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  1. What pray tell are they new options of which you speak?
  2. This was absolutely not my experience on my SS cruises including my last cruise a few weeks ago. The butler was there to attend to specific requests and handled them well.
  3. Oh you meant countryside. At first I thought you meant that specific country where Mysty is haha. I was trying to figure that out.
  4. View from Shangrila Yanuca Island where Silversea is housing guests for the night.
  5. Ridiculous. I deleted the rest as it was unseemly even if sincere and genuine.
  6. I’m on the Shadow now. Have been on the ship three weeks. I always ask for Pellegrino. No problem getting it. I had a full bottle of it on my table today at the pool as I asked the server to leave the bottle on my table at the pool. I also drink Coke Zero and no problem.
  7. There was music during dinner and dancing spontaneously broke out. Everyone was having a great time as I think you can tell from these pics. People couldn’t stop dancing and it went on until after 10:00pm. So much fun.
  8. We did a special order tonight and it was really tasty. We put in a special order for beef Wellington with potatoes dauphine and they did a great job. First I had the porcini risotto.
  9. Some pics of the Baha’i temple visit and one of the ship 🙂
  10. Just cleared at 7:48pm (6 hours behind eastern time in the USA).
  11. We traveled to Saudi Arabia via Silversea in March 2023. Saudi Arabia has never allowed alcohol due to religious reasons except for a few international hotels. We also had to remove alcohol from our room and there was no alcohol onboard. This is not new. And yes they can inspect your safe and I have heard of them doing so in the past so the notion you can squirrel alcohol safely in your safe is VERY risky you should not do it. You risk being thrown out of the country. They don’t play around there.
  12. Just to be clear—this isn’t American Samoa. It’s Samoa which is fully independent.
  13. I said to the front desk that perhaps the authorities are waiting for their gratuity. 😂
  14. Will let you know. We arrived at 8:00 and it’s now at 12:07 and the ship has still not been cleared by local authorities. Will let you know.
  15. We sometimes order a pizza to be delivered at the pool lunch area for lunch! Here was yesterday’s lunch by the pool. My husband ordered this one with extra cheese and salami.
  16. I actually was thinking about this and logged on to say you can order from your table. Glad you found out. I’m at La Terrazza now on the Shadow in Somoa having breakfast outside and ordered an omelette and a bagel.
  17. My husband enjoying his favorite cocktail, the Naked and Famous, in The Bar every night. Thank you Peter, bartender, for making it every night.
  18. Great report! Thanks for your very detailed write up. That lunch with the Yorkshire pudding sounds tasty.
  19. We had fun at karaoke tonight in the Panorama Lounge. My husband (@CASHIPman) sang among others. Particularly touching was an older couple who sang “Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?” while dancing to it as well. I found it very touching.
  20. Never heard of a Silversea Xmas present.
  21. Play mysty for me and before I was a psychologist I was a radio announcer! Hahaha true story!
  22. Freudian slip (and remember, I’m a psychologist!)
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