid for so that is a nice positive. Luckily we have a great travel agent that navigated through the hoops to make it all happen. Been looking at cabin prices and they are much higher then when we booked but I am periodically checking. At this point I would sleep on a deck chair or the anchor to be able to cruise again!!
  11. OK Gang I am over the COVID crap looking forward to our Symphony Sailing in 262 days, 6288 hours, 377,280 minutes or 22,636,800 seconds not that I am counting or anything...LOL I currently have the soda package and photo package saved in our cruise planner but have not purchased the items yet. I noticed that things keep going on sale lower then previously noted and my cart is getting adjusted for the lower prices. Does this also work when the prices go back up?? Meaning should I just pull the trigger and pay for the items now then cancel and re-book if they go lower or
  12. I have a bit of experience with this. Up front I am going to say Back to back might be different. We booked and had 3 cruises cancelled and finally gave up and booked for next May. I have an amazing travel agent and she was a pit bull dealing with Royal. Several of the customer service people could not use common sense in that all I wanted was to get 125% of the actual cash I spent nothing more. It was complicated due to all the different cruises and FCC used. Another issue that came into play was the fact that the original cruise we booked was a kids cruis
  13. OK since 2020 is out after being cancelled 3 times. We have booked the symphony for 2021. Can anyone tell me the minimum height requirements for both the water slides and the abyss?
  14. thanks for all the feedback. As we get closer I still might end up pulling the trigger on the Suite
  15. cb at sea.... I am really looking forward to the extra space and for essentially the same price we would be paying for a smaller cabin next month. I was drawn to pulling the trigger on the suite for about $1500 more but without being able to open the door next to the bed e ought to hear the ocean and not my office phones I couldn't really justify the price.
  16. We just took our FCC for the Harmony Cruise that was canceled and re-booked on the Symphony. We were able to get a Junior Suite for the amount of FCC we got from our Cat 1C cabin that was cancelled so that was nice. My question is are any of the Junior suites configured so the the bed is closer to the balcony vs having the couch closer to the Balcony?? Follow up question we are thinking about paying a bit more and switching from the Junior Suite to the Grand 1 Bedroom Suite and was wondering if there is a door from the bedroom to the balcony or is the only way to t
  17. Thanks for the Drive by Capt BJ! I was thinking that it might be new and with the restrictions either no guests yet or not enough to review. I look forward to writing a review In 87 days when I am in one of these Hotels, not sleeping being excited to cruise the next day!!!!
  18. Anybody have any experience with this hotel? Travel Advisor has no reviews so iI was wondering if the location was real new or perhaps a recent name change?? Trying to choose between Radisson Resort at the Port, Country Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn or the Home2Suites.
  19. Thanks Capt_BJ exactly what we were looking for. Was thinking we might be able to walk to dinner and uber home or try one of your suggestions. All that is left now is that the country comes out of lock down in time for us to go!
  20. Couple of things what is the WOW bands that I have heard about? Are they available on the Harmony?
  21. We Started out on Princess in May, got cancelled, we moved to the Symphony in May, was cancelled, moved back to Princess for June 20, cancelled, now booked on the Harmony in August. If this one is cancelled we are calling it a year and will be booking for next year. Like you I am completely over reading everyone's "opinions" on what is best for mankind and the cruising industry. If I have to sit poolside in a mask I'm in. Might be tough to explain the crazy tan lines but oh well!! LOL We were on the Allure last last year and I remember going to the Pursers Office
  22. I am a Diamond level status and I thought I received some free internet time but can't remember. Anyway to get the best pricing, should we buy a package pre-sailing or wait till we board?
  23. Hoping to make the Aug cruise after being cancelled 3 times.... Last time we cruised out of Port Canaveral we stayed near the airport because we arrived close to midnight so just wanted a bed. This time we are arriving late afternoon the day prior. Looking at hotels near the port and it seems that the best deal I can find is for the Radisson Resort at the Port. Does anyone have any experience with the property or can you shed some light. Not looking for much other than a clean room and someplace for dinner. We were actually looking at Grills or fish lips . I would
  24. We just got canceled so thank you for all the good advice but it won't be needed now...... 😞
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