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  1. david,Mississauga

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    Yes, it is because of specialty dining that the aft end of the narrow Kings Court extention is closed off during evenings. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the starboard side. It is not possible to get from "C" to "D" on that side because of the service area of the Grills Lounge. Of course, you can always do so on the open deck.
  2. david,Mississauga

    Pan Pacific Vancouver: Which room category?

    I have always done it on-line. (I was not impressed with their call centre when the representative denied that there was a CAA/AAA members discount which there was on-line.) I have made a new booking then cancelled the original one. The hotel now has a three-day cancellation requirement, but when the rate has dropped it has always been more than three days in advance.
  3. david,Mississauga

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    In my experience, at dinner the door is closed at the aft end of the Kings Court extension which, of course, is at the D lift/stairway area. At other times the door is open and people can go anywhere on the port side. If the weather is fine you can walk down either side of the promenade deck.
  4. david,Mississauga

    Pan Pacific Vancouver: Which room category?

    Even when not in Vancouver to board a ship we stay at this hotel now that it is our favourite. Almost always we book the Pacific Club, but the cheaper "city view" rooms. It doesn't seem worth the extra for the harbour view because we get that view from the Club lounge. The city view rooms do, in fact, have a view of the harbour - north and east. The summer rates are usually shocking, but unless you book a pre-paid rate you can re-book when the rates fall, as they often do. We have booked a Club room at $630 for June. This past summer rates frequently dropped considerably a few weeks before the date. Every time we have stayed there the rates have dropped and we re-booked - as recently as last month. This is a minor issue, but regulars may be used to the policy of one free alcoholic drink in the Club lounge. This has been discontinued because, according to the concierge, the government says it is against the rules. It is strange that Air Canada can still give away drinks to their premium passengers in the lounges.
  5. david,Mississauga

    Access to QM2 Theatre on Deck 1?

    The only entrances are on Decks 2 and 3. There is easy access to one row on each level. There are some exits, essentially for emergency use, that lead to the narrow 3L passageways. I don't know if you can enter through those doors because they are not marked in the passageways, but if you know where they are you might be able to get in. Again, there would be easy access only to one row - the last row. Getting around the interior of the theatre is very difficult. I wish the Royal Court on the QM2 had been designed similar to those on the QE and QV.
  6. david,Mississauga

    Bringing alcohol on board

    Cunard has no restriction, despite what it says on their Website. They do reserve the right to enforce the limitation of one bottle of wine per person, but they also say they will do so only if necessary (or some such wording). Given the civilised clientele we have encountered, I have never known there to be a problem requiring any enforecement of limitations.
  7. david,Mississauga

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    When we have been in Princess Grill it was Pol Acker. According to a friend who was recently on board it still is. If you are a member of the Cunard World Club you may get two full bottles of it, as we did. (When we have been in Queens Grill it was real Champagne.)
  8. david,Mississauga

    Sept Isles. Why?

    Last year was the first year the QM2 called in Sept-Iles. We were expecting to call at Gaspé, but were notified of this change about three weeks before the voyage. I agree it is not a very interesting port. For each of the next two years Cunard is doing two of the NY-Québec-NY voyages and these will include Sept-Iles. The address by Mylène Paquette made it worthwhile. (I was pleased that she was not cut off after 45 minutes as most speakers are!) Afterwards I took a long walk through the city and the only thing of interest to me was the small maritime museum. By luck, Ms. Paquette was standing beside her boat and talking to people about her experience. Many of the people were from the QM2, so she was answering questions, providing even more information about her fascinating experience.
  9. david,Mississauga

    Cunard unveils 2020 itineraries

    We were on board the QM2 in late Sept./early Oct. last year and were prepared to book an Alaska cruise. Yoyo and her colleague explained to us that there will definitely be Alaska cruises, but the itineraries were still being tweaked. They weren't going to accept bookings until this was sorted. So we booked a future cruise deposit and booked the cruise when it became available. It appears there will be more of those Alaska cruises in 2020 than in 2019.
  10. david,Mississauga

