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  1. Renewed mine recently and to be fair to them, i had my new passport 2 - 3 weeks after my application. I don't know if i was lucky or this is the norm. I did receive a couple of texts saying there may be delays, but both of us received our new passports no later than 3 weeks.
  2. I took a little trip to Scotland as my holiday for this year. Monday to Friday dodging the rain :) We really enjoyed it to be fair, we saw places that we wouldn't normally visit as we tend to chase the sunshine. I've missed my holidays so much this year I have even been looking at buying a second hand Caravan!!
  3. Jim / Wee County Man, many thanks, appreciate your comments. I'm prepared to walk away from my deposit (£500), just not sure if i had one of the lower deposit offers and they will sting me for extra cash, I paid £250 when i booked and £250 in April. I could kick myself on the holiday insurance, i am covered seperately from my wife, i took out a policy for her last year detailing all the treatments etc, it expired at the end of March and as we didn't think that we would be going anywhere, at least until the end of the year, i didn't renew the policy. She was covered at the time of booking though. Normally i would just give them a call and have a chat, see what options are open........................ yeah right :) thanks all
  4. Can I ask advice from everyone please? We are booked on a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean, I know it's months away but my wife had some cancer treatment last year and is still classed as vulnerable, she is quite rightly very nervous about flying or sailing until we find a vaccine or some sort of guarantee of safety. I have paid 2 x instalments towards the cruise, with the final payment due in September. If i cancel, would TUI allow me to transfer the money already paid on to a holiday in 2021? I am not sure if we had a special low cost deposit or not, so i'm not sure if i will get hit for the extra on my deposit as well. I really don't want to hand over £3K to TUI in September and then be wishing and hoping that the cruise is cancelled. I'm prepared to walk away from my deposit, but wondered if transferring to a holiday later on was an option or not. Thanks for your comments.
  5. We have a Christmas cruise booked on Explorer 2 in the Caribbean later this year. I had to pay the 2nd instalment on my deposit a couple of weeks ago to ensure we didn't lose the booking. God knows what to do if things don't change by the final payment due in September, i'm not sure i will feel comfortable handing over £3000 + to TUI on the promise of a credit note.
  6. Going to play devil's advocate here, it's no wonder nobody can get an answer, staff are being layed off or working from home. I'm currently working from home and i have to say it's not even remotely like working from the office. Everything is slower and very "clunky", if they are feeding phone calls through to the Customer Service reps at home, they must be getting driven mad by the shear scale of calls received. Think about how you are feeling cooped up at home under lockdown and then imagine the phone ringing all day, every day, as soon as you finish a call, it rings again. I can understand someone who is due to sail / fly in the next couple of weeks, but people are ringing about holidays later in the year or some that i have read that have booked next year!! Give things a chance to settle down, all of the holiday firms are in the same boat, they are a business very much in trouble because of the situation that we all find ourselves in. The world is in chaos and we are panicking about our next cruise, take a deep breath, thank your God that you can still take a holiday in the future when we get through this. Sorry to sound virtuous or whatever, but there are worse things happening out there right now.
  7. absolutely stunning St Petersburg, you will love it and be surprised how good it is. Is Talinn on the itinary? i loved the place, you must have a walk through the old town, it is beautiful.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Can anyone tell me if there is a Christmas mass / service on board at this time of year? Mrs Tony1878 goes to church and asked me if i could find out anything?
  9. Just booked Paradise Islands cruise for December 2020, including Christmas Day. Has anyone cruised over Christmas before? does it differ a lot from a "normal" cruise? It will be our 1st time in the Caribbean, what do you recommend regarding excursions? Do your own thing or book through the ship?
  10. My better half had treatment this time last year, we got a policy for months from World first for £120, which i thought was a great deal considering. We were absolutely honest on the form, she takes tablets for blood pressure etc and the Cancer treatment.
  11. Sorry it's taken awhile to post since my return. Unfortunately, i don't have good news, Corfu airport was as bad as ever. The inward journey was ok, very busy as you would expect, but we didn't take too long to clear our bags and transfer to the coaches. Coming back was the worst experience i have ever had in all the years i have been travelling. First problem - we had to queue outside for over an hour in 35 degrees second problem - 50 minute wait once we were inside the terminal as the baggage conveyors were not working third problem - another 40 minutes getting through security once we were through security, we were put on the plane immediately, no time for a drink or food or the shops. TUI really need to monitor this as i personally know people who won't touch Corfu because of the airport. Just in case you are yet to go on a cruise on the Discovery and you are worried by my comments, don't be............. this was one of the best cruises that i have been on, i loved the ship and staff, the food and atmosphere on board was terrific.
  12. We fly tomorrow morning, I will let you know in a couple of weeks how it goes
  13. I've used Jet 2 from Manchester about 4 x times in the last couple of years and have to say, i am really impressed. Good legroom, on time and the staff at the airports are excellent.
  14. Are there many children during the school holidays on board? I love kids, but i have been there and done that with my own, we normally go a bit later (Sept), but circumstances this year mean that we have to go in August. I sound like the child snatcher from Chitty Chitty bang bang, i love kids really (but i couldn't eat a full one)
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