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  1. If you look around, there are a number of threads with local transport...Cortrans being one. Check this thread, which was literally immediately below yours when I wrote this: Getting in at 6pm, you might consider staying at the airport area, and getting one of the shuttle operators to take you direct to the port the next day.
  2. I am sure he can help. But in another post he announced he was no longer employed.
  3. Not hugely friendly, but they have a balloon tired wheelchair for going on the beach to a cabana, for example. Otherwise you are sort of limited to some paths around the "town square" area.
  4. Probably because Cortrans is ramping up...not at full capacity yet.
  5. Do you remember the breakdown on percentages given to the cruise lines? The prior contract had the huge bulk of the total permits issued going to Princess, HAL, and a lessor share to NCL, totaling 80% combined for those 3 cruise lines.
  6. There are dozens of threads here on hotels. Just takes a little research. You are going at the Thanksgiving week period. Could be busy, driving up prices.
  7. The main downtown is a fairly short taxi ride...you could walk a good chunk of the area. You tender into part of the town.
  8. Totally personal preference. Do the one that interests you most.
  9. Well...sort of. The recent data indicates you get sicker, faster with Delta, so the "2-14 days" time frame may be shorter in Delta.
  10. It has a huge one...called the Atlantic Ocean, and the best sand you will probably ever walk on. 😁
  11. Would it be better to ask on the Princess board? I assume this is because there is no foreseeable opening for Australia at this point.
  12. There is NO fixed price taxis from the Port to the airport in FLL. There are signs at the major taxi pickup locations at each Terminal stating this. Its on the meter.
  13. Welcome to Critic Critic! For cruise line specific questions, check out the SilverSeas forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/108-silversea-cruises/ You could also Google search the deck plans for the ship, which should identify the cabin numbers.
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