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  1. I have been looking at the packages available on our June Apex sailing and am looking at the Premier Pass Package. One of the items listed is an “Inside Access Tour”. I can’t seem to find any information on what this tour includes. I presume this is not available on current sailings due to Covid restrictions. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. This is seeding power to the CDC, which I remind you is headed up by political appointees. Might be well and good for now but what about the future regardless of what party is in power.
  3. We usually sail in Concierge Class and avail ourselves of the lunch in the dining room on embark day. This time we went down to the Sunset Veranda because we don’t care for the new infinite verandas. Are there any other places we can have lunch other than the Oceanview Cafe’ on day one of our cruise.
  4. Now the the APEX is sailing can anyone report if there are tables on the SV verandas? Pictures of the Infinite Verandas show an accent table rather than a small round dining table. One of our favorite things is to have breakfast on the sunset veranda and it would be a bit challenging on a small accent table. Thanks and happy sailing!
  5. I know it would just be an educated guess, but do you think Celebrity will be sailing at full capacity in June 2022 for European cruises? We are booked on Ireland/Iceland in June 2022 and it hard to tell from their website.
  6. Can anyone advise about the closet/storage space on the Celebrity Edge, concierge class? It’s almost impossible to determine from the website. We will be 3 going to a cooler climate and am concerned about closet space for jackets, sweaters, boots etc.
  7. Firstly, from a former New Yorker, thanks for your life saving work. Many good suggestions above. If you do nothing, you will receive a FCC in the amount on 125% of the cruise fare. Since you booked your flights with Choice Air (flights by Celebrity) they will be automatically cancelled and Celebrity will refund the amount of air fare and port taxes to your credit card. My Celebrity travel planner said it would take about 45 days for the refund to be issued and you should see the Future Cruise Credit in about the same amount of time. Once things settle down a bit you can request a
  8. Probably not until the cruise lines dramatically change their cleaning, sanitizing programs. If I go back to cruising which I’ve done for 40+ years it will probably be on smaller ships to avoid huge crowds. Also there has been suggestions for screening passengers before boarding. What process to be sure crew is healthy? Too many questions and I’m not getting any younger.
  9. Will be in Reflection Ireland/Iceland May 18. Anyone know who our Captain will be?
  10. Most of us agree that tipping above the normal on board gratuities is normal. My question is two fold. Our upcoming cruise will be in 3 different countries having 3 different currencies, Euros, British pounds, and Icelandic Krona. What currency do you tip in including US dollars? Secondly, do you give these additional tips at end of cruise or during cruise? We have always tipped at end of cruise but rethinking of giving during the cruise. Thoughts?
  11. Can anyone give first hand knowledge of what happens to any onboard credit if not used durning a cruise. Is it refunded back to your credit card?
  12. I’ve double checked with Celebrity and they have confirmed we can’t board until 4:30. Definitely not going to any speciality restaurants and risk having to leave in the middle of our meal. If boarding starts at 4:30, heavens only knows when we will get our luggage. I don’t t understand the late boarding since the ship arrives in Dublin the night before our cruise departs the following evening.
  13. We are sailing out of Dublin on the Reflection in May of 2020. We are trying to figure out the embarkation process. Celebrity has said we can board between 4:30 - 8:30 PM. We sail at 9:45PM. I’m not sure when to schedule dinner since the life boat drill will take place after 8:30 PM but before 9:45PM. On past cruises on the Reflection, concierge class passengers were assigned to the main dining room for the life boat drill. I don’t see how this is possible since dinner is being served. Can anyone who has had this late departure in Dublin shed some light on this? I called my Celebrity agent but
  14. Another possibility is to arrange for a car and driver to pick you and your luggage up at the airport and rent for about 5 hours. Have him take you to some of the sights in Dublin then on to the pier.
  15. We have had 2 cruises with 3 adults in a cabin, once on the Reflection and the other on the Silhouette. Both cruises were 12+ nights and had no complaints. The pull out bed is a trundle type but when only one sleeping space is needed, the cabin steward takes the bolsters off the sofa and makes it up as a bed. Plenty of room but I would imagine the firmness of the sofa dictates the firmness of the bed. If the bed is too firm you could always ask the cabin steward to add the unused mattress from the trundle to the single bed. Hope this helps.
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