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  1. This new information has sealed the deal for me. We will not be considering a Paul Gauguin cruise in the near future. I think and hope that most people planning to travel in the coming months understand and accept the possibility of cancelled trips with very short notice due to pandemic related health concerns (such as a cluster of cases) but this is not that. I understand the need for PG & Ponant to turn a profit but cancelling these cruises with such short notice so that they could instead book a last minute charter is not ethical unless they do everything possible to make
  2. I am really sorry for those that are feeling the stress of this delayed/lack of communication. I hope that you have answers soon! We had a big trip to Africa booked for this December that was understandably cancelled. I've had my fingers crossed that we possibly could try to take the PG reunion cruise in January as a replacement trip. We actually have airfare tentatively booked but we've decided that we would not make any other travel arrangements or decisions until much closer. We have no problem waiting until last minute to make a decision and if the option is not available
  3. I do agree that the difference is not as great. At least not as great as it initially appears. Out of interest I compared two similar options just grabbing the past passenger rates from each line's website (not including air). The rates are for two people in a balcony cabin (prices in USD). Oct. 14, 2020 Paul Gauguin 10 night Society Island and Tuamotos- $12625.50 (cruise fare) + $430 (port fees & taxes) = $13055.50 (for us we would add internet & possibly laundry costs here as we get those amenities for free on Princess) Oct. 15, 2020 Princess 10 night
  4. I am Elite on Princess and thus obviously quite a fan of the cruise line but there is just no comparison here. Paul Gauguin is hands down much better. I would take a port-hole cabin on the Paul Gauguin over the nicest suite on a Princess cruise and I say that having experienced both the port hole cabins on Paul Gauguin and several suites with Princess. I love Princess but they are most certainly not a luxury cruise line. When Princess announced their 2020 French Polynesia return I was initially ecstatic as I had been so disappointed when they discontinued their seasons in French
  5. We are planning on taking one of the Azamara Africa cruises. These cruises spend the last 3 days in Cape Town. Does anyone know if you are allowed to disembark early in situations where the ship arrives at the final port prior to the final day of the cruise? I always plan to arrive to the embarkation port at least a day early. This means that we will have 2 days to explore Cape Town before the cruise and though I am sure it would be nice to have another 3 days at the end of the cruise we simply don't need 5 days in Cape Town. I am sure many of you are thinking that we'd be cr
  6. We use a credit card with travel insurance to cover trip costs (granted we need to get a new one due to the major loss of these travel benefits w/ Citi cards). Sometimes our trip costs may exceed the limits of the credit card travel insurance but I am ok risking the difference in coverage limits and the actual cost of our trip. My credit card also has evacuation coverage but I don't think it is enough. We then add on a separate medical plan for every trip. I consider this an absolute necessity when traveling. The medical & evacuation only plans are often quite cheap (at least
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