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  1. No a hot day in Greece onboard Celebrity, but I assume Princess would have similar.
  2. I have heard a lot of people recommending a Frozen Toasted Almond. I think I will try that one. When in Aruba, dirty bananas were great unless they substituted the real bananas with banana liquor, then they were gross. I assume Princess uses REAL bananas??? Last year had a sparkling mint lemonade with light rum....YUM. One of my friends recommended a St Germain Gin and Tonic so that is on my list too. Guess it has a twist of some sort. I looked up that Mango Tango and that is on my list now too.. Will be onboard a week from today. M
  3. Bummer-we leave in a week and I understand the ship is full. I hate searching for a place
  4. Great info- thanks. Do you know if they have specific times on the dailies to play? I don’t know if others to coordinate with initially.
  5. Thanks for the thread. Interested to hear if they have speakers or mahjong or what on board. We follow on the 24th with several sea days.... M
  6. Will soon be on a cruise in Australia and there are quite a few sea days. We usually cruise with Celebrity and they always have amazing speakers on sea days. Does anyone know if they will have the same on Princess sea days? I have tried to find recent dailies to get a general idea but can't find anything. Thanks M
  7. Currently on 7 nights Alaska. First night frigid cold, second night blistering hot. Called maintenance morning of third day. Fixed- yeah, NOT. Had to call again afternoon of third day, took half hour of work, broken control. 3rd night, great! This morning, 4th day, frigid. Called maintenance, they had to “reset”. I’m getting REALLY tired of this. Good luck in months a head if your in this room!! M
  8. This might not be the best/correct place to post this, but I trust this forum. Celebrity ship pulls into port like at 5:30pm. We really don't want to go to the Gardens at night, doesn't interest us. Actually, a ship tour probably doesn't either. I'd like to have dinner on the ship and then maybe head out for a bit right off the ship. I know nothing about the port itself. Can anyone suggest something just for an hour or so after dinner that would be worth getting of the ship for? Thanks M
  9. Not a problem. We did ours today and I was standing behind hubby and pointed to various things. Just keep son in view when asked and keep card in view when asked.
  10. No, the only exception was in Naples during a spray down. We were gone most of the day anyway. Weather was perfect. M
  11. I haven't read the entire thread but have to agree about the hot tubs and getting drinks. That being said, I loved sitting above everything, and one drink would last me while there. The goodies at Cafe Bacio were SERIOUSLY lacking and that is my favorite spot on the ship. Down right sad. I think one type of cookie, no decent cakes. The only thing I liked were the chocolate tartlets. I diet for weeks just to have a daily treat there while cruising and was soooo disappointed. On the other hand, I was prepared to hate the Infinity veranda and loved it. Travel somewhere warm where you can sleep with the window open, watch the moon and listen to the sea. It was heaven. Miriam
  12. We sailed her in May. After reading all the negatives about the Infinity Veranda I was prepared to hate it and found that I loved it! If you have any specific questions let me know, I can maybe answer at mimlauff at aol dot com Miriam
  13. That would be much appreciated mimlauff at aol dot com if you would rather contact direct!
  14. When is your cruise? We are interested in this for our August Alaska cruise, but it is dependent on how much you get to participate so would love current feedback if you do this before then. Thanks Mimbecky
  15. Actually I slipped on a N95 right then for the 2 hour flight to Paris. Not too worried about getting Covid now that I’m home though.
  16. We were on the 5/14 Edge sailing and I thought of you frequently - especially when taking the stairs by deck six with the big “Out of bounds” sign on the closed door. On my Air France flight home I sat by a gentleman whose daughter tested positive at the airport and her passport was confiscated. Sounded like she and her husband were able to get a hotel but people need to be aware of testing positive in Italy and what it entails. Announcements on the ship were very low Covid but I’m wondering how many people just didn’t report. We canceled our shore excursions through the ship for just that reason. By the way I don’t know if this is covered in a topic already but upon disembarkation on the 21st there was the option to “swap and go“ with a third party right at the pier. Prive was $65 unless you had purchased your cruise before some point at which it was free. It was very quick but we were at about a 40% capacity, you had an appointment time and in about 20 minutes later your results came up on their website. A couple that we transported back to FCO did it and were thoroughly pleased. M
  17. We just got off the edge on Saturday. I had no problem with the classic package and getting cappuccinos no charge. Hope that helps
  18. We are testing in Naples- ck testfortravel site
  19. Since your husband is now negative, can't he wear a mask and go get food to bring in? M
  20. Hummm I think I get your drift. Choice - pay for all the changes out of pocket or deal within constraints.
  21. Well hopefully the 4 weeks starts after the 14 days. We boosted 4 weeks ago and fly out this week for our cruise. Hope we are covered! I guess nobody really knows. Starting to wonder if the trip is worth the stress. Wish the US would drop return home testing.
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