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  1. Actually, official policy of most airlines is that the account is terminated upon death and the miles are forfeited, however, depending on the airline, they may make exceptions and may charge for the transfer. If you have a large number of miles in your account, you may want a codicil to your will stating your intentions, airlines are more likely to work with you if there is a "legal document", but are not required to do so
  2. If the parent company of Regent should file for bankruptcy protection, anyone holding FCC would become a creditor just like any other entity who Regent has a debt. There are different chapters of bankruptcy filings but I suspect that the creditors with the best lawyers would get paid out first
  3. Even if only 10% of this story is true (and I happen to believe more is, esp since there is email verification and backup) this is disturbing on so many fronts.
  4. Whenever we cleared a waitlisted excursion prior to embarkation, we would get notification from our TA
  5. In my prior life I spent a number of years in the public health sector - again, not to be political, but not too long ago the US was the leader in the world with regard to disease control and the CDC was visited from almost every country to learn best practices and the CDC went to other countries to share knowledge. If interested, there have been a number of well researched articles regarding the what has happened to the CDC over the past few years - read for yourself and make your own opinion
  6. As one can imagine, the effect of Covid-19 has overtaken the business world and people scramble to make adjustments to ensure the health and safety of not only their employees, but also their customer base. My inbox is overflowing from various sources outlining how businesses are handling the situation and since late last night, I have received no fewer than six narratives which specifically mention the decision of Viking and applauding the flexibility provided to passengers - many of the comments mentioned that one would need a very large advertising budget to achieve the level of goodwill t
  7. The last time I checked, google does not have a medical degree, nor a degree in public health
  8. Not sure if you are planning to leave the States on December 3rd or if your cruise starts on that date but there is a nonstop flight leaving on December 2nd. Flight Search Results United Airlines - Mozilla Firefox 2252020 40117 PM.bmp
  9. UA does indeed fly nonstop from EWR - CPT. It is flight #1122 and operates seasonally - the late 2020- March '21 schedule is not yet up - not sure when you plan on flying. Flying nonstop saves about 8 hours The flight is on a 787-9
  10. Rich - thanks so much. Some of the carpet designs are really quite stunning and a big improvement over the "cat vomit" designs. Also really like that the suite hallways are now lighter in color and not so dark and reminiscent of an "ole boys club" as on the Explorer. They also appear to be wider to allow two people to walk abreast.
  11. I really like the new carpets - esp the geometric designs. Rich - if not too much trouble, can you specify the locations of the carpets? Thanks gnomie
  12. What a major disappointment! Also, much different from our experience. Our excursion was capacity controlled at 24 people, I remember people waiting on the dock (where we met to get on the bus) hoping that someone would not show up. We also had plenty of time to explore the grounds and the hotel itself, which has a rich history and is displayed with photos and artifacts. As forgap mentioned, there was a definite disconnect. Rich - sorry you and Ginny did not get to enjoy "the true experience"
  13. Tea at Reid's is one of my all time favorite teas - the scenery and view are breathtaking. Just be forewarned that there is a dress code that when I went passengers were not made away of - same dress code as after 6:00pm on the ship - no shorts allowed. Bring your appetite - the scones and sandwiches were delightful - enjoy! We love Captain Green - sorry to see him go but can fully understand wanting to be near his family, we cruised a number of times with him and his is a great captain and so personable
  14. One normally judges a business not only when things go right, but how well they react when things don't go as planned. It is quite concerning that other cruise companies seem to be much better prepared to handled situations like this than Regent is - they seem to be flying by the seats of their pants and have no contingency team in place. We have friends who were scheduled to cruise through Asia on another luxury line and were impressed as to how quickly and efficiently the situation was handled - they sent out a mass email (and I believe facebook post) singing their praises. It wa
  15. Just be aware, if in NYC on September 20th - this is the second day of the Jewish New Year so do not be alarmed by the heavy police presence, both visual and undercover, depending on the neighborhood and whether or not there is a synagogue close by, there may be road closures which can add to travel time. From Red Hook, JFK is is the closest and easiest airport to get to - from the Manhattan cruise terminal, EWR is the closest and the least amount of city traffic. Generally speaking, the fastest way to travel in the city is by subway (that is how Mayor Bloomberg got to
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