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  1. February is know as the fog month for Galveston Bay
  2. If you take the Greyhound Bus , be very cautious at the Houston Downtown bus terminal. A lot of shady characters and definitely not safe at night.
  3. The area around Hobby Airport is not safe at night and very few restaurants. Webster has a lot of restaurants and is safe.
  4. Usually warm but can be windy. March is public school spring break for Texas but I agree with you that Princess will have less kids.
  5. Late April is not a fog, hurricane or topical storm month. I work out of IAH and commute from the Galveston Bay Area. You should be just fine.
  6. I should have been more clear, seawall extends the length of Galveston city limits. The rest of island west down to the San Luis Pass there is no sea wall
  7. Yes, Uber and Lyft available. You can rent bikes and ride/walk on the sea wall which extends the length of Galveston.
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