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  1. My Dad took pictures while he was there last month, but unfortunately did take pictures of the view. I'd also like to hear about the service at the cabanas. :)
  2. Thank you. Of course we will be there the end of June when it will be hot! LOL
  3. How strenuous is the walk from Warwick to Horsebay?
  4. We are thinking about visiting Warwick Long Bay Beach while in Bermuda. Anyone have any experience/advise?
  5. Me too. I love some of the detailed reviews I've seen about the beach club cabanas, now need some for South Beach! :)
  6. We've done many cruises with 4 of us in an interior cabin. Yes tight, but my husband and boys would also use the spa for dinner/formal nights to get ready. Really works out and saves a lot of money! :)
  7. I imagine since they allow diapers it needs lots of chemicals. Not to mention all the adults drinking all day with out ever getting out! LOL
  8. My husband and I are in one cabin and our kids ages 19, 21, and 24 in another. If I purchase the package for my stateroom, can I get the pictures that the kids are in with us, or only the pictures of myself and husband?
  9. My last teen is heading off to college in two weeks. We are definitely going to miss having them around to help with the chores! :) I totally agree, most teens I've encountered are respectful and helpful.
  10. We will have about 30 of us on the cruise, but not all going. I would think 15 to 20 going to the beach. Maybe we will get adventurous and take the bus.
  11. We will have a large group, will the mini-bus go to Warwick Long Bay Beach and then also come back to get us?
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