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  1. I booked a casino offer which included Drinks on us everywhere on the Breeze, once on board is this automatically on my sail and sign card or do I have to go somewhere and set it up, thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Thanks for the responses. No feelings were hurt on my end.
  3. My Driver License will expire 2 days after we return from our cruise. We leave on the 11th on the Breeze returning on the 16th and DL expires on the 18th. Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  4. We will be on a 5 Day cruise in March. This will be our first time on a dream class ship. And the biggest also. Any input likes or dislikes would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Yep I learned something when this was posted 😃
  6. Just off the Glory / the casino was devided in half for smokers and non smokers. . But the smokers would venture to the non smoking side and the casino staff would not enforce the rule
  7. No Icon of the seas that's way to busy, Just want wow factor to be in the decor and a few amenities. The Glory to us was lacking. The atrium was dull in appearance as a lot of the ship seemed to be. Even on the Fascination, Fantasy and Triumph there was a (how do I describe this), They were just more showy and had the new car smell even though they were older if that makes any sense
  8. We just got off the Glory on 7/11/23 and it was kind of a disappointment at least to us as far as the overall upkeep, just looked tired and dated. That being said we are booked on the Breeze in March for a 5-day cruise. My question is will the Breeze have a wow factor that the Glory doesn't. This will be the first time we sailed on a Dream class ship. Thanks for any comments.
  9. We are booking on the Breeze in March out of Galveston. Has anything changed on the Covid 19 requirements ?
  10. All in all we were on vacation and we had a good time. The Bad. Embarkation was the worst that we have ever been through, we have sailed out of NOLA twice before and was a pleasure, but this time was a mass state of confusion and disorganization. We arrived and dropped of luggage and proceeded to check in and were told to wait outside along with the rest of 3000 passengers in the 100 degree sun until our zone was called. Our check in time was 1030 and were not called until 12. finally on the ship at 1pm. The suit was just Ok but that's what I was expecting. We had your time dining and even after checking in for dinner on the HUB app wait times would be as long as a 90 min The Glory was overbooked from what our Room attendant Webster said ( who was awesome) by over 430 passengers so this enplanes the overly long lines everywhere. The show were high school quality but the tried but just not what you would expect, The ship itself was tired looking and really showed her age, The Good We were on Vacation. The steak house was excellent. The Erald Trio Violene players were the best entertainment on the cruise. O2 Club was a big hit with our 15 yo son Food was hit or miss Drinks on them was nice This was just my thoughts. we will see what the Breeze is like in March
  11. I want even look at my countdown on my hub app but only every couple of months when I first book if its in the triple digits. but when I'm about 60 days from sailing I seem to look at three or 4 times a day, like that makes the time go by faster.
  12. 9 day 5 hours and a poptart and we will be on the Glory
  13. We leave out of New Orleans on July 2, going to Key west, Nassau and Freeport. already have a pre payed excursion in Nassau, so watching the storms also
  14. Yepper🥱, I realized my mistake after the fact
  15. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done this, but I set my alarm to midnight so I could wake up and check in last night on CCL. now we have along 15 days until we sail on the Glory on our short 7-day cruise. Can't wait!!!!
  16. Im just curious are the doors on CCL line magnetic or do you need to use tape
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