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  1. The virus isn't going away until we reach herd immunity. There are two ways to get there. One of those ways is a vaccine, which may or may not happen any time soon. The other is through people getting the virus. It will take a long time to get there at 5% positive rates, but eventually will happen if positive rates stay at 5%. I haven't tried to do the math to figure that one out, but my gut tells me that it will be quicker than a vaccine. Since the current 5% isn't overwhelming hospitals (and death rates are decreasing), it seems like we are on a good path. Heck, maybe opening up more and getting it closer to 10% would be manageable as well.
  2. Just curious if it is just the results of increased testing or if they are running into increased hospitilizations.
  3. I don't think you are correct, but if you are I have found my new hobby. Will just go to beach destinations where they aren't required. Looking forward to my HIlton Head trip this weekend and one to Pensacola at the end of July.
  4. Our refund posted this morning. At least part of it did. I am going to have to do some hunting as I know I used multiple cards to pay the cruise off at different times. I see about 2/3 of it posted to two different American Express cards this morning. I don't recall which card I used for the remaining portion or even when I paid it. I will wait until next week before I get too worried about it. I know when I canceled our drink packages, the refund showed up quicker on American Express than it did on Discover. And this refund was for the June 14th cruise that we just canceled two weeks ago.
  5. I think once antibody tests are readily available everywhere, we will realize that we are closer to herd immunity than most thought and probably took the wrong approach (by locking everything down instead of just protecting the vulnerable).
  6. Exactly. That sure doesn't sound like a vacation to me.
  7. Yeah, the original question confused me as well. I think we never get to 0 until we get true herd immunity. That will take some time. Until we get there, there will always be a risk of people with the virus that go undetected.
  8. What if we never get to zero? (I am beginning to believe that is very possible.)
  9. And what about everybody saying that the crowds over Memorial weekend in places like the Ozarks were going to cause huge spikes? So far, I have only seen one reported case of somebody who partied at the Ozarks. I know the media is busy on another topic right now, but enough of them would jump right back into covering covid if there was a spike caused by those crowds. We are getting close to 10 days now from those crowds, so I say chances are pretty good that there will be nothing coming from it.
  10. My family will be perfectly happy taking other types of vacations where masks aren't required. We just booked a trip to Hilton Head Island for the week in June where we were supposed to be on the Liberty of the Seas. We plan on cruising next summer, but if masks are required we will do another beach vacation where it isn't. The idea that they may be required is why I opted for a refund instead of FCC.
  11. Wasn't there one from the governor of New Jersey also? Plus the Michigan's mayor husband wanting to break the rules to get his boat out. And the Illinois governor's wife leaving the state. They just go on and on. Honestly, time to just open back up, protect the nursing homes and other vulnerable, keep an eye one the hospital capacity in areas and let this virus run its course.
  12. I don't have to stay in my basement. I have been able to go out and about freely and have yet to put on a mask (well I did for two minutes of a drywall project but quickly determined that I would rather breathe the dust than wear a mask). There are plenty of places in this country not requiring masks and those are the ones I will choose to travel to and spend my $ there.
  13. I don't have to deal with anything. I won't go any place that requires a mask. I will only make an exception for taking a short flight while the airlines are requiring it, but I will remove the mask frequently to take drinks. Other than that, if a mask is required I will do something else.
  14. This will be my last reply as obviously you are convinced everybody should wear a mask from here until eternity (there will always be a possibility of something contageous out there) at all times when anywhere near anybody else. But no, I don't. I always have a couple seconds at least where I can control the cough or sneeze to put down whatever I may be holding if I need to in order to cover it. They don't just happen without notice.
  15. I do. But I don't wear that spit on something up against my face.
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