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  1. I would be there around 11am. The process at Vancouver is explained above. Yes, you will be clearing US Immigration and Customs at YVR.
  2. First of all, the best place to ask this is the Princess board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/119-princess-cruises/ Where it maybe discussed already. Is this in the next couple of days? There is this thread, here: That might be related. Knowing cruise lines make money the minute you get on board, I am sure they aren't doing it to somehow personally deprive you of your cruise experience. I am sure the reason is serious enough to warrant such a delay. I am sure they will still feed you...one way or another, and you won't lose any weight on your cruise.
  3. Flying from CDG to MIA non-stop will have an extra layer of security checks, but 1:40 is still an acceptable amount of time to make that connection, assuming, as mentioned, your flights are on one booking. You should NEVER assume "they will put you on the next flight". That assumes there are available seats on the next flight, which is a troublesome assumption. And just how many flights are there from CDG to MIA (on Air France, I assume) daily? Not a lot...maybe only one. Another very bad assumption...that, for example, Air France will put you on another, non-allied airline, the same day CDG-MIA.
  4. I agree with Keith1010, I wouldn't do it, for the reasons he states. Why intentionally put landmines in your route?
  5. If you look down the board, each of your ports are covered in great detail. You should also look at what the ship is offering, that will give you ideas on key sites. You shouldn't miss what interests you most.
  6. "Best" is a totally subjective opinion, and would depend upon what your interests are, which we don't know. What interests you?
  7. Unless it is a very late flight, you will clear US Immigration and Customs (two separate activities, Immigration being the more complicated and potentially troublesome activity) in Vancouver, and your flight to Chicago will be treated as a domestic flight. Thus you will not need to claim your bags in Chicago, they will be checked through to Nashville, unless you are changing airlines (and those airlines don't interline, like Southwest).
  8. Nobody is going to have that info, as it is proprietary. Many will guess, though.
  9. Our flight was before the work at SFO. No impact there. Returned yesterday BOS-SFO. Our flight was 15 minutes early.
  10. Looking into it...they run the 772 on that route pretty regularly now. Not when I originally booked the flight. But it was UA's new Polaris hard product. Liked it a lot.
  11. Just stayed at a pretty high end hotel. They put a $150/ day hold above the amount the room was costing. It happens in MANY locations.
  12. Don't recall one. But there is lots of stuff in the pantry. So if there isn't anything the cabin attendants can set up a supply of ice in the pantry for you.
  13. The better place for your research would be the portion of Cruise Critic devoted to MSC, located here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/49-msc-cruises/
  14. I would start by looking at what the cruise line offers. That would give you some ideas of sites to see. Then, some research on this board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/ for things others have done, or recommend, would be beneficial. Lastly, you should only do what interests you, not what anyone tells you is "must do".
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