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  1. Many hours were spent in the libraries on the four ships that were dismissed from the HAL fleet. Although there no longer were librarians, most of the books got shelved and sorted (I spent many hours before 6 a.m. doing that on Amsterdam last year). What happened to all those books? Did they stay with the ships (sold "as-is"), even though they all had Holland America Lines stamped on them? And what about all the books that were in the book exchanges? We were on Eurodam right after dry dock 'fixed' the Crow's nest. I was told by two employees that book exchanges were being discontinued, as HAL didn't want to get into being a library. The put lots of pretty 'coffee table-type' books up there and hoped that passengers would appreciate how pretty they were. I saw one woman turn the pages and then put it back. The newer ships don't have "library" space. What happened to all the books? Jim
  2. We are booked on Nieuw Statendam 1/6/21 for 21 days. Our roll call is getting it on. Yeah, some have bailed on us, but we still have a good group going (I hope). I did speculate that if we get cancelled, maybe we would meet at someone's house for a full day of revelry. No takers. We have the cat sitter lined up and all is ready (no luggage yet as the cat goes nutso). I cannot imagine it not happening. I am not even crossing my fingers. I need this time away!! Jim
  3. Don't be afraid to rent a car. We have done it several times. It is easy to take impulse side trips. Signs are easy to read, just be aware of the speedy drivers on the auto strata. Jim
  4. I don't own and hand-held device. I don't intend to own one. If HAL provides some sort of 'wrist band' then I will wear it on my ankle. Jim
  5. We were scheduled for a Montreal to Ft. Lauderdale on Zaandam for about this date (give or take a day). We were gonna visit with some folks we met on previous cruises. We're stuck in Florida. Rats! Jim
  6. And...if you sit in the front row in the Cabaret Lounge, you cannot slouch as your feet would be on the stage. Jim
  7. JimnKaren

    St martin

    Sint Maarten is where the cruise ships arrive. St. Martin is on the other side of the island (the French side). Jim
  8. And I thank you for the list, I'll get working on it. Jim
  9. A couple of years ago, we were in Halifax and on the pier was a business where Karen and I purchased moccasins. I finally wore out my pair. I realize that there are lots of businesses that sell them, but I like the idea of purchasing from a local business that might need the cash input. Does anyone know that place? How to contact them? Jim
  10. And then there is the appearance of luggage. Oh my! Such reactions. Jim
  11. Our cat, Tony the Tiger, just doesn't understand it. We have been home for months and months. Our last cruise was 51-day Tales of the South Pacific; and he managed to escape and wander into our next door neighbor's garage. She and Tony are old buddies. The had the phone number of the gal who comes to the house twice a day and things returned to their usual state. Jim
  12. We got the email for a booking on Pacific Princess in October. We would save about $700 in the cruise fare and get the $200 OBC. We already have $550 OBC and I have not submitted my CCL stockholder information. What Princess is offering, as I see it, is me giving them about $7,000 and I get $200 in return (about 12 months from now is final payment). No where in today's economy can I get a money market account where I put in $7,000 and get back $200. It ain't out there! I have a bunch more than that in money markets, and no way could I get that kind of return. My fare is refundable...I don't see how I can lose. Jim
  13. Rich, How much time each day do you spend getting this information together? Jim
  14. But...what about those of us who don't have (and refuse to have) a cell phone? I am not going to buy one just to toss it after the muster drill. Jim
  15. There will be several crew members who will lose their ships in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how the folks in Seattle move them around. Four ships losing valuable crew members? What about the rest of the fleet? Jim
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