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  1. Was supposed to be 4 pm, but the underfoot rumbling hasn’t even started. It’s almost 4:45 now.
  2. Some had asked about alcohol price changes. Based on what we remember, they do appear to be up. this was a thirsty frog, funship, and bucket of Sam Adams
  3. On board and ready to get this vacation started. things Of note so far: 1) We had a 10:30 arrival time—line was long outside. All guests were in the same line—no priority until September. The line was moving into the terminal by about 10:15. For where we were in line (all the way back to the people who got OFF the ship), things moved quickly. They didn’t inspect any wine/sodas we brought—went through the scanner in a bag and they never even opened the bag. No alcohol inspection table. I guess they have other protocols to worry about. Once inside and done at the desk, sat
  4. We sail TOMORROW! 😊 we were granted shareholder credit for this one, as well as Feb and March 2022 at the same time
  5. Wonderful! I can't wait until Saturday to board a ship. If you have opportunity to post MDR menus, I'd love to see them! Maybe screenshots from the Hub app would work?
  6. I remember it was close to sailing, but...it has been a long time since we cruised! How much before the cruise will shareholder OBC be posted to your online documents/billing details? (Yes, I faxed the information.) We leave Saturday, and nothing there yet!
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. We've made several changes to our flights to make things work for us. (#luvsouthwest!)
  8. Did I miss something? Why didn't/wouldn't you get early boarding and the gift on your first Platinum cruise? You should/should have, unless rules have changed.
  9. We usually leave with the self-assist Platinum group (no snarky remarks, please), but our flight after our July cruise doesn’t leave until after 1 pm. We don’t want to sit in the airport for hours. If we choose to stay on longer, are we allowed to self-assist any time later at our convenience? I don’t remember what the usual delivered letter says. We’d prefer to just take our own luggage. Thanks!
  10. Any news on MDR menus? Someone going on the first cruise—please post!
  11. I agree--I just checked now, and the same cruise/same date is showing $1104 pp for a balcony. I'm glad we booked this morning!
  12. I agree--prices were way up until this week! We grabbed an 8-day cruise in July 2021 for $580 each (balcony!) --it had been $1300 just a few days ago! Under $600 was too good to pass up.
  13. With the board postings about Covid testing requirements before cruising, I went to look at our March 7th cruise booking. I didn't see any testing notifications, but I did notice that the online check-in isn't available until February 25th for a March 7th cruise. How odd! Usually check in (when you select boarding times, etc.) is months before, not a little over a week! What's up with that?
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