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  1. I have been looking and it is very tempting to book but we have a Celebrity one booked for Caribbean Feb 22... Michelle
  2. Well it’s totally miserable weather here today raining heavily. Slow cooker is on for tea so I am organised for once!! Just been watching Wanted down under Revisited to get my fix of sunshine. Michelle
  3. Thanks Graham. It is a life changing illness but it’s a case of accepting it and finding different ways of doing things. There are a lot of people in a worse position both mentally/physically/ financially than me so I am thankful for the position I am in with a supportive family and lovely friends. And now I have found this forum I have more friends to talk to. Michelle
  4. I absolutely agree with that. I have secondary progressive MS, never in a million years did I think I would be retired on ill health at 50 years old. Luckily I was able to claim my pensions early but they are nothing in comparison to what I earned. However money isn’t everything and you just deal with it and manage. I feel for all the youngsters who are losing out on their education and have a worrying future ahead of them. Stay safe everyone Michelle
  5. That’s great information you have given about the cabin. I can’t use my left hand so the tight hand functionality will be helpful to me. Hope you get on your cruise in Feb 22, we are going then as well on Celebrity Silhouette(should have been Celebrity Edge but they changed the ship). Hopefully we will all be cruising soon but who knows what this virus will throw at us next Michelle
  6. I would like to see pictures too, I have 11514 booked for July Michelle
  7. Covid showing again what a terrible virus it is. So sad for everyone affected Michelle
  8. Sunny here at the moment, hubby just back from a walk on the beach with the dogs. Michelle
  9. Thank you for everything you do. Much appreciated, we are following the rules in our house Michelle
  10. That was the video my daughter sent me !! It’s about one mile from where she lives Michelle
  11. No snow here today just raining. My daughter has just sent me a video she was sent of a bus sliding down a hill sideways in the area where she lives(near Halifax) and sliding towards a car that is stuck. It looks like it managed to stop before hitting it. I hope it doesn’t snow too much around Whitley Bay as daughter in laws baby due Monday and she will need to be able to get to Hosp Stay safe everyone Michelle
  12. Hope so too!! We have three grandsons and two granddaughters already, Xmas is getting very expensive!! Michelle
  13. Fingers crossed he will feel better soon. My step son & daughter in law both had it over Xmas, it was a bit of a worry as she was 37 weeks pregnant. They are both ok now & baby is due next Monday Michelle
  14. Morning everyone, well it a beautiful sunny day here but cold. Even though it’s cold it makes me feel better, going to take the dogs out for a nice walk soon, they have been out once already but it was still dark then so sure they will enjoy the sun too. Have a nice day everyone Michelle
  15. Enjoy your cruise - magical words indeed!!! Hopefully soon Michelle
  16. Really cold here today but as I am sat having my coffee there is lots of blue sky coming over and the sun is coming out. Going to take dogs out after coffee. Lots of birds coming down to feed in the garden as well Michelle
  17. Went shopping to Booths for my mum this morning, it was very quiet and everyone been careful around each other. Roads around here seem to be much busier than in first lockdown. Marks and Spencers food hall have put a plastic tunnel outside for people to queue in. And some good news my mum has just been called for her vaccine, she is 86, so that’s a bit of a worry off my mind Michelle
  18. Cadbury’s cream eggs are my absolute favourite since childhood. No good for the waistline though!!! I should really avoid them, I don’t think any of my cruise dresses would feel comfortable at the moment, good thing I am not cruising anytime soon Michelle
  19. Think sausage, onions, gravy, mash potatoes, vegetables and Yorks puds or chilli, rice, naan & tacos. I will have to ask hubby which he fancies Michelle
  20. That is so nice, I have never heard of that before Michelle
  21. Sorry to hear that Graham. I am sure you will have lots of happy memories of your dad and hopefully can book a remembrance visit in the future. It’s three years ago this month since I lost my dad and it would have been his birthday 3 January so not a good month here either Michelle
  22. Morning everyone, so it looks like we will need to support and keep each other entertained for the foreseeable. Who could have predicted we would still be in this situation in 2021?? COVID-19 seemed something that was happening in China only back in March 2020 not something that would affect the UK. Take care and stay safe everyone Michelle
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