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  1. On 3/24/2021 at 6:09 AM, TeeRick said:

    May or later: California, Nebraska, Kansas, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Delaware

    Good news: California just announced opening to over 50 on April 1st and to everyone over 16 on April 16th

    Bad news: there are no basically appointments to be had of late.

    Hope this means they think we are going to start getting a lot more soon!!

  2. I haven't seen anything on about the difference in vaccine reaction between men and women here. My husband was out the next day (after shot 2) washing cars while I was down on the couch.  I noted similarity with other male/females and then began to hear bits and pieces on the TV.  Not that it matters, but I thought it was interesting.  Today an article came out on my MediPage. 

    Why Women Experience COVID and the Vaccines Differently Than Men | MedPage Today 


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  3. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    Here is a very general (layman's terms) article on the vaccine side effects after dose 1 and dose 2 and goes into a high level general explanation on how the different aspects of your immune system respond.




    Thanks for the article.  Informative and quite amusing at the same time. 😁


  4. I know this is a little off task but with the medical knowledge here and not finding a google explanation, I thought I'd go forward.

    If I had a strong immune response when my immune system saw the spike a second time (second Moderna vaccine), won't I have another strong reaction (headache, fever, chills etc) when/if it encounters Covid naturally in the future?  This as opposed to my spouse who when vaccinated a second time had a minimal immune response?  

    In other words, if my husband and I are vaccinated but encounter Covid, won't I get all that response again with my immune system while he will just be a little tired?  Doesn't seem like a good thing.


  5. 36 minutes ago, TeeRick said:

    OK drum roll...........................


    I am very happy to say that both TeeRick and Mrs. TeeRick have now received dose 1 of the Moderna vaccine.  It was a long time coming but finally accomplished.  I feel a great weight off my shoulders.  In another month (plus 2 weeks)  we will be ready to go!  Where I have no idea but we will be ready!😀


    So happy for you.  I know it has been a frustrating but patient wait.

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  6. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    Our borders in the US are open across state lines

    Not to mention our southern border.  Not talking about the undocumented but rather those Americans that live in Mexico and work in the US. They are crossing both ways daily.

    Received my second Friday-10 days late.  Was down all day Saturday with 100.6, headache, chills, body aches.  Surprised as I am NEVER sick!  Still totally worth it.  Husband just tired. 

    TeeRick....relatives in PA finally seeing progress in getting vaccine!


  7. 18 hours ago, nocl said:

    Keep in mind that different agencies have different jobs.  The FDA determines which drugs are approved in the US and what is on label according to the data presented to them.


    Once a drug is approved, physicians can based upon their own knowledge and opinion use the drug off label


    The CDC who has the job and responsibility for administering the vaccines program has made such a decision due to some real world issues.  They have stated that the time period specified in the label can be exceeded if necessary.  Note they are not recommending that it be exceeded or that the US go to single shot approach, but recognizing that some issues with supply might make such a delay necessary.


    Thank you....great post and clears up a lot of my confusion.

    My heart goes out to Canadians. Sounds like Australia is having similar issues too.

    This board is excellent at giving us somewhat of a more world view and I appreciate it immensely.

    Keeps things in perspective.


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  8. 3 hours ago, nocl said:

    Heard from which source?

    As I said...the CDC has given up to 6 weeks.

    CDC: Gap Between Vaccine Doses Could Be 6 Weeks (webmd.com)

    As far as now 7 weeks, I believe it was GMA this morning.



    2 hours ago, Arizona Wildcat said:

    ?????   We had appointments rescheduled 2 weeks ago for a couple days when the state ran out of vaccine.  All cancelled appointments were rescheduled and vaccinated within a week. 

    Our largest Superstation has been closed for minimum of 2 days 3x in the last month.  Before the storms, we never received promised doses and people were rescheduled, then the storm hit and we were closed 3 days and those people were all rescheduled again...the promised doses still didn't come for another week causing more rescheduling.  Just as those rescheduled were catching up, we had a lightning storm here and they closed again.  All those people have needed to be rescheduled.  I personally know of 4 people who have been rescheduled multiple times and are at the end of the 2 week additional referred to above.  There is plenty of Pfizer here now but a big shortage of Moderna which is the problem in getting the second dose.  Don't know what to tell you....glad your rescheduling went well.  We too are getting more doses so hopefully this will rectify in the next week or so.  Then again the governor just said they are saving 40 percent of our doses for those who work or live in "vunerable zip codes".  That is a whole other story.  Maybe those of us who live and work outside of those zip codes will be rescheduled once again.

