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  1. Have a flight SFO-FCO in late May. Comfortable, particularly given the cancellation policies the airlines allow at time of booking.
  2. You may be correct AT THIS TIME. But a little research would reveal deaths is a stat that trails infections by about 3 or 4 weeks. So, the deaths from the booming, current number of infections in Texas, Florida and Arizona probably won't start showing up for another 10 days or two weeks. Hopefully they don't. But we won't really know for a while. Before you slam the "lamestream" media (which identifies your politics affecting your "facts",) you might want to view all the facts.
  3. Times in port are very important. The product you get on the other cruise lines will be essentially the same in the Med, so you know what you are getting. There is no one cruise line that is the "best" for everyone, or everything. Perhaps some reading of reviews of NCL will tell you if NCL provides what you want in a cruise line.
  4. Another "what if" question that nobody is going to know the answer to, because the possible circumstances have not been seen before, with the modifications that will be required. I know it is difficult to do our normal, pleasurable things, like planning vacations, with such uncertainty in our lives, but we are definitely not in "normal" times, by any stretch of the imagination. We just have to breath slowly, and wait for the changes to develop, be announced, and implemented. Easier written than practiced.
  5. And we now have seen just how subjective "too hot" is. Again, good reason to Google for the factual data and determine how that fits your personal definitions.
  6. Due to Azamara policy? Not due to airline policies...which range up to 360 days.
  7. We don't know what "too hot" means to you...it means different things to different people. I like hot weather, DW not so much. If you Google search a couple of your ports (for example, try "Athens May weather") you will get an idea of the temperature range at that time of the year in the area. And we have a Eastern Med cruise booked for late next May.
  8. Been to Germany several times. Only some out of the way, small family owned places might not take credit cards. Otherwise everyone does...Visa and Mastercard. AMEX less.
  9. The NBA and MLB have announced their modified schedules...they aren't canceling, at least at this point. I don't follow hockey, but I have heard they are working to start up.
  10. Hmmm...friend sent me a link out of an airline travel agency that indicates, while much of HAL won't sail until 2021, that Mexican Rivera is probably going to be open this Fall.
  11. Check over on the P&O board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/22-pampo-cruises-uk/ Big thread on refunds there. You will find more people with expertise there.
  12. Remember most cruises barely break even on cabin fares, when the ship is close to full. They make most of their profits on alcohol sales, gambling, trinkets (think pictures, for example) and excursions. So the amount needed to be made up when cutting capacity by a given amount may be a lot more than you think, because those fewer sold cabins are cutting critical foundation revenue, and are also fewer people spending in the profit centers.
  13. There are MANY threads here on refunds... You could also look on the Roll Call for your cruise, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/234-westerdam-roll-calls/
  14. Last I heard, the Javits Center was left assembled. HSNS Mercy is on the West Coast, thus a trip through the Canal would be required. Its top speed is 17 knots, so that is a week or more sailing. Why not use Comfort?
  15. California's positive test rate (5.6%, floating 7 day average) is NOWHERE near Florida, Texas and Arizona's...who are all above 17%...some above 20%. Those are crazy numbers. And California is doing 80K plus tests a day now, average...broke 100k tests yesterday for the first time. So, it's about positivity rate, not number of tests. California's hospital admittance and ICU bed commitment for Covid is still pretty low and steady...slightly increasing. Some areas of Arizona, Texas and Florida are nearing capacity in their ICUs.
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