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  1. I too, don't care if I'm tracked. I'm on a ship...what can I possibly do. where can I be? IF I am being tracked and if they find me in the "facilities", I just hope they make sure the TP is full.
  2. yup------ me too. Glad its not just me
  3. Same here... I stick booking through the cruise line, any questions or changes, me and them, not playing three way phone tag
  4. Maybe contact NOAA.gov? For predictability on the weather, also have you ruled out mechanical or other kinds of delays that can hit any aircraft at anytime...Flying around Christmas is crazy at most, but depending on no interruptions....I wish you the best...
  5. When I first booked our cruise, I wanted badly to book a day pass at the Rui in Aruba, I emailed first wanting details of the property day pass. I waited a while for a response,I think, maybe, English is not their first language, Upon further looking, I found that I would be cheaper just taking the bus to Palm Beach, finding beach chairs and having lunch. Some of the reviews were not so great. I found the emails. My question was presented on Jan 13 this year, they responded on the 23rd, then nothing. I guess they don't need the business. Aruba Remarks: We are arriving by cruise ship approximately this date, and see through third party websites that your Aruba property offers day passes. I am interested, but would prefer to make arrangements directly through the hotel. Is this possible. And what would the day pass include, we would be looking for drinks and a lunch Response Dear Team, Can you assist the guest please. Regards Carlos R. General Information Service
  6. Oh wait, that was me, back in the day when I first started cruising...either paying cash or debit card. Didn't have credit cards back then. Luckily I learned the hard way. I had booked the NCL Norway, had it booked and paid on my "new " credit card, when it had it's unfortunate accident. Almost immediately the paid monies were returned to my card. If cash, it would have taken a couple of weeks, we were able right away to book a different cruise, because we had already booked our air. We also stayed at a prominent hotel in Ft Lauderdale near the cruise port, I always use my American Express to secure my reservations. This dimwit desk agent screwed up the hold and put ours plus my sons reservation hold in it...$1500... OH there's nothing we can do she said. Luckily it was on my AE and my other accounts were free and clear. Along with we were in Hurricane Sandy in NYC. We ended up jumping from hotel to hotel until the ship was able to dock in Manhattan. Again, luckily the AE came in handy for all those hotel holds. Funny though, my DIL did mention one time she had a hold issue getting gas, maybe that's why I always use my CC and pay that off at the end of the month.
  7. I wonder how many people have used a debit card on their cruise, only to return home and run to the store to get bread, eggs and milk --only to be declined at the register--BUT they have Plenty of money in their account...embarrassing for sure.
  8. Cardinal rule of travel is NEVER use a debit card for check in for cruises or hotels. OK, I get it, there are those out there who swear on using one. Depending on the hold, your bank, your account could be unavailable for up to 10 days or more after you get home. Rules must have changed since I first started cruising, it was either a card or cash or you didn't spend. I haven't heard of a "cashless" account, and paying up at the end. I learn something new everyday.
  9. I don't think that's the topic here. Kids are kids where ever...I believe this conversation pertains to a separate "adult" area on the beach for those who prefer not having to watch or listen to Johnny or Mary play. Some people don't have, want or have adult children or just want some me time without noise, or just to be.....adults.... Not everyone wants to be with kids all the time....even some parents.
  10. I would LOVE anywhere --adults only--child free, be able to dress or undress freely without having to remain "modest", speak freely without having to watch out for any "F" bombs that may escape (I really don"t use that word), drink alcohol freely (but not drink myself silly). However, business' don't want to "offend" any guest, so they will opt to please the majority. But also remember that any activity that may be "adult" oriented...some parents insist that their little snowflakes are always welcome.
  11. myfuzzy


    I'm sailing with you on the Repo, but was wondering what our options were, didn't care much for Antigua anyway, lots of other options. Was wondering if anyone affected on earlier sailings than us got updated information. I had no trouble on my personalizer, still showing Antigua as well.
  12. myfuzzy


    Has anyone gotten any information on replacement ports
  13. In all my years of cruising, I arrive at the terminal, go to the assigned line(s), check in, and either wait in the allocated lounge until boarding opens or board. I have never had my boarding time asked for or questioned
  14. There was a question like this before. I am not seeing the port you are sailing from, but that aside, do you realize that from the time you "land" , hopefully on time, disembark the plane, get through the terminal, wait for your bags, get your car...you are looking at a good hour before you get on the road, then what about traffic getting into the port. You may think you have four hours to play with, but I would think more like one. I wouldn't want to be "sightseeing" then running for my ship. Why can't you just embark the ship and enjoy the day and yourselves
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