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  1. Can you tell us what the email address/subject line say from the sender?
  2. Following. Have a super time! Can’t wait to hear about ur experiences.
  3. Wow!! Thank you!!! Not sure why I didn’t get a email, but I really appreciate you posting it!
  4. We are on the same sailing, but didn’t get an e-mail. Although.... we haven’t booked excursions yet. Are you able to take a pic of your letter? Or post what the new port times are?
  5. Thank you for the info! Do you receive block during the actual cruise you reach the milestone, or on the following cruise? Looks like we will reach a milestone on last day of 7 night cruise.... assuming they still have them.
  6. What are the parameters for blocks? Will be Diamond Plus in October... never seen/received a block.
  7. Thank you for your response, irishgal432! One more question... at the bar... Do they still handle the sea pass cards for every drink ordered? Do they Still hand out receipts and pens for signatures and tip? Or have they found a way to not have to touch everyone’s sea pass card at the bars/shops/restaurants?
  8. Thank you for filling us in on your experience! Did you go to trivia or attend other similar events? Before Covid, trivia was held in Schooners, but if Schooners is for vaxxed only, was wondering how they handle that. And how they handle seating vaxxed/non vaxxed for game shows, karaoke, etc.
  9. Still have not received an email to check in for Oct 4 cruise, but I just checked in via the app. I was able to complete the travel info part of checkin (passport, credit card info, photo)... but it tells me to check back to complete info for the arrival time. Baby steps... 😉
  10. That’s great to know! Thanks, vegascruiser1!
  11. Do all passengers, individually, need to download their own app, or will my app allow both me and my husband to check in on it?
  12. Thank you. One would hope.... I have not received an email so far on our Oct 4 cruise, that the app says is available for checkin starting tomorrow. Will be interesting to see when/if we get one.
  13. That’s a little disconcerting...
  14. Thanks, all. I’ll just keep waiting.
  15. We have a Sept 3 Alaska cruise and an Oct 4 Freedom cruise. The app does not say anything about checking in for the Alaska/Sept cruise... but the Oct 4 cruise says “Check In opens July 6”. The Oct cruise also has 6 icons/tabs at the bottom of page, and Sept cruise only has 3. Odd to be able to check in for Oct before being able to check in for Sept. Anyone on Sept 3 Alaska Ovation able to check in?
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