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  1. There are many threads on car rental operations at Ft Lauderdale here. Some reading would be beneficial. For example, walking in the Port is typically NOT recommended, unless the target is Terminal 2/4. The distances can be great, it will be hot, and the Port is not walker friendly. A little Google map reading would reveal The Pier 66 location is physically the furthest, and probably the Alamo location is the closest, although an unusual Pier assignment (to Terminal 2/4) might bend that towards the Hilton. I believe all the near port car rental operations have shuttles, so a taxi would not likely to be needed.
  2. CruiserBruce

    Advice Needed Please

    Generally, the Caribbean will be calmer....BUT...seas can be rough anywhere, any time. And, the Bahamas, Princess Cay and Grand Turk are NOT in the Caribbean, they are actually in the Atlantic. The Atlantic is typically rougher than the Caribbean. Again, I use the words "generally" and "typically"... seas can be rough at any time.
  3. CruiserBruce

    Seattle Hotel

    A quick search reveals: and literally dozens of other threads.
  4. CruiserBruce

    Timing for flight leaving Rome (FCO)

    A 12:50 flight is fine. A little reading on the board would find the earliest recommended flight is 10:30. The ship's transfers will most likely be more expensive, but with your timing, you can do either method.
  5. The furnishings may, or may not be set up. Depends on cleaning, previous nights activities, couple other variables.
  6. CruiserBruce

    Uber/LYFT from MIA to Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina

    Use Uberestimate.com to get an idea. Uber will be cheaper in all cases. Many examples cited on here if you look around.
  7. The cabanas attendants are there 9-5, and those are the standard operating hours. However, you can frequently come in earlier or stay later, unless there is cleaning going on, or a special event. But there won't be any wait service outside of 9-5.
  8. CruiserBruce

    Civitavecchia pre-cruise hotel recommendations?

    A quick search finds: And several other threads, including the one cruisemom42 linked.
  9. CruiserBruce

    Changing ships in Fort Lauderdale

    This is discussed almost daily on the Florida Departures board, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ It is possible to walk between several of the Terminals, but not all. Taxi is a choice...be prepared to pay generously, as most cabs won't want to be taking a short ride like this.
  10. The weather and seas are discussed daily on the West Coast Departures and Hawaii boards. The others have given you good advice. It will be cool for the first 24-48 hours going over, and the alst 24-48 coming back. The seas are not predictable. They could be calm or rough, likely somewhere in between. We love the retreat cabanas. There are many threads discussing them. In your case, the first and last day the retreat might be too cool...otherwise, it should be fine. Do you have a specific question?
  11. I guess that would be up to the cruise line, which of course you don't specify. In a docked situation (as opposed to a tendering operation) have never heard of a time where the ship has a curfew. It seems to always be treated as a hotel...come and go as you please.
  12. CruiserBruce

    RC deluxe drink package question again.

    The website is having issues. The RCI board is still by far the best place for your research.
  13. CruiserBruce

    Norwegian Sun now all inclusive?

    Again...a free bar doesn't make it "all inclusive", it just makes it a free bar (which is, no doubt, nice). Are ALL meals included, or are there extra fee restaurants?
  14. CruiserBruce

    Booking seats

    The way each airline shows a seat is taken varies. On United if you are looking at a seat you are not in, but it is taken, it is grayed out and inactive. If it is taken by you, it has the number 1 in it (for the person on the booking). If I have booked my wife and I on a flight, the number one will be for my seat, the number 2 for my wife's.
  15. CruiserBruce

    Need Recent PORT VALET confirmation in SEATTLE

    Agree. You are asking out of season, so what might be happening in May is not known. The program has changed every year (for the better, from what I have seen). As you are going very early in the cruise season, you may have to be flexible.