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  1. We are just a bit further north than you in Lytham St Annes, hottest day here too, stayed indoors all day. Just been out for a walk with dogs now and it’s still really warm. An uncomfortable night ahead I guess Michelle
  2. No, but we don’t fly until end Feb 2022. When are you usually notified of your flight details? Michelle
  3. Hot here today, too hot to sit out in the garden. Dogs too hot as well, we bought them a gel mat to lay on to keep cool and put padding pool up for them, keep just standing them in the water to cool their paws and legs. Richard gone to play walking football, he will be roasting Take care everyone Michelle
  4. I don’t think I will be doing anything different either to what I have been doing continuing to wear a mask, washing hands, sanitising hands and shopping trolly and just been generally careful. Take care everyone Michelle
  5. A “pick me up” post from Kalos!!! Just what we all need on this far too hot Sunday morning. Too hot for me today, staying in the shade or indoors if we can. Need to pop to the shops but that’s ok as the car is cool. Going to order new floor tiles for the wet room too, the ones down currently are very smooth and dangerous as soon as they get wet so having some with more texture(is that the right word?) Take care everyone Michelle
  6. Morning everyone, hope you are all safe and well. It’s hot today!!! Just been out gardening with hubby but it’s too hot for me so I am inside in the shade. Going to do things indoors later like finding new tiles for bathroom floor and a trip to The Range/Dunelm or maybe Curry’s as we got a gift card and need a new sound bar. Whatever you’re doing have a lovely weekend Michelle
  7. Looks like you had lovely weather yesterday Graham, love the Lakes Michelle
  8. Looks like beans on toast for tea then for the next few months!!!
  9. Why not??? Life is for living and enjoying. It’s something to look forward to as well Michelle
  10. It’s a lovely day here with clear blue skies and unbroken sunshine, we have just sat out in the garden for lunch it’s so nice. Just been into St Annes this morning and had a coffee with my mum sat outside. There is a lovely coffee shop in Ashton Gardens with well spaced out tables. Taking Rosie (cavalier King Charles) to dog groomers soon, her haircut is more expensive than mine!!! Take care everyone and stay safe Michelle
  11. We are on Sky Princess next year as well with grandchildren, can’t wait!! I agree about needing something to look forward to Michelle
  12. Lovely to see you posing a morning pick me up again Kalos and on such a special day for England. Whether we win or lose it will be super exciting (of course I want us to win) the whole day. We will all always remember this day. Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe Michelle
  13. That just doesn’t seem right does it? You volunteer for something that will help everyone else then you are penalised for it. So sorry you can’t get on your cruise Michelle
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