    Links here...

    "It is the third time in as many weeks that the site has had to close due to vaccine shortages".Vaccine in San Diego: Petco Park vaccination super site closing again through Tuesday (fox5sandiego.com)


    California to earmark 40% of vaccine doses to vulnerable areas, officials say could speed reopening – Daily News



  9. 7 hours ago, nocl said:

    The FDA is data driven, they do not guess if they do not have solid data. Especially with an product under EUA

    Ummmm I don’t know about that. Isn’t this what is going on now with advice on delayed vaccines? First the CDC said it was ok to get a vaccine 4 days late, then up to 6 weeks from first dose (2 weeks delayed for Moderna), then I heard today up to 7 weeks. To my knowledge there have been no studies/data to substantiate this. A doctor on the news the other day said they really didn’t know - it could be ok months delayed but it is just a guess. As for me, I am still waiting for #2 and I know others who have been rescheduled twice so far. I think they are saying increasing delay is ok because there really is no alternative.

  10. On 2/27/2021 at 6:40 AM, TeeRick said:

    So to follow up here again...  When is the Pandemic actually over??


    I also heard same "finish line" on the news today.  It doesn't really make sense to me.  It is thought that the pandemic would be "over" when deaths are similar to seasonal flu.  Depending on the year, the flu can claim upwards of 30K to 45K over 5 months....that would be equal to 250-300 deaths a day, yet for COVID they would consider the "end" to be when we have less than 100 deaths per day.  Isn't that 1/3 the amount of seasonal flu deaths? 

    Seems almost an impossible goal.


  11. 20 hours ago, TeeRick said:

    Thank you.  We pre-registered the next day Jan 14.  Hopefully soon for us too!


    Good luck!  My brother in law in Pittsburgh was finally able to get one through Giant Eagle.  My sister in law in her 50's also managed at same time because of her BMI.  That surprised me but she told me even smokers can get it now.  I say go get a pack and smoke one....you wouldn't be lying.


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  12. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    These are people who really do not understand the process I think.

    Of course not, but neither do I.

    However I  must be more trusting because I’m just waiting for my delayed 2nd dose and am thrilled to get it soon 🤞🏼💪🏼
    Just wondering when I might stop hearing the mantra “it’s not even fully approved” . Of course there will always be an excuse.

  13. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    This is good news.  We have a trip planned Feb 2022 and the boards regarding travel to Australia and NZ aren't hopeful at all.  I read they have closed their borders for the most part already through 2021 but I am not sure if that is legitimate news or just people "talking".

  14. Education yes, because of all the skepticism out there.  The hot topic in my circles is whether to have young adult women vaccinated.  A lot of fear about infertility being talked about.....My sister in law sent me a video about it.

    I have a young adult daughter but I would assume Fauci and others who are at the front lines have daughters also and wouldn't be pushing it without feeling confident it is a bogus claim.





  15. 17 hours ago, nocl said:

    They should have something like CA where there are registered caregivers, not just someone that says that they are.

    On the news this morning...with a doctor's note an "informal caregiver" can also receive the vaccine now. .“Informal caregivers are defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an unpaid family member or other person who regularly aids and supervises the daily care of an elderly or disabled person, but need not live in the same house"

  16. Now being told California will open vaccinations mid March to these groups. Just thought there might be interest in the parameters.  Happy that smoking is not included but surprised about pregnancy since I thought that vaccines for pregnant women was questionable. This is a jump- teachers were to be next and that doesn't appear to be the case now.  Not saying it is a bad thing at all but find that the goal posts keep moving, everything definitely in flux.

    • Cancer
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Chronic pulmonary disease
    • Down syndrome
    • Weakened immune system from solid organ transplant
    • Pregnancy
    • Sickle cell disease
    • Heart conditions
    • Severe obesity
    • And Type 2 diabetes mellitus
  17. I moved ours as well.  At the time of first cruise for 2020 there were only 3 perks, the TA additionally offered free gratuities.  We lifted and shifted once to 2021 and all the remained the same.  This time for the 2022 move the original TA perk was taken off because it isn't a current perk (not given by Celebrity either because it wasn't on original booking). They did give us their current additional OBC offer of $100 but with a raise in port fees/taxes it leaves us about $150 shorter than initial amount.  With the good deal we originally received, it is still a deal.

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