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  1. Sorry to hear you did not realize there has been a Covid Epidemic and that Viking has no control over what countries dictate to them what to do. How blessed you were to be on a wonderful trip. I suggest you do exactly like you said… Save a lot of money and do it on your own. I have also been on River cruise to Paris in the last couple of months and absolutely knew that Viking would go with whatever that country told them to do. I enjoyed the trip immensely as Viking was accommodating and kind. I leave in November for a Greek isle cruise and also know I will need to be vaccinated before I get on their ship and respect whatever the country‘s rules are.. The best thing to do is be educated before you leave and know all the rules are fluid.
  2. My take on this, after traveling in August on a Viking River cruise.,but also after getting the information about needing a PCR test before my next ocean cruise in November is that Viking is requiring us until December 31 to get a PCR test within 72 hours before our flight leaves at our first destination. My understanding is they will then look at that PCR test before we are allowed to board the ship.
  3. I actually think that’s an interesting concept with what is going on in the travel industry today. From what I understand you can gift your vouchers to anyone. So why can’t someone else take your vouchers ?
  4. I just returned from a Viking River cruise, Paris to Normandy on September 5. I was so impressed with the way they handled the situation. We are scheduled now to travel on an ocean cruise in November with Viking and I feel very comfortable. Way to go Viking!
  5. Just returned on September 5th from Viking River, Paris to Normandy. We were tested daily and had no problems with it. Testing is required in the morning before leaving for a trip. I thought Viking did a wonderful job. No one tested positive on our trip.
  6. From what I understand now,a strong suggestion from Viking. Could change.
  7. I am on the Aug 29th Viking Paris to Normandy and I got the email recommendation to get the PCR. We have returned from Jamaica in the last month and we were required to have the PCR 72 hrs before travel. We made an appointment with CVS, went to drive thru for test and had it back n 24 hours. No problem at all. We plan on doing the same for Viking. Hopefully the same results.
  8. Thank you for posting. We leave in 15 days for Paris to Normandy on Viking. Got an email from Viking last night strongly suggesting the PCR test 72 hrs before flight. Also wondering about the France pass that is needed to enter all public venues. May be that our daily negative PcR test on board will be used.
  9. Got the email from Viking on our Aug 25th, 2021 Paris to Normandy. Changed to Aug 29. They offered a $250 per person onboard credit for the inconvenience. Also they sent a new flight itinerary for us. It worked out for us. Hopefully they let everyone know soon.
  10. We are booked on the Viking Kari Aug 25th Paris to Normandy sail. Last week it showed all Kari sailings booked thru season. As of yesterday Kari disappeared off web sight for 2021.I now cannot get into my Viking account as it says it is being updated. Also my flight went from ticketed to pending. I am expecting an email any time that my trip is canceled or moved to another ship.
  11. As of today when I looked at my August 25 Normandie cruise on the Viking KARI all rooms for that as all KARI cruises from August to December were booked. Makes me wonder if they are taking that particular long boat off the Schedule for 2021.
  12. You will love AMA. They were our first cruise also, Amsterdam to Budapest. You will see every kind of dress for dinner. The only night I saw more dressy was Captains dinner but even then some came dressed directly from tours. No issues. I found the River cruise delightfull and have now been on most of the European rivers on several different lines and enjoyed all of them .
  13. The CDC today announced that if you have been vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask indoors, there were a few exceptions. Great news for cruises!
  14. We also have been Celebrity cruisers for many years. I think about 15 or so cruises with them. We are now hooked on Viking and here is why with no particular order..,Easy on and off ship, food is much better to us, small elegant but simple intimate size, inclusive pricing, transfer with air is done well, awesome room service, never feels crowded, laundry room at no charge for those long trips, educational speakers, refrigerators in rooms that are restocked at no additional charge. I’m sure I could think of more but this is a good sampling.
  15. I should clarify. We loose our deposit no matter what if we do not rebook with Emerald .No option to get the deposit back. Future cruises are more than we paid by a $1000 per person. No, we have not had a problem with other cruises.... example being Viking which went through the same virus. We are rebooked and ready to go. No additional charges... actually got an air credit.
  16. We are booked on a Greek island cruise out of Athens in November and I am anticipating that it will sail.
  17. I think all of us agree it has been a long hard year and a half! I am so excited to see with vaccinations for travel the the world is opening! We can get there. Don’t let politics stop you from traveling.
  18. I will never travel with Emerald again, after the cancellation of our Doro cruise because of Covid, even with their compensation it would not cover traveling with them again in the same catagry. So many other reputable companies.
  19. I for one will be excited to start traveling in France for our August Cruise with Viking to Normandy with all of us having vaccine... God willing!
  20. French President Macron made a comment on a Sunday morning news program today that there is a plan to open Tourism in May to people who have been vaccinated, specifically mentioned the United States.Hopes for tourism this summer.
  21. Been blessed to be on many adventures over the years by ocean and river cruises. We have four cruises scheduled...one river and three ocean on Viking. An MD in the family with research and we are feeling good about future cruises. Happy to wear a mask and have the vaccine for cruises.
  22. We did this cruise with three days in St Petersburg. Loved it... one of our favorites. We did aqua and were pleased. Took the celebrity 3 day tour with small group in St Petersburg and they did a wonderful job... you will be exhausted. We were up and out if the ship by 6:30 day two and three. Enjoy!!
  23. Got my notice this morning and moved the voucher to April 2022. Ahh, Venice on the Spring.
  24. My account with the Feb cruise is also locked down. Hopefully, Viking will be advising us soon.
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