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  1. Another reason companies like online surveys is that many do not allow you to go to the next section unless you answer ALL the questions in the previous section - I agree, this was a very poor marketing decision. We stopped answering our surveys years ago - I would put a great deal of thought and detail into my final survey and check the box that I would like to hear back - never once did I ever get so much as a peep, so I stopped wasting my time. If I was on a cruise with connectivity issues, I would be more concerned about using available connections to do important stuff, not worry about a survey.
  2. “Christie Brinkley is a universally beloved icon who is synonymous worldwide for her beauty, style and commitment to health and happiness,” said Jason Montague, president and CEO of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “It’s fitting that the Godmother of Seven Seas Splendor reflects timeless elegance, vitality and sophistication, as Regent has perfected all the details of luxury onboard Seven Seas Splendor.We are deeply honored that Christie will christen our newest ship and delighted to welcome her to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises family.” It is interesting that Jason mentions that Christie is a "universally beloved icon", yet from emails I have received from Regent friends who live overseas it seems to indicate that she is really not well known outside of the US, and possibly not well known in the US - my Mom, who is extremely well read, but I don't think has ever read a "People" magazine, asked me who she is.
  3. There are so many issues with this selection - none of them positive. Sometimes I really wonder what they are doing down there in Miami - there are SO MANY people who would have been a far better choice - I guess they wanted a pretty picture to hang in the reception area
  4. Would be most appreciative if you are willing to share the name of the store with coins. Thanks! gnomie
  5. Although not a Crystal promotion , I also had some issues regarding an offer that Chase seemed to have problems resolving (it was a United/Chase credit card and I responded to a promotion for extra miles for completing a specific set of purchases) . After a number of telephone calls that went no where, I went and spoke to the manager at my local Chase branch - I brought a printout of the offer and my statements showing that the required purchases had been made - he scanned my documentation and sent an email to his contact and within 72 hours, the missing miles appeared. If you have a local Chase branch and the time, you may want to try your luck. gnomie
  6. At some ports local travel agents and sometimes press are invited on board to review the ship and to eat lunch - it is all marketing. When we were in Hawaii two years ago, we were in port overnight and prior guests were invited on board for a mini reunion. It was certainly a marketing opportunity and the cruise consultant was the hostess.
  7. Don't hold your breath - the official responses from Regent are few and far between, unlike other travel blogs which have official representation that monitor and answer questions on an almost daily basis - this is a decision that comes from the C-suite, if Regent was interested in what their passengers are discussing and concerned about, they would allocate the resources to provide official responses.
  8. From the pictures, looks like an officers challenge which are generally well attended and attract some very competitive participants - not going to say which side other than they are mostly wearing white.
  9. One should verify the accuracy of any home BP monitor - I know that my doc's office offers this service for free after too many patients were not getting accurate readings and were unaware of it. Also, one should be aware that the food on Regent is prepared with a great deal of salt which could adversely affect readings.
  10. As per TravelCat 2 post: Despite what I said this morning, I have yet to take any more photos but promise to do so. May attempt to retype the alcohol list as it has changed quite a bit and my photos of menu’s, etc. tend to come out crooked and difficult to read (my fault of course). Hoping to take a few photos of what activities are available on sea days. I is just taking a while.
  11. I have a new "best friend" for you - one of my friends was seriously wondering why on earth I would be looking at pictures of motorcycles and then looked closer - if you let him take a ride, he will let you take a spin in his original owner '67 Shelby GT350 (great car, been in it a number of times, although never driven it)
  12. For my delicate items, I either hand wash or use a laundry bag in the machines and then hang dry in the bath tub. Depending on the item, I either iron myself or send to the laundry for pressing and they do an excellent job, never had a problem.
  13. One of our favorite excursions! I bought a tea pot from the gift shop that I use every morning.
  14. Excellent suggestion! I have heard from travel agents that they are aware of the internet problems on Regent and actually announce this in their presentation that one does not cruise on Regent if it is absolutely necessary to have decent internet connection, wonder if they pass it on to corporate
  15. I could not agree more - on our cruise last year, there was absolutely no signal in our suite, even though the repeater was literally outside of our door. However, when I sat on the stairs, I could get a decent signal, so much so that after a few days, many of my fellow passengers were joining me. Two of the passengers were new to Regent and refused to book another cruise because in this day and age, even when on vacation, most businesses require that their senior executives keep and stay in touch. Nothing is more annoying that responding to an important email and before hitting send, the internet kicks off.
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