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  1. The Gorgonzola gnocchi was one of the BEST things I have EVER eaten- on or off a ship. Absolutely delicious!!
  2. All the Royal ships we have been on in the last year or so used Sacramento mix. Needs to be doctored up, but wasn’t bad. Comes in big cans.
  3. I will, Biker19, Thanks! I think I can stretch things out, use my free 24 hours, TMobile in Cozumel, and just need to buy 1 day or two. Will certainly check the math! Thanks!
  4. LOL. So true. Might be worth a try... 😉 If he is a no show (which is likely), I'll want to purchase internet package. From what I understand, it is better/cheaper to do this once onboard because of the Diamond free hours.?
  5. Ok. Thank you for the quick response, Biker19!
  6. Hello! DH and I are DIamonds and will be cruising soon, but there is a possibility DH won't be able to make it due to a work conflict. I understand if he doesn't make it, that I will get double C&A points.... but what about his free 24 hours of internet? Would I be able to log in for my 24 hour period AND HIS 24 hour period, even if he is a no show?? I know we will still be charged for the 2nd passenger, whether he shows or not, but wasn't sure what happens to his internet. Anyone have experience with this?
  7. This is such a shame! I hope Royal does something about it!! But I’m doubtful anything will change. We were just on the Indy and didn’t get even a whiff of smoke... even in playmakers, which was adjoining.
  8. REALLY??!! That sounds wonderful. Thank You!
  9. Thank you ALL for your responses!! Your observations are exactly what I remember, and am sad to hear are still ongoing. I was hoping for a short weekend, local cruise, and was hoping to spend some time at the slots. Brilliance fit the bill.... except for the smoke. I am fairly sensitive to smoke. Guess I will look into other options. . Wish Royal would address the issue. Sounds like it's an issue for others, as well. Thank You ALL again for your quick responses. You are AWESOME!!
  10. I realize this is subjective, and may change from sailing to sailing, but... in general... does anyone know how "smoky" the casino on the Brilliance is? We cruised on the Brilliance a few years back, and I remember smelling the smoke in other venues, but was wondering if things have improved, or if they have a non smoking section?
  11. Thank You for the quick response, LFCgirl! The Sensation Trio was very good, if I remember correctly...but Manda is wonderful. We missed her last January, as she was on vacation when we cruised. Hope she returns by the end of the month.
  12. We will be on the Brilliance at the end of the month, and I am trying to find out if Manda Vincent will be performing in Schooners. I have email Royal, but no answer yet.
  13. Just got off Indy for NYE. Not a lot of small kids. College age and teens, tho. Average age of everyone I’m guessing was 40-60s. They had free glasses of champagne on Promenade when we boarded on the 28th, and again around midnight NYE. We always cruise at Christmas on bigger ships and it never feels crowded to us. Indy felt crowded to me. Bars were woefully understocked. Ran out of standard items... olives, titos, mint, etc. from day 1. We routinely went to numerous bars just to get the fixings for a drink. Worst staffed bars on any ship we have ever sailed. But... the bartenders were awesome. Super friendly!! I felt so bad for them as they were constantly out of items and I know some of the guests were not happy. Most of the seating on promenade was reserved for a price. They had “parties” on promenade, star lounge, pool deck, Bolaros, from what I understand; however, I was told the only venue that had a countdown was promenade. Viking crown was for people who wanted a “quieter” venue. Whole experience was fun and safe ... but the crowds and pathetically stocked bars were a big letdown for our group. Oh, yeah... and they took the tree down the morning of NYE! Strange!!
  14. We have been on Christmas cruises for the last 5 years. Did not once notice any of the negatives listed by other posters. It seemed like a regular cruise, as far as kids and family units are concerned. On Christmas Eve they have Christmas carol sing-alongs on the promenade. Magical to be a part of that! My favorite part of the cruise. The decorations are beautiful, as well I would definitely not shy away from a Christmas cruise. Our kids were in college when we started Christmas cruising, and it has been an amazing tradition that we plan to continue.
  15. Oh, No! Sorry that happened to you. That's what I was afraid of... changing rules and restrictions mid-stream. I was on the Mariner before Thanksgiving and Hibachi , with 2 proteins, was included in the UDP..no extra charges. Going on Indy in 4 days and was planning on Hibachi, as it is supposed to be included (no mention of an upcharge) When I purchased the UDP for Indy, Playmakers was still at $35. Now....in true Royal fashion, it wasn't clear if that is $35 per visit...or $35 for the entire cruise. To the OP, Why did they try to charge an extra $14, instead of an extra $10? Did you order 2 proteins, or did the price just jump again? Any idea if the $20 Playmakers was for per trip to the venue, per day, or $20 for the entire cruise?
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