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  1. Many thanks Keith for your excellent posts as always. I have friends waiting to board the QM2 in Freemantle Perth in a week or so. It's too big for me but a lovely liner all the same
  2. Good to hear that Julie. I'm well thank you and it would be lovely to see you both again. Thinking of Allan at this time also.
  3. Hi Julie, I hope that Keith is ok
  4. We dined at TK grill on the Encore every night except one when we dined with the Hotel director in the MDR. We have a drink every evening at the TK bar and by 20.30 tables become free when the early diners leave. We were always seated by 20.45 at the latest which suits us.
  5. Hello Keith and Anne Marie. A clear sign of the times is you not taking a Tux with you. could this be the end of civilisation as we know it.😃 I still can’t leave mine at home. 🤵🏼
  6. I have used whats app for voice calls and it works but calls do drop out so it’s not perfect. Norm,good to see that you are still about albeit in Panama.
  7. Corkage is in the small print to cover themselves if ever they wanted to use it. The likelihood of it ever happening is very slim.
  8. That’s the gamble you face when booking an OB suite,you get a low price but have to accept what you are given. Pay more money next time and choose your suite if certain things are an issue for you. you pays your money and all that😉
  9. I’ll send you some flip flops if they’re that important 👣
  10. Personally I would stay well clear of the Retreat but do go along and have a look to see if it suits you.You can decide to do or not once you have actually been there.
  11. Oh well,one less Christmas card. Saving the planet is good.
  12. That’s Old Spice you’ve got Henry. its aftershave.
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