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  1. CruiserBruce

    excursions and tipping?

    Yes, it is acceptable. There is no specific amount...tipping is individual and personal.
  2. CruiserBruce

    San Pedro priority line?

    I would be asking on the Princess board, as this is a policy and procedures issue specifically related to Princess.
  3. CruiserBruce

    Hawaii specialties during Christmas Week?

    You can expect lots of poinsettias. Signs saying "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian. 80 to 90% of everything will be open on Christmas. It will be the warmest Christmas weather you have ever experienced. Otherwise, perhaps a little lower key Christmas.
  4. CruiserBruce

    Sailing on the Koningsdam

    Not sure why this wasn't asked and researched on the HAL board.
  5. CruiserBruce

    Cannot book a Pinnacle Suite on any cruise

    Always best to go direct to the horse's mouth.... On the website, they may not be so generous with allowing booking to discourage people from booking the Pinnacles with a FCD, then canceling at the last minute. In other words, discouraging the dreamers and wannabes, and seeking the real players. As we stay in higher level suites at various hotels, we see this from time to time. We always stay in Neptunes on HAL, and have stayed in the Pinnacle Suites.
  6. CruiserBruce

    Sold Out Cruise Help

    Try a Google search for the particular cruise...name the ship and sailing date. See if any online agency states they have cabins for that cruise.
  7. CruiserBruce


    Overlord is a wonderful operation, and would highly recommend them. A little Google Map research would show the drive from Le Harve to Bayeaux (the center of the American beaches) is almost 3 hours each way. The British/Canadian beaches are closer to Le Harve. $400 for 10 hours is not expensive, by European standards.
  8. CruiserBruce

    10:30am MIA Flight

    Not recommended. And expensive. You MIGHT make it...what a great way to end your cruise...stressed by the rush to make your flight.
  9. CruiserBruce

    Sicily and Naples.

    It depends what you want to do...which you have given no indication of. Plus there are 4 or 5 possible ports in Sicily. Which one are you stopping at? Rome in Limo operates in both...they have a huge thread down the board, and are highly recommended here for good reason. They are a high quality outfit, and booking more than one trip with them gets you a discount, typically.
  10. A commonly recommended great source of info for questions like yours is sunny.org. Lists all the hotels in Ft Lauderdale and their amenities, like shuttles. I think there are only one or two that offer free shuttles. Uber/Lyft and taxis work just fine.
  11. CruiserBruce

    Shared ride late arrival

    You can contact any of the commonly recommended companies here...SAS, QLS, GoShuttle, etc, and ask, but generally if available, they will be limited, and more expensive. You are probably headed towards Uber/Lyft, or a cab. Or, as commonly recommended here, stay in Ft Lauderdale overnight, and shuttle to Miami the next day.
  12. CruiserBruce

    Summer 2020 sailings release dates?

    Europe 2020 came out a week or so ago. Alaska will be out shortly.
  13. The key is to set a couple of parameters, and give the group the info directing them to independent activities the rest of the time. For example, you could say dinner is every night at 6pm, and work to get your group seated in the same area in the M.D.R. every night. Then give as much info as possible about doing things independently each day. Don't plan, or give indications of group activities each or any day day unless you want to do a group event.
  14. CruiserBruce


    No, there IS NOT a "best side". The scenery is 360 degrees, you are NOT locked in your cabin, and there IS NO magic spot to see the scenery.
  15. CruiserBruce

    Hoping for upsell to Neptune suite, but hopes dashed

    I had hopes of winning the Mega Millions tonight...but, alas, no. You had, at best, slim chances.