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  1. We did the Breakaway this past January with all the freebies. We loved the restaurant variety, the waterfront seating, the dueling pianos, there was sooo much to do.With the drink package it was great just to try a new drink and not feel obligated to finish it if I didn't really like it. (My grown son was on a mission to try as many drinks as he could. We walked him back to his studio room a few times.) We enjoyed the larger ship but we like our Carnival too. We are going on the Panorama for our 10th Anniversary next year. (Second marriage) You'll enjoy the Joy I'm sure.
  2. With the Horizon you're going to enjoy the privacy of the Havana Pool and area, not to mention a great suite. With the Pride, I'm guessing you're not going to be in a suite? Soooo, which do you want to do more? 14 days or the Havana? You can always do the other one another time, correct? Have fun trying to choose!
  3. Doesn't Bottomless Bubbles include juices?
  4. We ordered the filet a couple of nights on the Triumph a few years back. It was a little bit of a wait, but it was delicious!
  5. Similar dilemma, different airport. Ship arrives 9 AM (Panorama), but the only direct flights are in/out of LAX. There's a 12:43 pm flight or a 5:35 pm flight. I've heard stories of the problems getting through LAX and I don't think it will be possible. Just hate getting home so late. What do you think?
  6. Thank you Ine for this information.
  7. My first NCL cruise a few years ago had a lounge where they would check your carry on luggage and you could come back to get it when your cabin was ready. It was so nice not to have to drag my carry on around.
  8. If I am able to get FTTF for our Panorama cruise next year, I don't think I'm going to tell DH how much it costs.
  9. No cameras allowed on the BTFT. Price depends on the length of the cruise and newness of ship.
  10. Ahhh Grasshopper, you can stuff 9-10 t-shirts in that packing cube if you really try. Hahaha. and YES, I did try and did it! For me, it ended up taking less space to use the cubes. DH on the other hand, I could have put another 5- 6 items in each of his packing cubes. Guess I'll do his packing too next cruise.Anyway, this is what helped me. You do you.
  11. I had to go to guest services and ask for my pin the first cruise when I turned gold. Since then we've gotten them each cruise.
  12. Thank you for the Mardi Gras World tour. I live here and haven't been since my son was in grade school.Your review makes me want to go again!
  13. Don't you just love them! Doing a 12 day in 2021 and may have to try a few sample packings to fit everything!
  14. Now for my 2 cents. I thought about that folding method where everything is interlaced, nah not for me. I would have to unpack everything to get to the shirt I wanted in the middle. The rolling method I have done and liked, as well as the folding each piece neatly individually and stacking in the suitcase. That was ok too. Now, when I wanted to go on that last 10 day cruise with just a carry on...THAT took some packing skills. First, I made sure my clothing tops and bottoms were compatible, several tops could be worn with several pants or shorts. Secondly, making sure clothes could stay rolled up for a week and NOT come out like a wrinkled mess. That meant making choices of clothes that stay pretty much wrinkle free. Yep, no pressing anything. Third, I took my wise son's advice and tried rolling clothes in packing cubes. Now I could stuff some clothes in those things!! I found I preferred the medium size to the large size cubes. Large got too big and heavy. Medium cubes could hold all my slacks in one cube and a couple of shorts, all my tops in another and unmentionables, sleepwear, swimwear went in the other. Shoes were stuffed around the sides of the suitcase - one pair casual sandals and one pair a little nicer for dinner. Wore the tennis, jeans and my jacket to board. (we cruised in January) THEN I realized that the ship we were going on didn't have drawers, just shelves. I found some folding organizers at the dollar store so I could put those on the shelves for our change, and small things that might fall off. Actually really like having those. And I took along a folding hamper for dirty clothes to put in the closet. So glad I took that. Well, that's my advice. I'm really not a hack person either. Hope some of this might help when you cruise.
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