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  1. Great post, however I have to disagree with one point: In certain viruses, natural immunity is short lived. Influenza is one example. The flu virus mutates quickly and often, making it difficult for our immune system to keep up. This results in many people getting severe symptomatic flu infections on a yearly basis. An annual flu vaccine greatly reduces the severity and duration of disease. We could therefore conclude that as COVID-19 keeps evolving and mutating, our best bet to limit severe disease outcome would be through vaccines, not natural immunity. Just my opinion.
  2. Here’s the response I received. Color me impressed: I really appreciate this email. First off, let me thank you for your continued loyalty over all these years and we are thrilled that you have entrusted us with your vacations over such a long period of time. We also look forward to welcoming you back on the Breakaway, Gem and the brand new Prima. We will do our best to make sure you continue to have amazing vacations and memories aboard our fleet. It seems like you visit our ships even more than me 😊 Regarding your comments on vaccinations, we share your s
  3. As we've all heard by now, RCL has made the decision to recommend guests be vaccinated but will not require it. This is, in my opinion the wrong decision that could be disastrous for the entire industry should another onboard outbreak occur. I'm pleased that NCL has decided on 100% vaccinations for guests and crew. Let's just hope they don't bow to political pressure and change their minds. I've sent an email to the Vice President of NCL guest services (vicepresidentguestservices@ncl.com) and Harry Sommer, President & Chief Executive Officer (hsommer@ncl.com) I woul
  4. My wife and I are booked for the October 10 cruise. Fingers crossed it happens! We’ve had 4 cancellations since March 2020 including an amazing 14 day cruise on the Breakaway from New York (was scheduled for October 2020) that included the ABC islands...losing that one was a real bummer as we’ve been on 21 cruises from NYC and we’ve never seen an itinerary that included those islands. The Breakaway is our favorite ship and we can’t wait to spend most of our time sipping cold drinks at Spice H2O.
  5. There goes Alaska and Canada/New England cruises... https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2021/02/government-of-canada-announces-one-year-ban-for-pleasure-craft-and-cruise-vessels.html?fbclid=IwAR27pP48mZbVIcKKNoT6wZNn1a4f7a2VbYQpBNB_T0jxITFeYRq6o4mVbmQ
  6. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Norwegian-is-looking-into-the-legality-of-vaccination-requirement?fbclid=IwAR1YaW3_zuKihZPpXp-7ma2MXTFhLoq2kDrAy0vcYp_i4hWecQWy51l-pUw
  7. Now that all signs are pointing to the fact that safe and effective vaccines are just around the corner and that we may hopefully return to cruising in the near future, I think it’s important to reflect on and recognize the tremendous work that has been achieved in the last century by doctors, scientists and health professionals in developing those safe and effective vaccines. For example, please allow me to refresh your memory regarding the Smallpox virus. Smallpox was one of the deadliest and most contagious diseases known to humankind. This horrible disease killed o
  8. Agreed, unless the J&J vaccine works out. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that one is only 1 shot.
  9. Actually they can and most likely will require passengers to show proof of vaccination as a boarding requirement in the same way as some schools and countries require proof of vaccination.
  10. I know they’re cruising again, but they need to make some real money if they want to survive this. One or two cruises here and there won’t cut it I’m afraid. And yes, I’ve now read that they have reduced their monthly cash burn rate down to 530-550 million a month, still a staggering amount... All I’m trying to say is; in my opinion, if things don’t improve in the next 6-12 months, Carnival will be the first to face some really tough decisions regarding the future of their business. Again, just my opinion, I believe NCL is actually the best positioned (finan
  11. I understand that, Carnival sold 16 out of 104 ships. They’re still huge and burning through over $600,000,000 a month. Even if they manage to raise a billion here and a billion there, will it be enough to survive? Doubtful, unless they can get back to cruising. If not, they’ll have (in order) 4 basic options: -Raise more capital -Sell more ships/lower expenses -Bankruptcy protection/restructuring -Go out of business/close up shop If this virus continues and cruises remain suspended, CCL, RCL and NCL all face these challenges. My opinion
  12. I doubt any line would be saved by common stock offerings. They would most likely need more money from outside investors to save them if they can’t generate any meaningful revenue in 2021. Carnival’s biggest problem may lie in the fact that they have too many ships in their fleet to attract the kind of investor cash they’ll need to stay afloat. My money’s on NCL or RCL or perhaps a merger of the two in the future...
  13. Their bank accounts don’t disagree with my view. As you said yourself, cash is king...
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