    Notes from an 8/26/18 EB QM2 crossing

    All passengers are given an assigned table even if they don't ask for a specific size or sitting. It is my experience in Britannia that some people never come to dinner. In the past few years we have twice asked for a table for six and one couple never came to dinner. Some people just don't like main dining rooms and prefer the buffet or other alternatives. We have had better luck with a full table when we have requested a table for eight. When we have been in the Grills or the Club everyone has come to dinner every night with only a rare exception.
  11. david,Mississauga

    Notes from an 8/26/18 EB QM2 crossing

    I also would choose afternoon tea over the internet access. I am fortunate that I do not need the internet and would never pay for it. I sympathise with those for whom it is a necessity. The Cunard World Club provides it as a perk so I do use it - a glorified toy, one could say. Yes, it is very slow and occasionally, such as in some Norwegian fjords, it doesn't work at all. I would also sacrifice lunch for afternoon tea. Although now that we always dine late I have no reason to choose between lunch or tea. I can manage both.
  12. david,Mississauga

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    Back when we were taking cruises on P&O the standard drink measurement was described as "one-fifth of a gill" which I found out was one ounce. The prices were so low it did not seem extravagant to order a double. At that time the standard measurement in Canada was 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 ounces. Since then it has become a mere one ounce in most bars and hotels here. Although Canada is mostly metric there are some exceptions. I hope 25 ml. (.8 of an ounce) does not become standard as that amount barely covers the bottom of a glass :). Cunard's previous measurement of 1.5 ounces was fine with us. In Britain I noticed in first class on Virgin trains the complimentary spirits are in a miniature bottle of 50 ml. (1.6 ounces) which is described on the menu as a double portion, which obviously it is in Europe.
  13. david,Mississauga

    Rude and ill-mannered theatre goers

    I agree. "Mrs. David" sometimes has a reason to leave a theatre, etc., on short notice. Although it doesn't happen too often, it is less stressful to sit on the aisle or next to me. I get cramp in my long legs from time to time and, although I don’t leave my legs in the aisle, I sometimes have to stretch one leg for a few seconds. For these reasons we take two seats on the aisle. For an event with unassigned seating we go early to secure desirable seats. For theatre and opera we can book aisle seats in advance. It is rare we sit anywhere other than an aisle. Despite what another person posted, we smile and stand up to let others pass. The only time our smiles turn to scowls is when last-minute people – or worse, latecomers - ask us to move in so they can have our preferred seats.
  14. david,Mississauga

    Rude and ill-mannered theatre goers

    On our last crossing we noticed rudeness from people arriving early for a lecture in the Royal Court Theatre. We had attended Captain Wells' Sunday service and the moment he and the officers left the stage hundreds of people came through the two sets of doors. We couldn't get out without pushing against the "mob", which we were not going to do, so we just stood there, amused. (I know it was a popular topic and we would like to have attended the talk, but we had something else to do.) That reminded me of people who charge on to a train before the detraining passengers can get off.
  15. david,Mississauga

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    By luck I have some brochures from 1989, both in US $ and £. I must have picked up the latter on a visit to Britain. Comparisons can be difficult because the cheapest Queen's Grill cabins did not have a balcony, a butler or complimentary in-room bar. Also, in that era the basic fares included a "free" flight across the Atlantic in the opposite direction of the QE2 crossing. One-way fares without the air were available, but fares for this were usually available "on application." In the 1988 brochure there was an air allowance from most eastern U.S. and Canadian cities of between U.S.$ 450 and 550, so this may help make a comparison. The fares I quote are from the intermediate season rates; these were the most common crossings. The cheapest QG was US $4665, which according to an on-line calculator is equal to $9480 this year. The UK brochure quotes £2655 for the same category. The Bank of England calculator says this is equal to £6267 in 2017.