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  1. Sorry about that ,all this over my misspelled wurd, Steward. But very clever I like it, I didn't do do it intentionally, Only excuse I have is I'm from Texas and proud of it. 😁
  2. Sorry about that the last one may of answered my question. I missed it.👍
  3. We do your time dining so on our past cruises we would have a different waiter in the MDR on different nights on occasion, so I always would leave a cash tip on the table to show appreciation just encase we were seated in another area the following night with different waiters. Is this acceptable or should I just stick to the on board gratuity's that I pay. I most definitely always tip extra to a outstanding cabin Stewart that goes out of there way. Just curious.
  4. I'm sorry, I meant countdown ticker that counts down to your sail date. I remember seeing them as part of profiles on members post in past board topics
  5. I've noticed the Lack of countdown tickers Is there a reason. Just curious. Thanks
  6. I think they enjoy their job, but with any job your going to have your good and bad days
  7. Do you know if they have cruise parking and if so is it for a fee or included in the price of the room. Thanks
  8. We've always stay at the Holiday Inn Tower on the west Bank. The rooms are nice and the river side view is awesome to be able to see the ships at the cruise ports. I just looked at booking the room for our June 2020 cruise. 1 night stay and free parking for duration of the 7 day cruise $354.00 with Tax. They have a Third party shuttle service that is will drop off and pick up at the cruise Terminal for $ 7 a person each way. It is about a $100 dollars higher than the last time we stayed, but we checked in on a Sunday on or last cruise due to it only being a 5 day cruise,and this time we will be checking in on a Saturday witch may be the difference in the price. Is there any other hotels that are any better without having to park at the terminal. Thanks in advance for any replys.
  9. This has me actually going do a few mock bookings, some of these cruise lines are actually pretty close to the samcost, which I didn't realize before, for similar itineraries and similar ships, thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the info and we do my time dining, so hopefully no one will be waiting on us to finish .
  11. Now that's thinking. Make since to me , I'm easy to please . Water slide all to myself!!!
  12. On MSC if you book Bella are you limited to certain things on the ship or is there just a additional fee for the things that may come with a different class booked.
  13. I'm just wondering if price was the same across the board on a booking. Out of all the lines who would you choose . I Cant really compare We've only been on 1 RC back in 2006 and 7 past CCL and another booked on Glory 2020. If price wasn't a issue Id like to try NCL and maybe RC again. But with a growing family I wish price wasn't a issue when it came to booking but to stay with the cabin class that we prefer and the total days we like to cruise its is. Just curious.
  14. Fantasy class , We will be on the Glory 6/21/20 so it may change
  15. Yeah I didn't know if it is frowned upon but when in Rome oh, I sure do like my little snails
  16. I've never done it but I was always curious if I could order another appetizer like escargot or something else I really enjoyed in the main dining room. Or would that just be improper and taboo.
  17. I was going to say the alchemy bar would look like the payday Saturday night at camp Pendleton
  18. Yep I do enjoy the Vet gathering, I was curious if there was something I may not have know about. Thanks for the replys and info.
  19. I'm a retired Marine, and although we have cruised several times , I've never really heard about anything extra really offered for active duty or retired services members other than the military fair that is offered witch is usually the same price or close to the Early savers offers. Just wondering if I'm just missing the obvious. Thanks for any input. And for those who served and your family's of those who served Thank You for your service.
  20. Good stuff, lots of opinions keep the comments coming.
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