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  1. I'm gingerly dipping my toe into this discussion just to say I prefer the prepaid tips. The old way of handing out envelopes just made me cringe. Sort of that master/servant vibe. I live in the US, and adding a tip on a restaurant bill or a few dollars on the table seems normal to me. But handing over the envelope just seemed so forced and unnatural. I like the fact my tips are paid, and I'm ready to enjoy a carefree cruise. Toe now out of the water and creeping back into obscurity.
  2. Booked on the November 2020 Epic TA Barcelona to San Juan so loving this thread. Please keep the tips and memories coming.
  3. We booked our first NCL cruise back in April. I had a question and called; the call was answered immediately by a PCC, Kerby. We've emailed back and forth a few times -- he's always emailed me back within an hour. I'm sorry to hear about the long wait times for phone calls. To me, emailing is always easier because I have a record of what was said, by whom, at what time.
  4. I had several long trip reports like yours and I had to delete them when the photos became empty boxes. I think you can paste or insert them in now instead of using an off-site host.
  5. I see this report is over 2 years old but like a fine wine, it has aged well. We are booked on our first NCL cruise, a transatlantic in November 2020 on the Epic. So, I've read about 300 reviews and watched about 100 YouTube videos and you still had things for me to learn. We have an aft-facing cabin so I'm happy to see the "secret stairs" on Deck 14 you showed. I love reading a review done with grace and humor.
  6. I you are planning to go to Maya Chan, I would just email them and ask. They have a webcam too.
  7. Not sure how bad is bad but we booked a day at Maya Chan two years ago, and while the water was kind of murky, the day was relaxing and the food was great. My girls (teenagers) said it was the best excursion (having wifi was also a big plus). The drinks kept coming (waiter even waded out to water to bring me a Mai Tai).
  8. Thank you for an honest review. My husband and I are going on the Epic transatlantic in November 2020. I've probably read every review out there and watched every YouTube video so I am going in with my eyes wide open. I'd say about half of the reviews I've read were from people who had not done their homework about the Epic or about cruising in general. The embarkation video you showed was pretty heart stopping, I admit. We were once on the Disney Wonder and got delayed coming into port because of the fog in Galveston. I'm guessing the embarkation probably looked like that for the incoming passengers. Somethings can't be helped. (But I agree, some communication goes a long way.) I wish you continued success with your reviews!
  9. We are booked on the Epic Transatlantic November 2020. In looking at the deck plans, I noticed a toggle before and after November 8, 2020. The number of cabin types before on Deck 12 was 15; after 12. The aft-facing balcony, which we have, before, is total square footage 205-221 and balcony 54-70. After: 205-309; balcony 54-81. I know there is speculation that the Epic will go into dry dock just before our cruise but seems odd to change the measurements of cabins. And the colors of the categories changed, too. I have nothing to do for 500+ days but to wonder.... AFTER: BEFORE:
  10. Thanks for posting your video and bumping up your review. We are booked for the November 2020 transatlantic on the Epic. The photos of the menus are very helpful. Now going to look at the blog posts. JoAnn
  11. Just read all 22 pages. I'm the family planner and I do the reasearch, mostly make the decisions on hotels, excursions etc. This spring I was happy to see my 21 year old daughter planning out a spring break road trip with a binder and print outs for reservations. She did learn something! I think I do just about everything mentioned here. We are going on the Epic in November 2020 transatlantic. First time on NCL (previously Princess, Disney & Celebrity) so I'm obsessively eat watching YouTube videos about the ship. I sometimes feel like I have to hide it from the family -- like watching cruise porn.
  12. We are booked on the Epic TA in November 2020. We have a balcony, but I'm wondering if the weather is cold or rainy and I want to sit and read with a drink in my hand, is there going to be anywhere I can go? A few years ago I was on the Celebrity Eclipse and enjoyed reading in the Sky Observation Lounge.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. We will be on the transatlantic from Barcelona in November 2020, our first cruise on NCL.
  14. We're new to NCL. Just booked Nov. 2020 Transatlantic online on Sunday. I had a question and called the main number, and was routed to a PCC. He explained everything and sent me confirmation emails. I saw where the cabin we initially picked on the Epic was a "enclosed balcony" (say what??) -- called him and he moved us to another one. I've emailed him twice and he has responded almost instantly both times, including adding the 250 minute internet perk due to the sale yesterday. Very pleased so far!
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