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  1. david,Mississauga

    Queen Mary 2 Deck 12

    One downside of the cabins on Deck 13 is the longer walk to the Club restaurant. The only stairway/lifts is the "A" unless the weather is fine and you can go out the aft end of this short deck and down to "B" etc. The easiest way entirely within the ship was to go down from "A" to one of the full length decks such as 10, 9, 8 and walk to "D" then down to Deck 2. I timed myself several times. The fastest I could do it from our cabin door to the restaurant was nine minutes. That was only if there were no slow-moving people impeding my dash along Deck 9, for example. Given how attractive the new cabins are on Deck 13 I wouldn't hesitate to book one again - if the fare was reasonable. Lately, the difference between basic Britannia and the Club is much higher than when we paid it.
  2. david,Mississauga

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    It is only relatively recently that any cruise line imposed restrictions on bringing aboard personal alcohol for consumption in one's quarters. When we stay in a hotel and want to "toast the Queen's health" no-one tells me what I can or cannot bring into our room. The same applies to bedrooms on our long-distance trains in Canada (and I am told also on Amtrak in the U.S.). Having said that, I do agree with the corkage fee being charged in restaurants and lounges.
  3. david,Mississauga

    Queen Mary 2 Deck 12

    We had one of those new cabins just a few weeks after they were first available for booking. We liked them for the same reasons as above. There were two other aspects which we appreciated: they are A2s, so a little cheaper than the A1s and there is nothing above to cause noise. There is a walkway on both sides above Deck 13, but they have thick rubber covering the metal deck and are frequently closed due to high winds.
  4. david,Mississauga

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    Last year for the first time I brought aboard something other than wine: a small bottle of gin purchased in Halifax. Security saw it and waved me through. At that time the notice on Cunard's Website mentioned the rule of one bottle of wine or Champagne per person but went on to say that rule will not be enforced unless necessary. I have heard of passengers bringing on board a case of their favourite scotch without any problem. Considering that P&O recently changed their generous policy I wouldn't be surprised if Cunard made similar changes.
  5. david,Mississauga

    Formal evening wear in Queens Grill restaurant

    In my experience in all four main restaurants, the majority of gents (up to 95%) will wear dinner jackets/tuxedos on formal nights. But no-one will look down their nose or make comments to or about a man who is wearing a dark suit as this is part of the definition of formal or gala as it is called these days. I have noticed a higher percentage of men wearing formal wear vs suits in the Grills than in Britannia on some voyages.
  6. david,Mississauga

    Concierge Lounge

    When we were on the QE in 2013 the PG was already being used for the overflow at tea-time. So I'm not surprised that tea is now served in the PG. We liked the décor better than either the concierge lounge or Grills lounge on the QM2 (look at the ceiling in photos of the Vista Queens) but I wish it was a lot bigger.
  7. david,Mississauga

    Advice please !!!

    Since my wife's knee replacements several years ago we have asked for assistance at airports. We have flown into Gatwick once and from Gatwick several times. The assistance provided was excellent. It puts Toronto's airport to shame. The time we arrived in Gatwick we (and several others) were met at the exit of the plane with wheelchairs. They were soon transferred to a large "buggy" and the staff insisted I ride it as well. We went into the lift and eventually into a glass-walled room in the huge customs hall. A very polite immigration officer came to us and stamped our passports and we were then taken to claim the luggage. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel as we always do. There are other hotels slightly closer to the arrivals hall (especially at the North Terminal) but a porter assisted us to the Hilton - about a five-minute walk from the South Terminal. As for getting from Gatwick to Southampton we have always used Smiths for Airports. If you go on the day of sailing you could take the Cunard coach connection. For some reason Cunard's transfers cost a lot more from Gatwick to Southampton than from the ship to Gatwick.
  8. david,Mississauga

    Zeroing Out

    Our first arrival by sea in the US was from the QE2 in New York in 1973. We have never been treated so rudely by everyone we encountered: the immigration officer, the customs officer who thoroughly searched our two suitcases (of course they have every right to do so, but they need not be rude about it) and even the luggage porter. It was over 40 years before we ever again disembarked a ship in the U.S., although we sailed transatlantic from New York many times. In 2016 and 2017 we went through immigration in Red Hook and I was pleased we were not treated rudely. The more recent occasion was a Québec - Southampton trip on which we were required to disembark in New York (after those passengers who were leaving the voyage) and wait until the authorities said we could re-embark. When we disembarked (without luggage) we noticed a huge queue. When I told the "screening person" that we were going right back on the ship she directed us to what appeared to be an express desk with a short queue. We rarely fly to Britain, but have always been treated with the utmost civility in the customs hall. The best way to arrive in England, of course, is on board the Queen Mary 2. The on-board inspection during the crossing is so civilised, as it was on the QE2. When we have arrived in England on ships of other lines the immigration officers boarded the ship immediately after arrival and processed people on board. There have been some westbound crossings of the QM2 which called in Halifax on the way to New York. We arranged to disembark in Halifax one time and were surprised that Canadians did not have to speak to an immigration/customs officer. The purser's staff did that for us. I wish there were more crossings like this.
  9. david,Mississauga

    Coffee/tea making in the cabin

    As a person who rarely drinks coffee, I am pleased that Cunard has put kettles in the staterooms. It is common for hotels in Canada and the US to provide only a coffee maker. Those who like a good "cuppa" are expected to make tea with the somewhat hot - not boiled - water from these contraptions which is truly disgusting.
  10. david,Mississauga

    Pan Pacific Vancouver: Which room category?

    Another advantage of booking early: if the rate goes up you are protected against the increase.
  11. david,Mississauga

    Cunard unveils 2020 itineraries

    Thank you, "bluemarble" for posting the information about 2020 cruises from Vancouver. In Canada we can't get any of that information. We cannot see the new Cunard U.S. site and, of course, we are not permitted to see anything on the U.K. site.
  12. david,Mississauga

    down loading the E tickets

    In addition to being asked to show the tickets at the priority queue, we have been asked three times to show them at the check-in desk. That was twice in Brooklyn and once in Southampton.
  13. david,Mississauga

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    Yes, it is because of specialty dining that the aft end of the narrow Kings Court extention is closed off during evenings. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the starboard side. It is not possible to get from "C" to "D" on that side because of the service area of the Grills Lounge. Of course, you can always do so on the open deck.
  14. david,Mississauga

    Pan Pacific Vancouver: Which room category?

    I have always done it on-line. (I was not impressed with their call centre when the representative denied that there was a CAA/AAA members discount which there was on-line.) I have made a new booking then cancelled the original one. The hotel now has a three-day cancellation requirement, but when the rate has dropped it has always been more than three days in advance.