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  1. 2 hours ago, Jevsy said:

    I've the complete lot sent by TA today

    I can wait until the morning if you dont want to say but is Britannia or Iona doing anything exciting in 2026... 


    I quite fancy the thought of going on Iona to Germany/Holland/Belgium if its doing that itinerary...

  2. @Coral


    You seem to be on the ball regarding itinerary launches...


    Any idea on when the next California launch is? specifically from Vancouver to California in Autumn (Fall / I'm British...) 2025...


    From experience its always after Alaska 2025 has launched... but when...


    Its Vancouver/California or a 2 week cruise in the Eastern Med with another cruiseline... both major bucketlist itineraries


    Thank you x



  3. 5 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    The entertainment here on Arvia has in my opinion been excellent.  I haven't seen anything even remotely not very good. The main theatre has to date offered excellent music including an international music star and West end musicians, a comedian, a juggler/comedian who dod very well on Britain's Got Talent and one very clever electronic show with the Headliners.   I couldn't fault any of that and am looking forward to more of the same in the coming week.  I've not heard one bad word about any act who have appeared in any venue which is a far cry from in the past.  

    @Megabear2 A lot has improved then since 2015 on Britannia 

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  4. I cruise with P&O because they go where I want to visit at a price I`m happy with


    Granted I havent cruise with P&O since 2015... My last cruise was in 2018 with Princess 


    Got 2x in 2024 (Britannia & Iona) and 1x in 2025 (Aurora)


    In my personal opinion, my only bug bear is the entertainment, not the headliners theatre company who are always brilliant but the other entertainment in the theatre... Has much improved since 2015?..

  5. @Coral

    Am I being stupid, I can see some 2024 California cruises,  just not the Vancouver/California one you showed us in your downloads.


    I'm after Ruby Princess 26th September 2024, Vancouver / California, visiting San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco


    I can see other cruises, some not on sale/ready to book yet


    I can see Ruby sailing Vancouver to Alaska and Hawaii but not California


    I'm in the UK so maybe with the time differences, they havent added Vancouver departures yet


    Cruisefan2012 x

  6. 1 minute ago, SarahHben said:

    As I said, I don't know if this is correct info, but the brochure I can see online has 3 itineraries for Iceland:

    22nd May '25 16 nights on Aurora

    Southampton / Skjolden / Alesund / Akureyri / Isafjordur / Grundarfjorour / Reykjavik (2 full Days) / Belfast / Southampton.


    27th June '25 pretty much the same as above but in reverse.


    1st August 21 nights on Arcadia

    Southampton / Glasgow / Grundarfjorour / Reykjavik (2 full Days) / Isafjordur /  Akureyri / Honningsvag / Lofoten Islands / Narvik / Kristiansund / Alesund / Southampton.


    There are various sail pasts as well.


    Sorry about any wrong spellings!

    Thank you x 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, SarahHben said:

    I couldn't sleep last night and ended up browsing  online for summer 2025 cruise itineraries. I found a link that seems to show P&O summer '25 itineraries, I don't know if it's genuine or not but I also found several mentions of release dates in April so not too far away. 


    If it is genuine it looks like the ships will stay in roughly the same areas as this summer and next,



    Could you have another look and see which ship/s are sailing up to Iceland, Which ports and when pleaseeeeeee, I would love you forever haha - thank you x

  8. 5 hours ago, SummmerInKefalonia said:

    P&O's 2025 summer itineraries have appeared on some TA sites.

    So they will probably launch soon on the official site too!


    Can you find out which ship/s are doing Iceland, what dates, where and when please?


    I have 2x cruises booked for 2024 and I`m eager to get my 2025 planned


    Thank you so much x

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  9. Seriously seriously debating a 2 week fly med cruise on Azura in 2024.

    Fantastic itinerary, never been to any of those ports before so ALL NEW for me.

    Been on Azura before so know the ship / layout etc.


    Will be flying from Birmingham to Malta 

    Is the flights on TUI or Jet2? 

    What time/s do the flights leave from Birmingham to Malta?

    What time/s do the flights leave from Malta back to Birmingham?


    Thank you 



  10. I havent booked anything in this brochure release, only because I prefer the Summer release as I like to book and then plan my holiday etc and thats my up too 2 weeks off for my "holiday" and i can plan the rest of my year around it 

  11. Apologies first off if I`ve got the wrong person, I dont come to CC as often as I used too so... Not 100% ive got the right person......


    As our contact on the inside........... do you think P&O Cruises will ever send the beautiful Britannia up too Iceland? Summer 2025 ?................


    I was due to go on Aurora in 2020 but covid put paid to that....... gutted as I got a REALLY good deal, itinerary was brilliant aswell 


    I do ask every time I ring up too talk to somebody about a cruise etc..........

  12. The Virgin Voyages ships are truly ugly looking ships... No amount of money would get me on one of those ships.......


    I`m a huge fan of Britannia and think that she is a very good looking ship - Well Britannia and the Princess Cruises "Royal Class" fleet....

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