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  1. I like the mandate of federal employees having to vax or test weekly BUT I am hoping that the vax testing is paid for by the employee. I heard yesterday that the MGM resorts is doing exactly that. AND if the employee pops positive on the test that they pay for, they are also required to do an UNPAID quarantine. Sounds great to me. M
  2. Here is the site... Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (ca.gov)
  3. California now has a digital COVID 19 vaccine record that you can access. You fill out a small amount of information and they will send you a link to the QR code and digital copy of your record. I did it this morning. Almost too easy. Now I have the QR code saved in my phone for scanning should anyone ask. M
  4. Really? I need to look into this. Between different duty stations different doctors offices, work, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens I wonder how much they have documented. BTW, my COVID test was negative so if I wasn't sure before, I am a firm believer in the vaccine now. I can only imagine what was floating in the Vegas congestion.
  5. Spent the last week in Vegas. No masks, 100 percent capacity. Went to 2 shows, dinners out, a crowded Freemont street, full blackjack tables with people hanging over my shoulder for a spot to open up. Average age seemed to be MUCH younger than usual- I would say 30 (?). I really feel that if I didn't contract COVID then it is totally because of the vaccine. My daughter isn't in the clear yet so I am going to get tested Tuesday so as not to need to wait 2 weeks. M
  6. Fortunately, California's lottery plan includes everyone who has been vaccinated already too. Wish me luck 🤣 California offering $116M in prize money as incentive for getting COVID-19 vaccine – WSOC TV
  7. That's a pretty nonsensical list. No consideration for vaccination status either. Weird. Also nonsensical in that one can't travel to AUS/NZ anyway, they won't let you in!
  8. We had thought of doing at least NZ land if Australia cruise doesn't happen but we were going with friends and they don't want to travel all that way and only do one part. Like I said, I can't imagine one opening without the other. If Australia is open to NZ and NZ is open to everyone, then I don't know how protective that is for Australia....It seems it would cause them to do one of 2 things- either they open up also, or close to NZ too.
  9. Yes, we are on Celebrity around Australia in early February and then planned to fly to NZ and drive though for 2 weeks. That is why I am wondering if NZ alone might be a possibility.
  10. Seems NZ may be more willing to open than Australia. Last I saw Australia didn't expect to open to international travel until July 2022. Wonder if NZ actually opens, will Australia feel any pressure to do the same? M
  11. On the morning news today, they said 3 cruise ships (2 Holland and 1 Princess) will be in port this week so that one of our Medical groups (Sharp Healthcare) can administer vaccines to crew members. Pretty cool! Follow up article Sharp HealthCare to vaccinate cruise ship staff Wednesday and Thursday (10news.com)
  12. We are a party of 2 that enjoy spending dinner with other people. Usually we request being at a table of 6-8. Guess that isn't going to be likely. M
  13. One of my friends forwarded the same article to me. Sad. I had hoped maybe for a lift and shift to 2023 but a similar cruise to what we booked isn't in one of their itineraries.
  14. Just an FYI, Pfizer is hoping to have its vaccine EU approved for 12yrs and up in June Pfizer Requests Authorization to Use Vaccine in Young Teens - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  15. Awesome news, but so many other questions....masks/no masks.....what countries will take us.....will we be able to wander ports on our own or with individual tours......etc. I'll tell you though, right now I think I'd take a cruise to nowhere!
  16. Based on nothing other than being a worrier. Specifically regarding availability and logistics dovetailing with potential cruise and land tour. 🥴
  17. Thanks. Still no speculation on response to a booster. If first shot nothing, second shot a lot, what will happen with a third? M
  18. Interesting. My husband donates platelets every 3 weeks. His first time after being fully vaccinated was a few weeks ago. Nothing unusual (but he did have antibodies this time). Will report if something like this pops up on him. Strange indeed.
  19. Hopeful for you too. Also hopeful that the Australian's get a bit hungry for tourism and follow suit. We want to cruise in Feb and right now they are closed at least through 2021 to everyone....vaxed or not.
  20. Regarding possible booster.... I had Moderna and was one who had fever (100.9) and just about every other side effect with the second vaccine. Curious if a booster would give even worse side effects with this third shot than the second. 🤢 Any educated guesses? Thanks, Miriam
  21. I heard a short informational while driving about Jennifer Doudna and her work with mRna. I found it fascinating and picked up the book "Code Breaker" by Walter Isaacson. Given that I don't have any sort of science background, it is a tough read but not dry at all and seriously cool.
  22. I don't think there is a chance of this ever happening. Too huge of an undertaking especially now when just getting everyone vaccinated is task enough. Of course unless the government contracts this out, but then others will find a way to falsify. I think other then the UK, this will be the same for the EU in the coming year- borders will remain closed for the most part. Possibly even Canada. Dummy me, I believed in an immediate recovery.
  23. Sad if the season doesn't open up. Hurried up to get vaccinated and still can't go anywhere. You would think both NZ and Australia would open to vaccinated people since it is looking more like the chance of transmission from a vaccinated person is rare. Lack of tourism has to hurt. Oh well, glad we are doing well in the US. Our state is opening 100 percent in 2 months. I hadn't wanted to explore home until we were too old to explore outside of home. Guess we will do it now. Tombstone this month, Sedona in May and Vegas in June. Although I won't cancel until I know more at final payment, I am glad that the US is big and there are places to explore here for now.
  24. I'm surprised you received an answer at all! 😮
  25. I am reading this forum with interest as we are on a cruise (with another line) in Feb 2022 with a follow up trip in NZ. So many different thoughts from conversations elsewhere. An Australian on another board said there is no way everyone there will be vaccinated by end of year which is not good news. On the other hand, speaking to an Air NZ rep, he said they anticipate full vaccination by end of July and are hopeful to open by year end. Who knows... My only additional thought is that maybe ships are listed "currently unavailable" in order to keep ships below full capacity in anticipation that they won't be allowed to sail at 100 percent?
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