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  1. A bathrobe is a good option if ordering room service on a formal evening.
  2. Silversea do it all for you. You have an antigen test the day before you disembark and you are given a printout of your test result.
  3. Not much of a difference on my trip between the two. There were 40-50 60-70 80-90 There were a few 20 somethings who were with their parents and grandparents.
  4. The best thing is to do as the instructions tell you. Guests are given check in times so that the process is easy and smooth. If everyone just turns up on mass then things could get a little chaotic and the process will take longer. I turned up at my allotted time and was onboard in twenty minutes
  5. The Silver Moon has a very well equipped gym and has more equipment than on Ovation. It is bigger and has a large studio.
  6. You are correct Lincslady. You never know if you don't go. I also think that 750 guests is a little too much
  7. I have just got off the Moon and the future cruise consultant did say that the on board booking deposit does only last for six months unlike Seabourn which lasts for four years.
  8. Yes Markham we will see what the reality is when the dust settles. I'm looking at the Holiday cruise on the Ovation,not for the itinerary but for just being on the ship at Christmas and New year. I also met a lovely couple from Cornwall on the Moon who are regular Regent sailors and they maintain that Regent is the best by far after trying everything else. I am looking at what they are offering but do not like the marketing style of "Free everything" that they try to get past you. I understand that many of the Moon crew are going to open Dawn so that is good for us that are looking to sail on the new ship.
  9. I agree Markham with your observation of Silversea passenger stuffiness. For me the stuffiness was evident in German and Dutch guests but not from US and other British guests. There is a sense of snobbery around the ship which I have never seen on a Seabourn ship. The lack of interaction from officers and to some extent the cruise director was a contributing factor that would have made the ship seem like a fine hotel where some people tip toe around and avoid eye contact. Other than all of that I really enjoyed the experience.
  10. I have just left the Moon and really enjoyed my twenty days. The entertainment is lacking and so is the CD in comparison to any Seabourn cruise that I have done. The food is generally better but I did have a few lack lustre moments that were quickly rectified. The pool and the track on deck eleven as Markham says are excellent as is the gym that I used twice a day but still the steam and sauna have not been operational and nobody has been able to give me a reason for it. The SALT bar serves the best drink in any bar on any ship so far for me. After trying all of the restaurants I went on every night of the second cruise to Atlantide which provided the best choice and best service. I will try Silversea again on this class of ship but I still wonder what it will be like when the ship is sailing full.
  11. Who said there were going to be non vaccinated guests onboard?
  12. No Dolce Vita is on deck five and there you an find the reception desk,future cruise desk and tour desk. There is a fully stocked bar with a coffee machine and a piano. The space is vast and rarely frequented by anyone. The Panorama lounge is on deck nine and had a bar and an outside terrace. I don't like it for a drink as the best place on the ship is SALT bar on deck four which only seats thirty when the shop is full but due to restrictions it will now only take about sixteen due to social distancing
  13. You are allowed to sit at the bar anywhere on the ship. Dolce Vita is a vast room and is like a ghost town. I can't think that it will be used more even when the ship is full.
  14. I have looked and I think that they are very similar. As Markham says there is only one sink in SS verandah as opposed to two on Seabourn. Twin sinks in a Silver suite in the Silver Moon
  15. The music is generally good but I am afraid that the production singers are not up to much. Seabourn do the shows and production much better but I think Belinda King has got a lot to do with the attention to detail. There is a great singer pianist duo that perform in Silver Note which is a super club. The venue is a wonderful addition to a ship. You can go for dinner and last orders are 10.30pm. You can dine and dance which I really like. There is a DJ that plays good music for all tastes in the Panorama lounge and also a trio who play modern classics. All of this I know is subject to taste. But that said it is generally good There is a pianist and a guitarist who have also been good. They play solo in different venues or as a duo. All good except the production shows. Magician was rubbish and based his act around a white and a red handkerchief. Disastrous 🙄
  16. Markham, Ofcourse I owe you one. I'll be happy to repay you any time.
  17. Masks are being worn on the tenders,on transfer buses in port and tour buses. Masks are worn throughout the ship but not outside whilst sunbathing or when sitting at tables to eat and drink. The steam and sauna are not operational which is a disappointment to those that use it every day.
  18. I am on the Silver Moon and I must say that as a regular Seabourn guest who's last sailing with Silversea was in 2005,Silversea have got the food selection on this ship just right. The SALT programme is perfect and the location menu changes nightly and reflects cuisine from the region that we are in. There is also a general menu offering that covers Greek favourites. Local wines are offered as well as world wide wines. The SALT bar is by far the best bar at sea. The bar is cosy and intimate headed up by Carlos who is a master of his art. Nothing is too much trouble and he likes to talk to guests about the cocktails. There are many on the list and there are Greek gins that I have never before tried and are exceptional. On this ship there are a lot more options for dining than on a Sebourn ship. In room dining is also twenty four hours and you can get food from most of the restaurants so it makes for a vast choice. The included wines seem popular and guests seem to find something that they like. I have been buying wines from the list and it could be improved upon but it's a very personal thing. The list does not have a french Provence Rose but there is a drinkable Greek rose on the included list. Top class wines are also available by the glass to buy as they are using the Coravin system that keeps the wine in the bottle without taking the cork out and uses a fine needle to extract the wine. It's an excellent option if you only want a glass without spending out on a bottle. Any questions, please ask.
  19. Markham, I did get an upgrade offer on the Silver Moon trip. The offer was from SS via our TA. I was offered a Silver Suite for 50% discount. I didn't take it but was upgraded anyway as the ship is half full. I have been offered Seabourn upgrades on some trips in most categories if it is a slow seller.
  20. Hi Julie, Yes I am having a great time. I Rhodes today and its 36 degrees and humid. Evian water flowing nicely. Went ashore early had a sunbathe now in the gym. Usual cocktail at the SALT Bar with Carlos making the best drinks. Another Antigen test Tomorrow afternoon while we are on a sea day so nothing too hard. Life can get back to some normality if our glass is half full. Hope you get to move forward soonest.
  21. Arts cafe does indeed become a bar in the evening although underused at present because of numbers and other more popular bars around the ship. We get our butler to get our morning wake up coffee from the Arts cafe as it is the best coffee in the ship.
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