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  1. MCC retired

    NYC to Orlando to Port Canaveral

    Some cruise lines do give you a particular check in time in an effort to stagger the rush to board especially ,with the big mega ships . These staggered check in times are largely ignored . Just show up 4 or 5 hours before sailing ,and you should be fine.
  2. MCC retired

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    For those that do not wipe down , what do you do with that TV Remote Control (nasty) ?
  3. MCC retired

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    We do wipe down places in our cabin if only for piece of mind . We will be touching things in our cabin far more than other things around the ship.
  4. MCC retired

    Upcoming Speakers?

    Scroll down the lists to see 2019 but the farther out you look , the less accurate it will be this early.
  5. MCC retired

    Choice of staterooms on QM2

    A Good TA will also get you a better rate and/or amenities than booking in direct.
  6. MCC retired

    Upcoming Speakers?

    Very difficult to find but here it is: https://book.princess.com/BookingSystem/goToUrl.do?srcURL=marketing/cu/promotional/insights/index.jsp
  7. MCC retired

    Noro Virus

    It is this time of year , every year , nothing different . Happens in school systems all over the country but when it happens on a cruise ship it make the news. Poor hygiene habits
  8. MCC retired

    NYC to Orlando to Port Canaveral

    Can anyone who has done this see any problems with it re flight delays, shuttle delays, roadworks etc? All advice appreciated. Yes , all of the above concerns are valid . Fly in the day before as advised .
  9. MCC retired

    Upsell Offer Opinion Sought

    Not great but not bad for a 7 night , terrific for longer . Daylight and fresh air 👍
  10. MCC retired

    Dreaded sunbed reserving

    Depending on the cruise line , they all have their rules on this ugly part of warm weather cruising, they enforce the Chair Hog rules from slightly to non existent . If it really bothers you , take action .
  11. MCC retired

    Huge amount of $$$

    This OP needs one for sure . Not just an order taker by a real good Cruise Specialist very familiar with Princess . No need to book their next cruise once onboard , just purchase Future Cruise Certificates and decide at leisure without Onboard Sales pressure.
  12. MCC retired

    Huge amount of $$$

    Not a typical total expense at all ,very excessive. Look at current Princess Sale to adjust rate now. TA's are permitted to Discount Princess Rates upfront. Would you ever drink enough to make the Drink Pkg worth it (lots of off the ship time on an Alaska cruise) Shore tours may be excessive depending on what Tours . Specialty Restaurants $1000 ? Are you crazy ? There are other dining rooms. If you are Military or Carnival Corp Shareholder you can receive On Board Credits . Whomever sold OP this booking should be ashamed .
  13. MCC retired

    Next sale Feb 1

    Voyage List https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/PC_AllAboard!SaleVoyageList-12.31.18.pdf
  14. MCC retired

    Where to Get Morning Espresso on Queen Mary 2?

    I read somewhere here on CC , that Cunard has discontinued the Coffee Card in favor of a daily Beverage package for Coffee . Sad cost news indeed for most of us.
  15. MCC retired

    First time Cruise _please help!

    OP is well beyond Planning for their cruise . Must be ready to react when consulting a Good TA and seeing a good close in deal on a cruise that fits them. Caution that looking at Spring Break dates will result in more school age kids and college students.