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  1. Conflicting media reports on the refurb for Eclipse. Any confirmed news that it has been completed? Thanks, Lara
  2. Well hi, Upwarduk...of course I remember you both, think you were one below us (we were #7264). David & I really enjoyed your company & chats we had together. Hope things are going steady for you both in this crazy world we are in right now. Best wishes, Lynn and David 🙂
  3. Our sailing is 3rd October, so that cabin is taken, however, I've asked for it to be flagged to me if it becomes available. Thanks for all your assistance! 🙂
  4. Thanks for your reply Auntiemomo, #8230 was our preferred cabin however while I was talking to the agent it went, so have locked in #7241 as it has the largest size balcony with bed by bathroom.
  5. Been offered the following: #7179, 7241, 7245, 7217, 7241 and # 8226, 8279, 8283 as a replacement for #7264 & #8230 as these 2 were "snapped" up in the time I was speaking to the agent 😞 Also, we have a preference for the bed near the bathroom! Have checked most of these on the spreadsheet and look pretty suitable with the extended hump balconies & bed near the bathroom. Appreciate any input to secure a booking for Oct 22 Honolulu to Sydney, which was canceled from Sept 20 🙂 Many thanks, Lynn
  6. I had that response the other day...must be a looong cruise!! 🤔
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