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  1. Indeed, most ships allowed visitors in the 1970s - and many right up to the end of the century. We had our first Cunard voyage on the QE2 in 1973. Visitors were definitely not allowed. We were told that policy changed after the mid-Atlantic bomb scare in May of 1972. Visits to the bridge were also not allowed after that, although there were some exceptions. A friend was on the QE2 in 2002 (a Québec - NY voyage) and bridge visits were allowed whilst in Boston. On none of my Atlantic crossings were bridge or engine room visits permitted.
  2. That order is not absolute. There is some hope for it to end earlier. "The Government of Canada will continue to evaluate the situation and make changes as necessary to ensure the health and safety of all Canadians. Should the COVID-19 pandemic sufficiently improve to allow the resumption of these activities, the Minister of Transport has the ability to rescind the Interim Orders." Realistically, an announcement would be needed well in advance. No cruise line could resume sailings in October, for example, if the order was rescinded in September.
  3. When I last checked I saw that US/Canada voyage starts from Southampton on 24 Sept. Princess has cancelled voyages until after the 25th and P&O until after August or Sept. depending on the ship. Perhaps Cunard doesn't feel the urgency to cancel further ahead than the other two lines. I agree that for a variety of reasons it is unlikely to take place. I am booked on one segment of that four-segment trip, i.e. ex-Québec on 8 Oct. Our deposit was made with a FCD so we have no money tied up. That FCD expires the day after the QM2 is supposed to depart, so if the voyage is cancell
  4. When Cunard first started this nonsense of listing voyages to/from London I thought they should provide transportation between there and Southampton instead of charging us (Can.$48 most recently) for the coach transfer.
  5. The message we received from Cunard's U.S. office pertains to a one-way voyage from Québec to New York in October. At the moment, that voyage is not likely to happen because of the Canadian government ban on cruise ships that is in effect until Feb. of next year. That ban, as has been discussed in other threads, can be rescinded depending on the state of the pandemic. There are other concerns, of course, such as the opening of U.S. ports to cruise ships and the availability of travel insurance if government advisories are still in effect.
  6. My travel agent has been informed that we can dine with anyone we are travelling with, not just people in the same cabin. Cunard must be informed prior to embarkation as to the names of those who wish to dine together.
  7. This answer is not directly related to the question, but it may be of interest. We had a Princess Grill cabin on the QE Deck 6 port side and the door placement on the deck-plan was correct.
  8. My experience on the QE - and the QM2 - is the same. Most times the plans are correct, but there are errors. In 2019 we had cabin 4146 on the QE. The deck plan shows the door in the wrong corridor. There is a bend in the corridor at that location. It appears to be the same for other cabins which are in a similar location on other decks. It's a pity that ships' deck plans don't show the detail they used to. One could see the location of every bed, chair, night-table, sink, toilet etc. Admittedly this was more important when ships had a lot of quirky cabins and there could be various
  9. Good grief, you make it sound like the Canadian government is deliberately hurting people. These ports are Canadian and the government has every right - and responsibility - to protect Canadians. The rate of COVID-19 infection and the death rate in Canada are considerably less than many other countries, including the U.S. and the U.K. Remember, the ban on cruise ships is not absolute. There is the provision that it can be lifted earlier depending on the pandemic. I appreciate cruise lines can't wait an indefinite time to decide what to do with their ships in summer and autumn. Th
  10. If today's update by Cunard has been posted on this forum I haven't seen it and I apologise in advance if I missed it. (I know how upset some members get if something is inadvertently posted more than once.) https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/travel-health-advisories It appears 23 June is now the first available voyage. I note that the cruises calling at Canadian ports have not been cancelled, unlike those on Holland America and Princess.
  11. I can no longer log in to my October Québec-NY booking (M134) although I could a couple of weeks ago. This is not a good sign.
  12. I thought I had a better photo of the QE in this port, but this will have to do.
  13. My travel agent has the same information that is posted on Cunard's home page: new bookings have been suspended for the three Canada voyages but they are not cancelled. I am also booked from Québec in October and am not hopeful that the voyage can take place.
  14. I have again checked a voyage that I have booked and another one that I am thinking of booking. One of them mentions a reserved table in the Grills and Britannia Club and the other one says freedom dining.
  15. Although the booking system isn't working properly right now, I notice a change from yesterday. The term "freedom dining" is gone and the usual descriptions have been restored.
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