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  1. I had a wonderful time on Celebrity millennium about a month ago from Seattle on the inside passage stopping at a Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. A friend just got back from a similar cruise and a great experience on celebrity millennium with slightly different stops. Great Cruises! Mike
  2. I can understand why Princess and other lines are going to non refundable deposits. I have meant a number of people who already are holding 12-15 cruises for 2020. They select which cruises they are actually going to take...perhaps 3 or 4 and want a complete refund for all others some “held” for more than a year and thus “off the market” and can’t be sold to serious buyers. I can see why a cruise line only wants those to reserve “for a price.” I have a feeling this is the wave of the future for all cruise lines....you take off the market for a price....and not for free. Easily understandable. I always wondered why they let them hold for free until 90 days before a cruise. Just business! Mike
  3. No problem. Often on any site including CC something is said and there is no way of telling if they are joking. There was a discussion about putting the OM on the refrigerator since apparently(I haven’t tested it) it is magnetic. Mike
  4. I was making a joke Tom in the context of the discussion. Mike
  5. For those putting on your refrigerator have you considered thieves located a 1,000 feet away will be led directly to it and all of its contents? Not to mention your house and its contents by advertising you have enough money to cruise.
  6. Thanks very much. I lived in Italy from 68-72 and searching for as close as one can get to the ships of those days. I too am elite on Princess and cruise a great deal too on HAL. Usually about five or six cruises per year. Mike
  7. I the mix too. So if I understand you correctly the Yacht club includes everything that say Princess or HAL does (perhaps more). In this two class distinction are dining rooms and parts of the ship reserved for them like in days gone by and 2nd class have lesser amenities or do you buy those up once you are on board if you wish to ? Thanks for answering and I don’t want to divert the thread but I will look up MSC on CC. They seem to have some interesting Itineraries that others don’t. On the other hand I hate to be nickel and dimed to death or have to pay for a bed pillow. Again thanks! Mike
  8. I could be off by a couple of years but not 20. I am certain the name was Leonardo da Vinci. I was so happy to see it I had my photo taken with it. To me it was unbelievable that after so many years... I crossed from Barcelona via Lisbon to NYC on it last in 1972...it was still going. Mike
  9. Wasn’t the Costa Concordia MSC? I have never been on that line previously. If so hopefully the Captain is not going to impress his girlfriend. Is he still under house arrest? Or is he in prison? I was reading somewhere recently that I think it was that line that changes for everything separately True or false? Mike
  10. If Leonardo burned in 1980 what did I see in the Caribbean around 1998 which had the same name and looked the same? Also I didn’t mean that modern stabilizers were added to any of these old ships but they have made modern cruise ships much more comfortable for the guests. Mike
  11. As I understand it the Michaelangelo was sold to the Shaw of Iran for his military and I saw the Leonardo da Vinci in the Caribbean about 20 years ago. It was still serving as a cruise ship. I have no idea who owned. It was still serving as a cruise ship. I have no idea who owned it. The only and main improvement was the introduction of better Stabilizers. Remember the ledge around the dining tables so that the plates and cups would not fall off. Which ship was the sister ship to the Andra Doria? Mike
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