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  1. We were in a concierge room over the holidays. The only thing the concierge did was leave at least one, and sometimes two voice mail messages every day! While I appreciate the effort to keep us informed, nearly everything was available via other means. Messages included such things as which port we would be docking at, what time we would arrive and what time to be back on board. By the third or fourth day, I just deleted the message unheard.
  2. Even with the app, I would print out the Xpress pass just in case. When we boarded Edge last month, many people were having issues with the app and had to be checked off manually against the list, then had to wait in line to get a printed copy to board. Neither my daughter or I could get ours to load in the app, but my husband and son could, so we boarded without issue.
  3. Yes. It was $54.95 as opposed to $39.95 on the other ships we have been on. My son collects them. There was a small section of Celebrity branded items, nothing less than $30 or so. There was a small selection of toiletries and over the counter meds.
  4. We have driven three times to Bayonne (about 3 hours) and three times to Baltimore (less than an hour) on cruise day. For the two long drives we have made, Charleston and Jacksonville, we left the night before, drove until early morning, leaving an hour or two's drive the next morning.
  5. I have taken my two kids on 20 cruises since they were 3 and 5. We have stayed in all sorts of accommodations, from insides, to suites, to adjoining cabins, on cruises up to 14 days. In every case, we have had a great time and the memories aren't so much of the cabin, but of the fun. And because it horrifies so many, I always love to post this photo on these types of threads. We didn't mind it at all.
  6. I just went through this for a Christmas Cruise on Edge. We ended up passing on the suite and getting two next door concierge cabins. We were very pleased and had a great time. The family suites are the S3s with the adjoining interior. None of these interior cabins were available when we booked, though most of the S3s were. It seems many snap up those interiors because they are the lowest category. If my husband and I were booked in a suite, with the kids nearby, they would NOT get any suite benefits. We could bring them to Luminae for dinner, but at a possible $30/pp/pd charge. They could not use the Retreat. It seems the family suite benefits were only for children twelve and under, and my two are teens. Once we decided to book non-suite cabins, we booked my husband and I in one, and the kids in the other without issue. Oh, and Luminae is open seating. ETA: My travel agent handled all of this for me.
  7. We were on Edge for Christmas. Wuyan, a sommelier in the Cyprus Dining Room, is outstanding. We first met her in Luminae on Equinox over the summer. I think they definitely have too many tables to service to offer the attention we would like. While she was just as efficient as last time, she simply didn't have the time to quiz us and make recommendations as last time. That said, we still were served two different wines appropriately timed to our meal. I found the waiters did take wine orders, because once my husband asked for sommelier service as he wasn't sure which wine he wanted. And another time the waiter served a nice red, and later the sommelier had to track him down to figure out which one it was for our second glass. With everyone having the beverage package now, it would be nice if there were more sommeliers in the dining rooms, but it was never bad enough that we felt we needed to complain.
  8. There is a pharmacy in Dockyard that has a deli in the back. You could build your own lunch there.
  9. Thanks for the review. My family generally cruises with Celebrity. We were on Edge for Christmas and loved it. We have been on RCCL a few times, but just booked our first time on Grandeur to Bermuda in August. I am looking forward to leaving from Baltimore, a quick drive for us. We have sailed from Baltimore multiple times, but it was always on that other ship from that other line.
  10. Adding my experience too. We went last week, December 26. We didn't have as much luck with our catch, but we did get one juvenile mahi-mahi and about a dozen bonita. My teenage kids, who didn't have high expectations for the day, had a blast. Their previous fishing experience has been only at ponds, so they were expecting to be bored. My daughter even brought a book, which never came out of her backpack. This was decidedly more exciting for them. edge - 56.m4v
  11. We were onboard last week. Drill was at 2:45. Departure was a little after 3:30. We arrived about 11:30 and were onboard before noon.
  12. My family was one of them. We arrived at Alamo at 10:00 to be told it would be a 3 hour wait. We had only booked for the day because our flight was at 7:00pm. Since we had already wasted two hours getting the shuttle to Alamo and trying to get a car, we spent the rest of the day at the airport with our luggage. What a waste of the last day of our vacation! Had we had advance warning, we would have made alternate plans. Alamo did warn us before we got on the shuttle that there would be a wait, but did not indicate there were no cars. One note that we heard over and over -- priority was being given to those who had pre-paid their reservations, but even they were waiting for cars to become available. It was definitely a zoo.
  13. Ours is a family of four with two teens -- 13 and 16. In August, we were all four in an S1 on Equinox. We were absolutely fine, other than the kids having to share the sofa, which they did without complaint. While onboard, we decided to book Edge for Christmas, and we decided to do two C1 cabins, only the second time out of over a dozen cruises we have had two cabins. And the other time, it was adjoining interiors, so it was really like one big cabin (with two bathrooms) About halfway through last week, I told my husband I thought we should always book two separate cabins from here on out. I think we all enjoyed it more.
  14. Following up to this. We had the regular menu on Christmas night. It was a wonderful experience. Here is the special wine paired menu from the app.
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