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  1. Feeling so jealous! After years of saying I was going to buy 100 shares of both CCL and RCL for the shareholder benefits, I finally did in January 2020 at $45 and $115 respectively. Yup, what an idiot, right? I can laugh at it now, but it was painful watching the bottom fall out one week later.
  2. Somehow I missed this thread the first time around. We were your neighbors on the Celebrity Edge on Christmas Day in Costa Maya. We went to the water park. With four ships in, we were glad we got there early when it was empty and we had our choice of pool seating. It was packed by the time we left around 1:00pm. I am still undecided about the infinite veranda. It's really just an ocean view with a working window. I wouldn't pay a big premium for it, but enjoyed it. Some of our photos from that day.
  3. We were there for Cup Match in 2013. We arrived on Wednesday and tents were popping up everywhere as the day went on. I found it fascinating that people camped everywhere. On Thursday, we took a taxi to Warwick Long Bay, which was practically deserted. We hung out for a few hours, then walked back to Horseshoe Bay, which was a zoo. It was about a mile walk and it was wonderful! Lots of little deserted beaches to check out and plenty of beautiful sightseeing. We took a taxi back to the ship from Horseshoe Bay. On Friday, we took a taxi to our jetski excursion near Somerset Bridge. We spent much
  4. We haven't yet taken our kids on HAL; our first time will be a holiday cruise this year. But we have taken them on 20-some other cruises. We have always just followed the adult dress code. On Celebrity, my son wears khakis with a short sleeved button down on casual nights, and his suit for formal nights. He re-wears his casual pants so he only has to pack two pair.
  5. We were on Enchantment for Easter 2017. I don't remember much, if anything, different, except for a display of carved fruit and colored eggs outside the Windjammer. We cruised over Easter a few years, so they're all rather jumbled up in my mind, but photos don't reveal anything special.
  6. Yes, we did it last August. It was very easy. We dropped off the car and the shuttle was waiting to take us to the pier.
  7. The upgrade is at booking and cannot be applied afterward. From https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/enroll One-Category Upgrade One-category upgrade requests must be made at the time of booking and apply only for upgrades within the supercategory, depending on availability. Example of a super category upgrade in AquaClass: A2 to A1. Upgrades available from categories 11- A1 on all Celebrity ships except Galapagos voyages. Captain's Club one category upgrade excludes categories 12, FV, SV, C1 and guarantee categories, Z, Y, X, XC, XA, W. On Celebrity Edge categor
  8. My last three disembarkations in Port Everglades (June, July and December from Celebrity's Terminal 25) have been the easiest ever. They're using facial recognition and we just walked straight through without delay. Later this year, we are coming back to HAL after an 8 year break. It sounds like returning might mean back to the long lines. I hope not.
  9. While points and status don't cross over, you can get past guest status, at least on Holland America, with your VIFP number. We got past guest rates and also were invited to the Mariner Brunch on our first HAL cruise.
  10. We have flown home from Nassau due to a medical disembark. My dad had a seizure and spent a night in Doctors Hospital. We booked flights home the next day. Wasn't a problem nor was it expensive. Don't forget travel insurance! They will assist you in booking flights if necessary. You will likely have to front the costs, but may be re-imbursed.
  11. My daughter turned 16 on board a Celebrity ship last summer. I bought decorations on Amazon and we did the decorating ourselves. It also happened to be the day of the Cruise Critic party, and we were lucky enough to get Captain Kate involved. Finally, they provided a cake for free in the dining room and were happy to sing for her again. IMG_4698.MP4 IMG_4704.MOV IMG_4708.MOV
  12. We were in a concierge room over the holidays. The only thing the concierge did was leave at least one, and sometimes two voice mail messages every day! While I appreciate the effort to keep us informed, nearly everything was available via other means. Messages included such things as which port we would be docking at, what time we would arrive and what time to be back on board. By the third or fourth day, I just deleted the message unheard.
  13. Even with the app, I would print out the Xpress pass just in case. When we boarded Edge last month, many people were having issues with the app and had to be checked off manually against the list, then had to wait in line to get a printed copy to board. Neither my daughter or I could get ours to load in the app, but my husband and son could, so we boarded without issue.
  14. Yes. It was $54.95 as opposed to $39.95 on the other ships we have been on. My son collects them. There was a small section of Celebrity branded items, nothing less than $30 or so. There was a small selection of toiletries and over the counter meds.
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