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  1. Will you be driving from Virginia? Or, will you fly? Jim
  2. Just to make a good comparison, you should determine the number of cruise ships in service during those years. Jim
  3. And, then there is this. For those of us who cruised on a specific ship prior to February, 2020 - we are excused from muster if on that same ship. Listening to announcement is one thing, know how to do the stairs and then locate the appropriate muster station is another. If I were on cruise liner X and attended muster last summer, then I know how to get to the muster station. Where to go is on the back of the door and on your cruise card. If my muster station was "D" and it is now "E", I believe that I am smart enough to know the difference and get there when the time comes to actually prepare to abandon ship. Jim
  4. Maybe book a cruise from Boston, then if you are denied boarding, you just drive back home! Jim
  5. Sure. A lot depends on how full HAL allows the ship to be. Cruise at capacity? Or half-full? Makes a big difference in the exposure. My biggest concern would be the tendering operation in Cabo - really tough trying to keep things sanitary and get folks back and forth in a timely manner. Jim
  6. The article advocates the elimination of interior rooms. OK, but what about those "ocean view" rooms, the only difference is the window! Ain't gonna happen. There are all balcony ships, but the average cruise cannot afford that on a regular basis AND right now, it is the repeat cruisers who help the bottom line of the cruise line companies, not the once and one party-all-night crowd. My biggest concern for the restart is how the cruise lines intend to handle the emergency lifeboat drill. Whether in public rooms or on an open deck (promenade-style), generally it is too close for too long. Along that same line of thinking, tendering could be a huge problem for sanitation requirements. Jim
  7. I believe (have not looked recently, but it was this a year or two ago) that the Sea Princess itinerary previously mentioned is part of their world cruise that begins in the spring (autumn in Australia).
  8. One of the greatest things about being loyal to HAL and Princess are the crew members who remember. One young lady, who has retired from the business to stay with her family, was on three separate cruises with us. On the third one, we approached her and said something like...I don't know if you remember us...OH YEAH! Before I was done, she told us which ship and what the itinerary was. We have photos of the three of us, Karen, Jim and Rowena. Wow! Jim
  9. I'm curious (and don't call me Shirley)...are any of you discussing this at home at the dinner table or over drinks? Or are you just stating stuff here and no where else? Not trying to challenge, but our discussions at home have been involved as to what to do and when to do and why do it. Jim
  10. Rich... When the smoke clears (as it were), what will you do? Will you have the spare time to do this? I wanna come to your house to commiserate with you when it happens! Jim
  11. During muster drill, I always cringe when they state that we should not take any luggage with us in case of emergency. Wait a sec! If I take my meds with me, I will need luggage! This getting old stuff sux! Jim
  12. Being in my mid 70s, not much changes from one week to the next. Yard work in central Florida has been happening for months. However, it did a chore that I have put off for a long time. Washing screens! What a mess. Blowing sand and stuff all the time has them dirty most of the time. If I don't do it however, no one else in the house will. Jim
  13. Based on some of the questionable statements, I guess the author has never been on a cruise (much less a "vacation cruise"). Too many things are wrong with her statements. Everyone from CC should write to her and offer some thoughts. Unfortunately, she does not include information on how to email her, only her Twitter thing. Jim
  14. Ya wanna beach? I am less than three miles from the Gulf of Mexico. I'll charge you less than a balcony/verandah and feed you just as good. I'll even throw in my cat (Tony the Tiger), he likes to hear cruising stories. Into the 80s most days recently and the forecast low tonight is 68. Almost like being there. Let me know, I'll clean the sheets! Jim
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