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  1. Received our deposit back to credit card today. It was dated June 26th. Shore excursions were credited two weeks ago. 91 days from cancellation on 3/31 until today.
  2. Cancelled 9/1 British Isles cruise on 3/31. Received shore excursion credit on credit card today. Still waiting on deposit refund.
  3. We have Antarctica scheduled for January. If the cruise goes we plan to be on it even if their is social distancing. This cruise is about the destination not meeting others.
  4. Finally got through to TA who checked with HA and both cruises are fully refundable. Must be a glitch in there computer system. If I look at both cruises today on the TA's website the only fare shown is non-refundable with Have it All perks. No other options available on line with the TA today.
  5. Has anyone heard of a non-refundable fare? It showed up on two of my big box booked 2021 cruises on their website today. I have only deposits paid on both cruises.
  6. If you look at flight ease for 2020 trips Princess will let you take the 12:20 flight so it must be doable.
  7. We were charged $49 each Jan. 12th on the Nieuw Statendam. They had just changed from ala Carter to fixed price. It was ala carte when we made the reservation 6 weeks before the cruise therefore no charge before we boarded. Maybe if you book early it is less.
  8. I refaired our British Isles cruise this morning with our big box TA. Saved $1268 from sip and sail. Adds gratuities and internet and keeps the beverage package. We did lose $120 in TA OBC. Good sale for us.
  9. Is there a 120 volt outlet in the bathroom.
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