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  1. If we test positive we are considering this since we live right over the border. That being said, flights by celebrity would have to know our current status as would our trip insurance. I would assume somewhere along the way into Mexico somebody would ask us if we’ve had Covid in the last 14 days or some thing and then I couldn’t lie. The whole thing stresses me out M
  2. Interesting since I thought not “fully effective” until 14 days after getting boosted. Does that mean boosting is really only effective at stopping infection for two weeks? Ugg
  3. I am wondering if this is still true. I can’t find anything current about quarantine hotels in Italy at this time. With reading your experience, I think if we find ourselves in your position, we would get off the ship regardless at cruise end. So sorry you have been basically very mishandled at the least.
  4. I haven’t heard this before. Question- how would “Italy” even know your COVID status???
  5. I'm reading conflicting information (no surprise). Is reimbursement for quarantine hotel and new flights for cruises departing US only? I read something that said they will not do any reimbursement for European quarantining etc. Thanks M
  6. We plan to test over WI-FI at our hotel but if we have a problem this is good to know as we are staying in that area. I understand results must be in English -do you know if they provide in English? M
  7. About half hour walk (flat). They charge 20E each. I found it through testfortravel and made an appointment with LifeBrain on Via Cesare Rosaroll
  8. Good luck! Hope partner gets a negative! Yes, I have packed several home tests. Found a place to test in Naples day before departing home from Rome. That way don’t have to deal day of testing or ship WI-FI . Glad to hear Flights by Celebrity was helpful! M ***Also, I see you live in AZ. If you email me mimlauff at aol dot com I have some info for you.
  9. Can you give a synopsis? How long after first symptoms can this be acquired?
  10. My express pass still states 1 day.
  11. Sounds reasonable. What isn't is that quarantine rooms aren't balconies with fresh air. Wondering if we will hear more on this down the line.
  12. Wow you tested positive pretty quickly. I am wondering If you were a close contact but continued to test negative would you have been allowed to wander around the ship?
  13. Great question. I did note that Celebrity offers to cover some on land hotel and flights if you test positive ON the cruise. I also note that testing at the port afterwards is at disembarkation (AFTER cruise) so for this reason we are choosing to test the day before in Naples. M
  14. Maybe a dumb question but I have an iphone, daughter back home has an android. Will this still work to keep in contact with her while I cruise? M
  15. I actually remember earlier on in the pandemic it was the opposite. Many of our friends were getting quarantined down there because the extended stay was on YOUR dime. in any case I really hope this guy knows something- we fly/sail in less than a month!! M
  16. https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/travel/us-travel-restrictions-when-lift-entry-requirements-end-explained-1576557
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