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  1. June’s points posted in my account around July 8. No points yet from July’s activities but hopefully today. Has ANYONE here gotten their points from July? Not that it’s a big deal but July’s points move us up a tier!
  2. That was the same for me! Filled it out for him and submitted. There was a box within the email that had his CC number pre-filled in. I just changed his CC number to mine, filled out the survey again and submitted again with my number for me. And now we wait to see if the points show up...lol
  3. I was actually shocked that the refund came as quickly as it did. I was thinking it would be several months. There really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who receives what, when and how. I hope you get your refund soon especially with such a large amount due back to you!
  4. Requested a refund on 4/22 for our canceled (by Celebrity) 5/31 6-night Equinox cruise. Cruise was booked directly through Celebrity. Just received a full refund (4 separate refunds but all on the same day) back to our credit card on 5/18. Much quicker than I expected. Hopefully they have worked through the log jam and are getting the refunds out quicker now.
  5. Yes... Just saw it on their Facebook Page. Had to cancel a cabana reservation with them for early June but was really hoping they’d be there when we could visit again. So sad! https://www.facebook.com/royalpalmsbeachclub/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARDxClxFER2GhdOpOVu7pGONsaiuHp7dRXz8DSsGcth70VvIZivZfyT_O3UjXUW7AmyTyHDWCZxcsbvZ “Regretfully the Royal Palms Beach Club has permanently closed. We would like to thank our staff and patrons for a wonderful 22 years. Saying anymore at this time is just too painful. We’ve posted a video with some of our favorite pictures over t
  6. So this all got me wondering as to the wording on my policy for my, now canceled, cruise. There is no exclusion regarding epidemic/pandemic in my policy that I can see. They are offering a voucher where we can transfer the policy to a future trip within 3 years and they are willing to insure travel credits due to the current situation. We don’t plan to file a claim since all expenses will be refunded/credited so will probably take the voucher. Would not have ever thought to check pandemic coverage if not for the current situation.
  7. It is true that Insurance policies vary greatly with different companies and different states of residence and it IS up to each person to understand the policy they have. BUT, no where that I can see did this poster insinuate that he/she was upset with their insurance. It sounds like, in fact, the insurance is offering a refund of their premium (still yet to be received though). Their situation involved the policies of the airlines they were booked on re: refund vs air fare credit. Then questions were asked about their policy exclusions which they answered. So not sure why this post?
  8. Hi Steve, I have a Travel Insured Policy that I purchased through you guys at TripInsuranceStore for my, now canceled, May 31st cruise and I have just a couple of questions for you... 1) Typically, in order to be able to move your insurance policy to a different cruise you must be able to demonstrate that you have had zero financial loss and have been made whole in cash and NOT via credits (see... I do read your blog...😉) Sounds like they are waiving that requirement with this special Covid-19 voucher for the cruise. True? Are airline credits rather than refund ok as
  9. Southwest has extended their dates again to Sept 7, 2022 for using credits from flights canceled between March 1, 2020 and September 7, 2020 and have added the option shown below. Have never done anything with points so not sure how it works but says that the points can be redeemed for anyone you choose. Maybe this helps? “We have also added a new benefit for our valued Rapid Rewards Members. Those Members who have travel funds that are set to expire or funds that are created between March 1, 2020 and September 7, 2020 will have the option to convert those travel funds into
  10. There was a pillow discussion on a different group I follow where someone had ordered through the Celebrity Bed Collection site what they thought were the pillows they had while onboard and were disappointed. Some one else posted a pic of the tag on their pillow while onboard and I saved it away! They are a bit pricey so have not ordered for myself.....yet 😂
  11. This is true only for cruises with departures BEFORE July 31. 2020. I would expect that it will be reviewed and possibly (likely?) changed going forward as more is known about the situation. But that’s the terms to date.
  12. Thank you both for your responses! It seems I may have guessed correctly that the Chic night would be day 3 (a sea day) rather than the usual day 2. Someone else had posted a question about a 5-night with a similar itinerary and that seemed to match the answers given there. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve cruised Celebrity so just wanted to get a ‘feel’ for what most are wearing especially since this is a shorter cruise than what we’ve typically done.
  13. We are booked on a 6-night Western Caribbean in late May. This is the shortest cruise and latest in the Spring we’ve done but have booked with my sister and her husband on their first ever cruise. They’re not sure if they will like cruising or not (lol... that’s how you get hooked) and the dates worked vacation-wise for them. Just a couple of questions... I know on a 7 night there are normally 2 Chic nights. Usually the 2nd night (or sometimes third night if second night is not a sea day) and the second to the last night. Typically the menu that has lobster is the seco
  14. If you do choose to get the Unlimited Internet, keep in mind you do not need to purchase the 2 Device Plan if you don’t need to have 2 devices connected at the same time.
  15. Pushka, Been there done that too at the bar by the pool. Honestly, it was just the worst. Boiled down to whoever pushed in ahead and was the loudest/pushiest was waited on first. Not my style. The Sunset Bar/Martini Bar often times was just as busy but the bartenders just seemed to be more aware of who was there and when so took people in, mostly, a first come first serve order. As far as the topic at hand... I think, if I was offered a tip at our first meeting, while I might welcome the money, I would feel a bit sad in that you would think I was not going to give you
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