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  1. As mentioned above, ALL HAL ships have one covered pool midships, and one open air pool, aft.
  2. Have rolled insurance over several times to newly booked cruises. But it's up to the insurance company. Did you book thru a TA? Ask them, or whomever you booked the insurance through.
  3. There will come a time when the cruise lines will be able to buy large numbers of doses on the open market, legally. It is now being predicted the US will possess more than enough vaccine doses to cover the eligible population (over 16, or 18 age, depending on the vaccine) by later July, or possibly August. There are now 700 million doses of approved vaccines on order for the US. Possibly 3 more vaccines to be approved...I believe these 3 unapproved vaccines represent another 3 or 400 million doses on order by the US alone. Keep in mind that subtracting the currently ineligible, the US has ab
  4. Carnival Cruise Lines doesn't have a large presence outside of the the US, but the other members of the Carnival Corporation have pretty significant, even large, operations outside of the US. There is a Princess Australia operation, with 3 ships, last I heard, for example. Costa is Italian. Aida is German. Holland America sails all over the world, at least pre Covid.
  5. What airline is requiring a test? Usually it's the country you are entering requiring the test. Check their specific requirements. I agree with the previous poster. Fly in a couple extra days, and a test at a recommended vendor. Your hotel, or the cruise line will have recommended vendors.
  6. I suspect the various insurance companies would not be supportive of intentional and pre-planned violations of law by Captains and cruise lines...no matter how trivial some on Cruise Critic feel the law might be.
  7. Canada has similar cabotage laws. They just don't apply to this situation.
  8. First of all, come over to the Cruise Air board here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/77-cruise-air/ because this is really about flying, not so much Amsterdam. Tons of expertise there. Second, a good, common way to look at comparative flights is Matrix ITA, here: https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ Covid has messed up flight schedules, but taking out Covid as best I can, an using Matrix, "practicing" on this coming August, it looks like Delta gives you a number of choices. Also American does a few. In general, I would p
  9. I can only go on my Hawaii experience, which has a similar requirement, but don't know exactly how similar it is. And probably nobody knows for sure now because not very many people are flying internationally right now. Again, based on my Hawaii experience, I would get one of the very rapid response tests 72 hours prior to your scheduled take off from your last US airport. You should get results within 20 or 30 minutes, and you print them off at home in plenty of time. For Hawaii, you then load the results into your account on the Hawaii website, but your printed copy w
  10. How many should they do in trials? The 30-40K is industry standard for Phase 3.
  11. The longer cruises aren't available until after Nov 1, 2021, when the current ban on longer cruises expires.
  12. It has been discussed here many times...and the few cruises that have operated in the last few months have all had this requirement.
  13. Due to it's special exemptions, it is very unlikely its going anywhere.
  14. Have taken a couple of repositioning cruises, although not on the route you mention. There are no port stops? Really? I suspect there are some, perhaps in some pretty interesting places...Iceland? Greenland? Canada? Anyway, MANY people here on Cruise Critic LOVE repo cruises, and the sea days they entail. But if sea days are not for you, then probably you shouldn't be going. Seas can be rough, smooth, or probably someplace in between, no matter where you are...in the middle of the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, you name it. Seas are not predictable until a few
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