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  1. I do not like this particular beach in Grand Turk, it is quite rocky. I will get off the island, take some pictures of the beach and the sea as it is truly beautiful blue colour, I then go to the shops and buy some souvenirs for people and get some Christmas Tree ornaments and bandannas from Ron Jon Surf Shop. and then get back onboard to put away my purchases and enjoy a walk around the ship.
  2. My family and I have been on one transatlantic cruise on the Carnival Vista from Barcelona to New York. We found the seas were rocky, to the point that rooms with balconies were sealed off, so that the balcony doors could not be opened. On occasion top decks were not accessible due to high winds. We were not bored though, we enjoyed our time on the Transatlantic
  3. I have tonnes of favourite cruise memories, but the ones that stick out to me: * The friends I have made from cruising, one particular family we met on the Vista from Barcelona to New York we met a family who live hour away from where we live, we have kept in touch ever since, we have been to family parties 18th, 21st, 50th birthday celebrations. * Celebrating and surprising my dad for his 80th after a journey cruise my sister and I surprised him with another week onboard. * Celebrating my sisters birthday on board at Chefs Table. * Half Moon
  4. I even miss waiting around for others to come to must drill late! this is how bad I am missing cruising right now, but I am thankful I have re-booked future cruises, I am thankful for my health
  5. following on from my last post both my May 2020 and September 2020 sailings have been cancelled. I got myself a personal vacation planner and now have got booked the following cruises: Carnival legend 25th May 2021 Carnival Legend 4th June 2021 Carnival Miracle 16th October 2021 We still are looking at possibly September 2020 IF our airline still has flights going out if so there is a seven and a four day cruise from Long Beach we have our eyes on also 🙂
  6. Thank you everyone i contacted Carnival and I now have a PVP for my future bookings ... I qm very excited
  7. the two cruises I had planned this year have been cancelled 9th May Radiance sailing and 17th September Hawaii sailing so I am now looking at re-booking for next year there might be some potential dates in September of this year depending on COVID-19 and depending on the airline I will be using
  8. Hi I have had a discussion with my sister about what the benefits of using a PVP, I know the group rules you cannot share which PVP you use so I would never ask that but as I am used to booking the cruises myself I have never used a PVP so could not answer my sisters questions, if you have a PVP can you possibly let me know: What are the benefits to using a PVP? Is a PVP like a travel agent? How do you get a PVP? How does a PVP work / how do they get paid? All of our cruises have been booked by ourselves either through the website or o
  9. Thank you everyone I feel prepared now for this upcoming cruise
  10. my family and I always stay on deck 1 or deck 2 ocean view room, much bigger for three adults sharing with the size of your party a connecting room on these decks would be a benefit, the sofa's in some rooms can also be converted to a sofa bed which is very comfortable (if you like a firm mattress like I do) we always have an ocean view room
  11. So I have read that Europe sailings do not offer Cheers! or the Bottomless Bubbles drinks packages for the Europe sailings. I have two questions for those who are more knowledgeable about Carnival Europe sailings. I will be going on my first Carnival Europe sailing in May of this year, I have sailed out of Barcelona before and I recall the cheers package not being available on the first day but active for the second day as it was no longer in "Europe" as this upcoming sailing on the Radiance will be going across European ports of call I understand the package is not applicable for
  12. I have not been on the Horizon however typical places I would choose: Serenity, Because you have said you have a SPA interior you have access to the SPA relaxing waiting room, in previous ships where I have used the SPA there is a waiting room with comfortable couches and I have seen people sleep in there without being bothered, I am unsure if you would have 24 hour access to this but with your room type you will have SPA access. Looking at the deck plans Deck 11 is under shelter which would be perfect to sleep if there was any rain overnight you would not get wet and you would be probably a l
  13. I packed my metal straws for my previous cruise on the Carnival Breeze, the only thing which I wish I had in my travel pack of metal straws would be a small straw for likes of shorter glasses and then a straw with a bigger capacity to sip thicker consistency drinks (for example a milkshake or iced coffee drink) I have since purchased these type of straws from Amazon for my cruise in May which I hope work but I like the idea of offering these type of straws as the sugar ones are chalky and horrible.
  14. We have always opted to have the cheers package and have not ever regretted it, we are not big drinkers but we do consume non alcoholic drinks with this package.
  15. in May on the Sunrise we got Lanyards the actual lanyard is not that horrible, its not the best gift but not the worst by far. the plastic part is the weakest part of it but if you hole punched your card you could potentially still use the lanyard or replace the plastic part. it would be nice to have a different gift in November - do you know how frequently they change the gifts?
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