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  1. If you look on guv.uk red countries there is a section on cruise,trains and other basically if your on a cruise and no new passengers get on its ok, you’ll have to make your mind up how its interpreted as it is complicated
  2. We’re booked on the 2nd to the 23 of January 2022 and from the uk. 2 of the ports are on the red list for the uk. As the protocol is changing daily we will be looking at the 5th,12, and 19th of December sailings before making a decision.
  3. Also when you arrive at Larnaca airport make sure you get your bus number before leaving the terminal. Just a heads up all food and drinks including water are pay only for a 4-5 hour flight and very expensive so suggest getting your needs in the terminal.
  4. Just looked in the diamonds,diamonds + pinnacles chats & their are photos of the machine & pods if this helps
  5. We had this coffee machine in a Js on jewel 2 types of coffee pods 2 cafe crem & 2 espresso and refilled twice a day , the size approximately at the large end 40mm
  6. Carolec we booked a 2 day randox home kit 43£ pp as soon as you book and pay they send you randox number and you put this in the locator, remember to imput uppercase as is on the email they say it takes 2to 4 days to receive kits but they arrived on the second day by currier and email when he or she is on the way
  7. Carolec royal give you an option 2 days before disembark a antigen test if live or staying in Cyprus or a pcr if returning to the uk we had the pcr test but there is no number on the paperwork so we booked a test kit with randox at the airport which you can book before you leave the uk,because when you request the uk flight locator it has a number to quote of pcr test , leave yourself at least 30 minutes per person to fill in online,I don’t know how early you can do the locator as we didn’t know until we reached Larnaca airport. We have been on many royal cruises and this ship ticks all the boxes food,crew cleanliness,hope this helps if you want anymore info just ask
  8. We got off jewel on last Saturday the cruise was terrific crew,food,hospitality immaculate clean ship ,but chaos in the airport to get to transfer bus’s,went to the bus only to be told go back to the terminal to get the bus number all the kiosk had avatars not royal.once in the port terminal every thing very well organised checkin,health screen,visual muster whilst waiting for your antigen results.as said earlier Great cruise can get off every port.the problems started at airport to return home you need to book a 2 day pcr test & uk flight locator before they will allow you to book in .happy to answer any questions.
  9. Baron did you have to take a test 2 days after returning or did the the one leaving the ship suffice. Thanks
  10. Can anyone in Js still access coastal kitchen for dinner with the new protocols. Thanks
  11. If you booked through a travel agent get them to ring royal we did and it was in the documents within the hour, you cannot download from the app you’ll have go into your bookings , if that helps
  12. On luggage tags we’re on jewel later this month we received the set sail booklet this morning including luggage tags check your documents
  13. Little Britain, any Brits onboard at the moment, how did you manage to get insurance and travel against FCDO directive
  14. If royal are happy to go down the road of everything done in applications they must have done their homework and expect lots seniors who will not go down that pathway and will find other ways of spending their hard earned dollars
  15. Little Britain, royal said on their e Mail all guests most register for the complementary antigen test to be taken before boarding in Limassol and have be negative to be allowed to board . I know it’s different from the anthem protocols just cannot understand the inconsistency
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