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  1. That’s the gamble you face when booking an OB suite,you get a low price but have to accept what you are given. Pay more money next time and choose your suite if certain things are an issue for you. you pays your money and all that😉
  2. I’ll send you some flip flops if they’re that important 👣
  3. Personally I would stay well clear of the Retreat but do go along and have a look to see if it suits you.You can decide to do or not once you have actually been there.
  4. Indeed,my TA does both
  5. Oh well,one less Christmas card. Saving the planet is good.
  6. That’s Old Spice you’ve got Henry. its aftershave.
  7. I always wear a jacket to dinner whether on a ship or on land. i do not feel comfortable and underdressed without one.
  8. Haven’t you met Captain Sergei Tatayana Markham 😳🕺 He really struts his stuff at the git to know yer neighbour fiasco.
  9. I agree with Keith on this subject. it really doesn’t matter what others think as we are all different. I tried Crystal Serenity and it was too big and impersonal for me and the dining room just did not work for me. I am looking at trying the new Regent ship with an open mind. Keith,I have had BMW,Lexus and Mercedes vehicles and the best for me is BMW. 😃
  10. This is a common problem on a lot of ships. I have experienced it and now only stay in a suite that has accommodation above and below me. Another problem can be from a bar or show theatre that is below or above you.
  11. I've tried to squeeze it in occasionally but your right,don't try to zip it in case you damage it.
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