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  1. I think if that happened to me I would be seeking to claim compensation. You have now put the fear of death into me, all other cruises I have been on have been great, or at least great at making sure the food was gluten free, all be it on Costa it was mostly very very poor, even the pasta was just a bowl of mush!) you get what you pay for or at least hope you do. But sadly not in your case. We are booked on Azura in Oct. We were already thinking of canceling (or moving cruise into 25) as I am very immunocompromised and had hoped to have had Evusheld 2 (I don't produce my own antibodies after vaccines so have no covid protection) ahead of this cruise but I was over optimistic and that now seems very unlikely. Hopefully by 2025
  2. Did she manage to get fresh lactose free dairy milk or was it a non dairy version. I can't have some of the other non dairy ones due to other allergies/celiac. And I cant stand soya milk, so much so that on our last holiday I worked out I can take black coffee lol.
  3. I am a bit late with this help, sorry! But the best thing for sore throat is fresh pineapple, there is an enzyme Bromelain which reduces pain and swelling (the enzyme is now used pre and post nasal and throat surgery in the EU). Also the acidity "eats" into the throat tissue and kills bacteria. It is still my goto as soon as any of us get a hint of a sore throat. I have tried just the juice, but for us, it is not nearly as effective as fresh pineapple (although several research papers claim it is). There are lots of clinical trials on this enzyme and it shows positive results for many health issues - including blood clots TIA's and tumors at the moment there is a study underway looking at it's effect on COVID cell response. I still read all this stuff even though I am retired (old habits and all that lol)
  4. Yip they were called out to my daughter on a school trip on the Hull crossing. In the end she didn't get airlifted as a Dr was found (passenger) who could administer strong pain meds until they got her to land. As a result later she ended up having to have her whole knee reconstructed including ligament & bone grafts held by screws and 9 months no weight bearing until grafts took. Would not like to have been in the position of paying for that abroad.
  5. Can I ask a further question on this. We are dong a back to back from Malta but it is booked as the one cruise. On the change over day can we take on an additional allowance amount of wine/alcohol
  6. Very sorry for your loss. I agree that this seems very harsh under the circumstances, they will not loose any money by issuing a refund for this so far in advance of the sailing. Yes it is in the terms etc, but some companies are just more understanding than others. For example I took very ill a few years ago, we knew there was no chance of traveling (or even getting out of hospital) withing the next 6 months. I had 2 holidays booked 1. TUI holiday for 2, 2nd. had 6 easyjet return flights and accommodation separately. I have to say both companies where excellent to deal with. My husband just had to fill in a form emailed to him explaining the issue (dr and hospital numbers given) and both companies issued vouchers to the full cost of the holiday/flights. The outcome is that if we are flying short haul I now try and book easyjet as they treated us so well, as do the rest of the family who were meant to travel with us. Since recovering I have used both TUI and easyjet more regularly than I would have planned to do. I think P&O and companies with no compassion probably loose more than they gain by not going the extra mile when a customer is facing very difficult times.
  7. My next P&O cruise on a superior deluxe balcony 15N on azura £4400 next year is almost double what I paid for infinite veranda on celebrity edge £2275 12N. Beginning to think I have totally over paid. 🤔. I thought the service etc would be roughly equivalent🫣
  8. Ok I phoned and added a flights on when the suddenly became available . Well at least I thought I did. My itinerary now only mentions a flight on the way out (and if click on it it says details not yet available). On the last day in the itinerary it has the transfers to the airport but no mention of a flight. Is this normal or has the flight just been added to the outward part and we have to book our own return
  9. thanks Carlanthony, do the send you in and out of the same airport or can I end up flying out of Stansted back into Heathrow
  10. I was very lucky and managed to add flights to my previous cruise only P&O malta to tenerife cruise ( no flights left when we booked). But the agent (direct with P &O,) was unable to tell us anything about the flights, even which London airport they are from. There were only 2 spaces so we just grabed them. We need to travel from Scotland so will need to book an overnight hotel along with car parking or train/flights down. When will this info become available?
  11. Update in case anyone finds this info useful in the future. I kept checking the booking page and flights became available today. I phoned and after on hold for about 40mins someone answered and the were able to add the flights and transfers at no extra cost. She said only 2 seats had become available so it must have been a cancellation
  12. I have cabin D724 for our next cruise there was very little other choice except a little more mid ship but on the other side which from reading on here is the smoking side, so I avoided them. What I would like to know is there any noise issues from the night club 2 floors below . Or from the laundry directly opposite the cabin next to us. Thank you for any advice
  13. It was a bit of a disaster this morning. Somehow I manged to book the wrong cruise with flights on line only realised when the invoice was sent to my email. Immediately phone P&O and the helped move the booking to the cruise I actually wanted but there were no flights for it left. I would probably not have booked in that situation but really had to to avoid loosing deposit. No idea how I was so stupid! Yes if I can't get on the same flights as the ship are using I do plan on going a few days early
  14. I am willing to travel to any airport but Edinburgh or Manchester would be best. But I would like to be on one of the flights P&O will be using as at least if something goes wrong their will be staff about to assist them and we could tag along
  15. There were unfortunately no flights left when we booked our cruise today. So I plan to try book on the same airlines as P&O have used (if this is possible and it is not just charter flights) so to keep myself right on possible delays or cancelations. So if anyone can tell me which flights they are booked on for this it would be really helpful
  16. There were unfortunately no flights left when we booked our cruise today. But the price was kept the same as that of the cruise and flight. Do more flights ever get made available and if so can we add them in later.
  17. Hi just booked Azura for next year, hoping it is better than some of the recent reviews 🤔. What I am trying to find out is what should be worn in the MDR in normal nights. My husband usually wears a casual shirt and trousers but does he need a jacket too. On the formal nights is a normal suit and tie OK or does it have to be black tie. As a Scot that would mean full kilt stuff which weighs a lot. There were no flights left so we are having to book them ourself and the luggage cost adds up if extra bags required. Also how many formal nights are there on a back to back 7n cruise then a 9n repositioning cruise. Thanks for any help as this is our first rodeo with P&O
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