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  1. It's be that way and getting worse each year for decades.
  2. Like others...no issues here using Chrome or Safari. That would seem to indicate something is unique about your setup/configuration as the possible hiccup source. It could be something as simple s needing to clean your browser cache.
  3. They're actually run on the same platform and have database sharing for certain features, such as status-reciprocation. Sorry...haven't experienced your reported issues ourselves..but no doubt that while the sites are a vast improvement from a year or more ago...they likely still have some flaws.
  4. Accurate and compelling summation. Sadly...forcing people to do the right things appears to be the only way to eliminate this serious medial event. To those snarky know-it-all non-conformists...perhaps a hefty fine and criminal record for their conscious actions will wake them up to a reality they choose to ignore. This is serious - life and death - and the time is overdue for every person in public without a mask to be punished as a potential contributor to the spreading.
  5. No real surprise. Between rebookings and pent up demand...they'll be fine as predicted months ago.
  6. Not really....bigger ship (Oasis class) with more parts, cabins, features, locations takes longer. No surprise there.
  7. Interesting that the sinking smelly city with sewage commonplace in the canals isn't part of the problem. Going there in July or August (hot days when the canals warm up) exposed just how bad things have gotten. Yes, the ships have caused some havoc there in recent times, but the city itself is rapidly declining in condition, rendering it a problem destination for tourists anyway. It's a shame...but reality is that going there 10 years ago and current times is a completely different experience (and not better).
  8. Looks like some folks won't be sailing for quite some time...no humor in that. So be it.
  9. It wouldn't come as a shock to some folks that the target date will get pushed back (again)...
  10. There are meetings virtually every day where this topic is being discussed in Miami...and plans being crafted and documentation being prepared. The final version is a work in progress publicly...but plenty of internal planning going on. Yes. I know someone who is involved in a couple of the meeting sessions on this topic.
  11. Apparently the entire cruise industry shares that “opinion” based on planed health measures upon resumption of cruising...
  12. It is apparently a struggle for a few cruise passenger candidates to understand the difference between wanting to wear a mask on a cruise (almost no one does) and needing to wear one for proactive health safety purposes. Want to or not...cruises, stores, airlines events, and other activities will likely require them for some time to come. Unless people choose to become hermits or else knowingly expose others to potential health risk...masks will be around in the forseeablw future.
  13. Not true. Masks are a preventative, not corrective measure. All the masks in the world won't help someone who has COVID (knowingly/asymptomatic) already...except to avoid spreading it further. If people get tested and cleared to board, and masks are required to some degree (such as public areas outside the cabin)...then it's only a preventative measure...with nominal risks.
  14. Those are not mutually exclusive topics.
  15. They all get date stamped (applications) upon arrival for FIFO processing. Those that have express processing are separated. This is not a new procedure. What is new is the loss of time and personnel doing the actual processing tasks.
  16. There sure are a lot of posts in this thread that assume the worst, prejudge things, and appear to include forecasting results before they happen. Usually you read that in a Las Vegas trip thread...but here we are hearing about potential cruise ship scenarios. Almost makes one want to buy a lottery ticket. In the mean time...if the right precautions are taken and enforced...there's no more risk for this to happen than going to your local Costco on a Saturday (where they require masks). Interesting that the Lake Michigan ferry ship has resumed in advance of the other co
  17. Easy Peasy... Like always....somebody solved the problem... http://blob:https://www.facebook.com/847a04bd-f488-412b-9359-146cb1876e97
  18. Actually Mr. Bayley has discussed the topic publicly, travel gent sites have also been informed of future mask policies, and Royal filing for a trademark name (SeaMask) is much more than a subtle hint. How the mask policy is eventually rolled out and enforced is still in flight, but thee are folks in Miami's HQ who already know the answers. It's still a process and policy in flight until cruises go back live...making this an active topic for discussion. It's always interesting to see certain posters advocating closing a thread whenever their views are met with agreemen
  19. Actually...not even close to the same universe of comparison...so of little value in this discussion. One could make the same claims about going to the moon...with the same level of non-relevancy.
  20. Some people don't get it the first 150 times...
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