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  1. that's a fair overall pictures but to give you the other side of this. My 23yr old daughter got the AZ yesterday morning. She is over 6ft tall due to a genetic condition (I am 5 4") the same condition means she has had to be on the pill since 16 to try and save her ovaries . So she already has 2 raised flags for clots that she can do nothing about. In addition she got the vaccine as a carer. She is looking after the grans as I and my husband are in complete shielding due to my treatment for leukemia so haven't been able to look after and help our mums ( in their 70 & 80's )out. Our eldest daughter is also in shielding as is TD1 with a genetic Kidney issue so couldn't help either. So the youngest got her vaccine hrs before they were stopped for her age group. For this age they were described in the slides yesterday - less than zero benefit for her. So I am nervous even although I am a research scientist (or should say was until ill) pro vax and can easily work out the statistical risk for that age bracket against other events. But because of my health she has stepped up so that adds to my nervousness. Also I am her mum so it's my job to worry lol Next is stats. I have had Transverse Myelitis twice, had to learn to walk all over again - twice! followed a few years later by a very aggressive form of Leukemia (given almost zero chance of survival) there is more chance I could have one the lottery 4 times than those happening - that's stats for you! Or the way I like to see it, statistically I am a miracle as there is an almost zero chance I should still be here.... but 3 yrs on here I am lol
  2. autoimmune conditions themselves can also impact blood results including CFR, LFTs white cell count (esp lymphocytes), vit D and folic acid levels and in extreme cases depending on previous treatments ferritin too. Any infection, vaccine or even medications can also impact some blood results.
  3. here is the info for how this can be detected guidance-version-07-on-mngmt-of-thrombosis-with-thrombocytopenia-occurring-after-c-19-vaccine_20210330_.pdf (b-s-h.org.uk)
  4. They already do that. We met a local Scottish girl (the town next to ours) on Celebrity edge and were amazed that her wages were more than she had earned for equiv bar work in Glasgow, plus food and accommodation. She was loving seeing the world after graduating before deciding her next carer move. - That was the 2 weeks before the pandemic hit 😥
  5. for those that know the area, do you remember a hand made tile place we bought some on our 10th wedding anniversary but one got damaged in a house move. When were back last year 19 yrs later bust couldn't find were it was. Would love to trace the artist and get the broken tile redone. considering it was in about 30 tiny pieces my husband made quite a good job.
  6. LOL It never closes. As a treat after recovering from 7 months in hospital undergoing Leukemia treatment my husband got us an apartment overlooking the Rialto bridge. The upper one with the 3 green blinds- Amazing week there as I could just sit on the balcony and watch the world go by and do little strolls when I was up to it. One night I couldn't sleep so went out onto the balcony at 3am (out of season in May) and there were still hoard of people on the bridge. I even saw 1 tour group at 5.00am guide with flag in hand - 5am to 6am was the most amazing time of the day watching the city wake up and the cafes opposite open up
  7. over on the other side of Scotland we all got our dates by text or were phoned to come to the surgery. We don't have big vax centers near us we live in very small towns/ villages. So was a call for me & my husband and a text for my mum and daughter. MIL was a call from health board. all of us got called to get vax'd next working day. No paper work at all. In fact my MIL wasn't even sure which vax she had been given no-one said. My other daughter and future SIL got the letters but they live in Glasgow.
  8. Although I don't disagree with the fact they are companies with shareholders thus need to make a profit, I do think people forget how much money it takes to bring a drug to market. I worked for one of the biggest drug companies and in research and development in the UK we had >5000 staff on site. For that number of people working, in my 20 yrs there we got 5 drugs from initial target to on the market. That doesn't include the people working on site running trials or those in the manufacturing process after approval which was undertaken elsewhere.
  9. I don't think this requirement will chance until after Septembers boosters have been given out. Then I expect things to relax a bit for 2022
  10. for some of us 2 doses of the vaccine and even the 3rd booster in the summer is unlikely to give us much, if any, protection. However, most of us in that position know this (Any one who has had a leukemia in the past or some other blood cancers along with anyone who has had a transplant are in this situation) Initial studies show 13% efficacy dropping over time to 8% Some other autoimmune disorders including T1D & Lupus) are also now looking like they don't respond to the vaccines as well studies showing the 35-65% efficacy depending on age and condition, all be it better than the first groups I mentioned). We are waiting the next study "Octave" for more info. And there is work ongoing on an antibody vaccine which if it works will be a 6 monthly booster for people in my position. But testing will not be complete until end of 21 early 22. The only solution is we will have to adapt out behaviour accordingly, My consultants have still got me in shielding until they say otherwise, hopefully by end of May. We just bought a brand new caravan (as not allowed near any mold risk so couldn't risk a 2nd hand one) and are now looking at cruises again in 2023. The same risk analysis will apply to hotels and indoor dining one I am freed from shielding.
