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  1. MCC retired

    Tipping cabin steward

    As a 1st timer you will surely be impressed with your cabin steward . Good does not rate an additional tip . Excellent is what is expected . $40 for a week is twice what I would do for Outstanding .
  2. MCC retired

    Onboard Booking Discount for Cunard?

    The Future Cruise will have a Reservation #. You give that # to your new TA . That is the actual Reservation # for your next cruise .
  3. MCC retired

    Onboard Booking Discount for Cunard?

    If you don’t wish the TA that booked you on the current cruise to be assigned your future booking ,you MUST uncheck the box on the Future Cruise purchase form that indicates you wish your future reservation to go to that cheapskate TA . Otherwise it may automatically go to that TA.
  4. MCC retired

    Upgrade Bid

    Have you looked @ your MyNcl acct ? I never received the email to bid but the invitation was there .
  5. MCC retired

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    Cunard Transfers are $40p/p to JFK , LGA or EWR . can be purchased onboard at the Shore Tours Desk . Good use for your OBC 😉 You will have plenty of time to kill at the airport with an evening flight .
  6. MCC retired

    What is cruise Night Coupon Books

    A Princess TA Cruise Night is actually a week long Sale that they may have several times per year . No representative required to be involved. Every new Princess booking is included . Almost always includes the $100 Deposit and Coupon Book . in addition they may add things like OBC , lower fare , and such goodies.
  7. MCC retired

    Tipping cabin steward

    Your cabin steward is expected to do a great job without a “bribe” for the gratuity that you are already being billed . If you feel he/she is going beyond , then certainly an addition tip is fine , perhaps $5 a per day , personally given on the last day?
  8. MCC retired

    What is cruise Night Coupon Books

    Yes you can give it away to anyone for that 1st night .
  9. MCC retired

    Complicated Question

    Your TA is really earning her comm. on this one . As a former TA myself I suppose the she is correct that the fare for the part time guests (if even permitted) will be for the entire cruise.
  10. MCC retired

    What is cruise Night Coupon Books

    From what you say here , the CN Coupon Book is little value to you and not everyone has an FCC , but that 2 for 1 on 1st night coupon will be appreciated by those , not in a suite . No it is not transferable to another night . There will be a coupon for a free bottle of water at a Specialty restaurant most any night .
  11. MCC retired

    Onboard Booking Discount for Cunard?

    It is the same rate or Sale Promo currently available that you get booking it shoreside . It is the Future Cruise OBC that you will receive by booking onboard that is the bonus . In the past I have seen things like Double the OBC for booking certain soft sailings but lately that has been rare. A good TA can discount those Cunard Rates and/or give you more OBC if you assign or transfer the Onboard Booking to your TA .
  12. MCC retired

    Cruise critic app

    No more App , big mistake ☹️
  13. MCC retired

    Cunard unveils 2020 itineraries

    My guess is that Alaska itineraries have so many ships from other cruise lines that cruise Alaska every summer , squeezing in the late comer, Cunard, to decent port times can be a challenge ?
  14. MCC retired


    All of the major cruise lines provide shampoo and conditioner in your cabin . Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. MCC retired

    First seating questions

    You chose Traditional Dining . Same dining room , same time , same table . That is Traditional Dining . What you are asking for is really Anytime Dining . Sent from my iPad using Forums