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  1. So nice to see my review bumped up to help and inspire a new season of British Isles Cruisers. Thank you all for reading and commenting. For Christmas I gave my inlaws a photo book of our trip -- about 150 pages--and I really enjoyed revisiting it all over again with my mother in law. Unfortunately she missed out on quite a few excursions or had an abbreviated version, so she hinted she might have to go back and see them. I'm in! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. You'll have a great time! I'd love to do that cruise someday. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. The owner if the flat we rented in Pimlico was Ken. I think his employee who met us at the flat was called Alex. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Thanks for reading my review and letting me know the photos are still there! It's always a labor of love to do a review with photos. It was a marvelous trip and you will enjoy it immensely. As far as renting the flat, I know that TripAdviser links them do you can see what other properties the owner has. JoAnn Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. My apologies -- my photos are not showing up and there seems to be no way to even delete my post! JoAnn
  6. Soon it will be the first of the year, and many of you will start to plan your British Isles cruise in earnest, so I wanted to give you the link to my photo-heavy trip report from last summer. JoAnn
  7. texasgirl29


    We took a walking tour with Annette Henry annettehenry.com -- reasonably priced and very entertaining. You can book with her by sending an email, pay when you get there. Our itinerary had to be rerouted due to high winds and seas the day we were to go to Guernsey so several of us emailed Annette and she let us all know that she had rescheduled for the day we would be in port. We went up and down stairs, learned about living in Guernsey now and during pirate days. She told us stories of her parents and grandparents during the occupation.
  8. texasgirl29

    Kinsale or Cork City

    I'm putting in another vote for Butler Tours. Although we did the typical bus tour with them (Blarney Castle, Blarney Woolen Mills, Charles Fort, Kinsale, Cathedral), our driver Kevin was such a great tour guide and I loved seeing the countryside on the way to Kinsale. I'm sure they would package you a custom tour.
  9. texasgirl29

    Southampton To Heathrow transportation

    We have used International Friends twice. The first time we were in a large bus but it was not filled to capacity so lots of room. We had a guide who took us to Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle, then to our hotel at the airport (we had an early flight the next day). The second time, we booked them in a car, from the ship with a stop off at Windsor, then to the airport. Our driver was in a suit and tie, he expertly reassembled my inlaws' wheelchair and took us to two different terminals.
  10. texasgirl29

    First family cruise on the Eclipse!

    We did the Baltic with our two teen daughters two years ago. We booked SPB for our Russia excursion and pretty much DIY'd the rest. In Germany we rented a van and went to Schwerin Castle. Everywhere else we walked off the ship or took a shuttle. One daughter loved the clubs, the other didn't. There were other teens in July but on our cruise of the British Isles in June this year no other teens to be found. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. texasgirl29

    Visiting London

    Check out Free Tours by Foot - we did a good tour of the East End and one called Twilight on the Thames. Pay what you wish at the end of the tour. (See my signature for 5 nights in London). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. texasgirl29

    St. Peter Guernsey

    We took a walking tour with Annette Henry, a Guernsey native. She had lots of stories to tell. The cost was £17. You can google her and make a reservation. If you just want to walk around, the town is right there. Beautiful flower hanging baskets everywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. texasgirl29

    British isles shore excursion recos?

    We did the British Isles and French Open on Celebrity Eclipse in June. I have a very long, very photo heavy review which you can see if you look at the link in my signature. In Liverpool we did the Magical Mystery Tour http://www.albertdock.com/attractions/magical-mystery-tour/ and enjoyed it very much. In Cobh (Cork) we went on a tour with eCoach (Butler Tours) ecoach.ie -- our guide/driver got us to Blarney Castle before the crowds. I hope you can spend some time in London before your cruise. JoAnn
  14. Thank you, Betty, I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. I think it was really early, maybe more like 6. Sent from my iPad using Forums