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  1. Same here--"Priority Visitation Page"....can't pay off my cruise.
  2. I would also be interested in finding out more about how to claim your onboard credit--form, process, etc.
  3. Thanks, everyone! Great information! I was able to purchase this morning--had to wait 3 business days for funds to transfer, since we are new at this. I was hoping to get it at the low $44-$45 dollar range, but just missed it. 😞 $46 is still SSSOOO much lower than it has been recently. For those interested--In looking at the CCL stock over time, it looks like it stayed above $55/share from mid-January 2017 through mid-December 2019. The price right now is golden! Thanks again!
  4. Any advice? We are considering buying shares--have never traded stocks before.
  5. We just got off this morning (June 23) and found some things in our corner Havana cabin that probably belong to last week’s guests. If that’s you, please contact Carnival. We turned them in to Guest Services this morning.
  6. Thanks--no where to be found. I'll call the milestone desk tomorrow when they are open. We had an issue with the milestone credit being applied on a previous cruise--I want to make sure it actually happens this time!
  7. We sail in 4 days and our Milestone credit is still not showing up. Should I be concerned?
  8. I would love to see all the dining room menus! If you or someone else has the Chef's Table menu, I'd like to see that as well. Thanks!
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