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  1. From another Forum re:Construction/Renovations Delays : https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Pandemic-foils-expected-big-year-for-ship-deliveries
  2. We are not Formal types but have just earned Diamond level on Cunard(15 sailings ) by just going with the flow when it comes to dress . Dark suit and a sport coat for me (never a tie when optional) nice dress's and pants suits for her . Never feel out of place . Daytime , anything goes .
  3. If you are challenging a Princess charge on your credit card , you may not be able to use that credit card with Princess for the time being . Use a different credit card next time with Princess . That should be alright . It is not personal.
  4. Any changes involving cost must go thru your TA . OP's sailing date is of the 16 Mardi Gras sailings that went to Sold Out overnight a couple months ago. Appears to be a capacity control that may or may not change before sailing. That being the case , OP will not be able to upgrade but hope for a complementary upgrade, at best, if the ship is indeed sailing at reduced capacity .
  5. Smaller ships with, promenade decks, that could visit smaller ports . Ocean views from all over the ship . Midnight buffets. Passenger lists. Drink prices that were actually lower than on land . $3 & $4 photos. You felt at sea (good or bad) . Bon Voyage Parties. Bridge Tours Trap shooting and golf driving off the stern.
  6. As a former TA, booking only cruises for 17+ years , this answer is 100% correct . TA's OBC does not just come from comm. rebate. Also any Agency booking a decent amount with a cruise line ,earns closer to 16% comm .
  7. I enjoy balcony cabins on todays cruise ships but would give it all up to return to the traditionlal cruise experience that was , back in the 70's/80's .
  8. Question for you UK posters? Who the heck was Queen Ann and why would she deserve recognition of name a ship after her ? I like Mauritania myself .
  9. Since Princess’s own reps recommend this procedure , feel free to take advantage . You get the benefits , they get the booking . Win , Win !
  10. General answer for most cruise lines . Forgot to mention rate codes for those that received an promo email .
  11. Rates and promo’s for Past Guest ,Resident , Seniors as well as Shareholder OBC , are just a few of the advantages of splitting up guests when booking.
  12. A Good TA and even many cruise line reps will suggest booking this way to earn the benefits . No harm done .
  13. I wish that the Travel Channel would return to shows on travel rather than endless Ghost Shows .
  14. As stated , you should receive A sign on your door , perhaps a balloon , a card in your cabin to give to your waiter or maitre’d for a small cake and song at Dinner on night of your choice. Any actual TA gift such as wine , notification of OBC , etc. will be delivered to your as a different card .
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