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  1. I'll be checking/asking to see when the LGBT meet up is and we will be there!
  2. That is true, gaydar is reliable. I will check the boards and see. I'm on back to back cruises doing the next one as well.
  3. Since there is such a small group, I'm guessing there will be no RCCL Meet & Mingle. I was looking on the app for an LGBTQ meet up and I don't see that either. Hopefully there will be one. Generally on every cruise I have taken out of South Florida, the brothers and sisters have been well represented. 🙂
  4. Husband and I are on board with two straight friends. Looking forward to a break!
  5. They are supposed to be giving us back one day of the cruise price back as onboard credit, refunded to credit card if not used. None of us have seen that computation yet of course. We are well beyond the penalty phase, we sail Thursday. They waited until two weeks out to start one by one making the changes. It really is ridiculous. Another person on the board got hers refunded in full. She is retired flight crew and lost nothing on the air. I was already on the way to Hawaii when it all started. Traveling with my 82 yo mother so not easy to change courses quickly. We are along for the ride such as it is.
  6. This will be my 60th cruise, and honestly it has been the most changed itinerary I have ever had. Except for an overnight in Lahaina, we are now practically a cruise to nowhere. The itinerary changes have been endless. They have offered compensation on two of the changes. For the next ones, nothing. Anyone else sailing on the endless parade of sea days? TBC
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