  11. what is used for other countries that require proof of vaccine - yellow fever etc. A doctors letter seems the easiest thing in the world to forge. surely it can't be that? On saying that that's what we used to carry about for my daughter when insulin pumps first came out to show she could not go through an airport scanner and to explain carrying needles.
  12. Are you in Scotland if so there is no intension to add any further info. This is all it is going to do for the foreseeable future. Also no cards given out at vaccinations to anyone I know (covering many areas of Scotland). No idea how we will prove vaccination except with a doctors letter at £50 to us and driving the GP surgery bonkers for requests.
  13. There is no shortage of the vaccine here at the moment, the reasoning is to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Yesterday they got 844,285 shots done. And now more than half of the Adult population has had at least 1 vaccine shot
  14. The UK is doing a max of 12 weeks between shots. On average about 9-10 weeks. For the majority of people this is optimal as their vaccine is AZ one and has better efficacy with an 8-12 weeks lag as expected for a AD based vaccine. However, with Pfizer this is outside the manufactures recommended lag so it is a bit of a leap of faith.
  15. So far I don't know anyone in Scotland with a card of any sort. 14 in my direct family from all different areas in Scotland - all either got a letter or phone call to attend and on the day no cards just a booklet re what to expect.
  16. We can request a copy but not online. This won't actually affect me directly (I was just posting to show there is an issue for some re proof). It will be a while before I can cruise again (Unfortunately I am one of the people the vaccine is unlikely to work on) I need to wait for the next phase of vaccines, the antibody vaccine, which is undergoing trials at the minute but won't be available until oct at the earliest. Even then I am not sure I will get the docs OK to cruise again until at EU is out of all of this. Then who knows what my insurance will be - It was £390 for 2 weeks worldwide with a £500 excess for any claim related to my know conditions 😲 I am just on the forum to plan ahead for late 2022 or early 2023. I just need another cruise to focus on lol
  17. Got the Celebrity email in Scotland - we don't have any proof of Vaccination at all. We just get either a letter or a phone call to go get it. I only had the phone call. So not sure how we can provide proof, The doctors have made it clear they do not want to be writing individual letters for each person wrt travel re vax status. But as yet no resolution.
  18. Yes I can order repeat prescriptions and books doctors appointments. But it does not link to health any other health data.
  19. There was no phone reception in my room 😬
  20. I was in for 7 months in a room on my own. I would have gone mad without WIFI, Meant I could stay in contact with m family. Visits were very very restricted as I too ill.
  21. Agreed - I was just pointing out the heard immunity protection theory can't be applied to the ship until the crew are vaccinated. As it will get on board no matter what precautions are taken but if everyone including the crew were vaccinated this would be less of an issue than it has the potential to become with an unvaccinated crew.
  22. That won't really work if someone brings the virus onboard. testing has inbuilt flaws for this. PCR more accurate - but needs to be done days ahead thus there is a gap where virus could be picked up between test and boarding LFT - could be done at boarding but not accurate enough to protect a ship
  23. That could apply but the crew would need to be vaccinated, as yet I have heard that that is not the case
  24. And many people will not even know that they have some underlying health condition that could impact effectiveness. Here is the latest data for effectiveness for some conditions Blood cancers (even in remission) 13% after 28 days vax 1 falls to 8% if vax delayed (2nd vax seemed to suggest a vast improvement but worry is that the delay 2nd vax will not work for many in this cohort (for people like me No lymphocytes any of todays vaccines are very unlikely to work. We await the next type in trial at the moment that will involve actually giving us antibodies. The aim for this type is Autumn. Solid cancers 35% falls to 30% effectiveness. Other autoimmune (lupus etc) 25-35 %. A larger study is now underway Octave Study. I am part of this one. Another unrelated study has shown that sever disease is also still more likely in diabetics ( I only got the summary of the study and it did not separate out the different types of diabetes) even after 2nd vaccine
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