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  1. Don’t leave the thread Avril, I have enjoyed reading your posts and humour especially as I a “Yorkshire lass” myself coming originally from Bradford ad my Grans family from South Kirby ( even though I live in Lancashire now dare I say it!!) Ignore any nasty insults and just focus on nice people who are here to contribute positive things and who support each other and keep each other company in these difficult times Michelle
  2. I know I posted earlier having a rant about our local Tesco Extra but I can’t wait to talk about all things cruising again and it all be lighthearted & no stressing from us all - it’s been a terrible 2020 but I am glad I found this forum to read every day Michelle
  3. Well I have just been to our local Tesco Extra to do a food shop and to say I am angry and disappointed is an understatement. It was very busy with people going in continuously. The sanitising station was set well back from the door with spray & hand gel available. About 95% of people were just walking straight past it!!! I couldn’t believe it, I just wanted to tell them to stop and sanitise their hands. A member of staff was stood inside welcoming people into the store so I had a word with him about someone been actually at the door checking everyone cleaned their hands. I was so angry
  4. Sorry to hear about your friends mum. Hope your niece isn’t too ill with Covid and that her chemo can start again soon Michelle
  5. She works for a British company that is ABTA bonded Michelle
  6. Ours too, she has dealt with four cancelled cruises and two cruises we have moved with no problems at all. She was recommended to me by a cruising friend, she is a British lady living in Spain Michelle
  7. Well Xmas is certainly going to be different this year!! We are a step-family with four children between us, two with children of their own all living in locations from Newcastle to Cambridge plus our own older parents. Decisions to be made as we would usually see them all at some point over Xmas. Luckily we have Facebook Portal which will help but can never replace cuddles and excitement of been together. Michelle
  8. I didn’t know what was classed as an upgrade/ downgrade so I just booked a cabin I knew was fine on the Eclipse. Should I try for an upgrade ? Michelle
  9. We had an E1 accessible infinite verandah/ balcony on Edge now got 2B accessible balcony on Silhouette. We stayed in exactly same cabin 2B on Eclipse and they were fine Michelle
  10. The cruise I booked on Edge has been changed to Silhouette and Edge now doing 7 night itineraries. I had grats & drinks included but if I want to change i have to pay an extra £380 as per their new pricing strategy - to change to an older ship!! . They are giving me $300 obc to compensate. Michelle
  11. I am fuming!! Just had an email from Celebrity cancelling my Feb 2022 cruise on Edge. Says on CC Edge now doing 7 night itineraries and ours was 10 nights. Have to decide before 1Dec either to rebook something else or get a refund. I will have to speak to my TA tomorrow Michelle
  12. Thank Graham. He went walking somewhere in Derbyshire Dales yesterday, a nice way to spend your Birthday, better than him going to work anyway Michelle
  13. Gosh there seems to be lots going on here on this forum today. Graham, glad you are feeling better and Avril, glad your daughter tested negative. Happy Birthday to everyone today, it’s my sons birthday as well, he is 32 today, I don’t feel old enough to have a son that old. Michelle
  14. Really sorry to hear that. Hope you only get a mild dose and feel better soon Michelle
  15. I think it is getting more popular with the younger generation for a couple of reasons. Their parents(ie our age group) are more likely to have cruised than the previous generation and talked of their wonderful experiences plus it is becoming more affordable. We took our daughter and grandchildren for the first time last year and they wanted to cruise again so we are on Iona July 2021. Michelle
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