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  1. Mura

    Speciality dining on Insignia

    I'm guessing the reference was to La Reserve and Privee, which of course are NOT on the "R" ships. Mura
  2. Just what do you mean by "the female singer was pitchy"? I'm guessing you meant she sang "off-pitch", which would drive me (as a singer myself) crazy. The few times we've been in Horizons when there was a singer/band, I was impressed with their performances (not necessarily on Riviera, I mean on all the ships) -- and I'm a classical singer. Enjoyed your review! Mura
  3. Mura

    Speciality dining on Insignia

    Further to what Lyn said, whether you can get additional reservations can depend on how many of the other passengers also want additional reservations! On most cruises you CAN get them, but not necessarily at the times you want or the table size you want. Be flexible and it can happen. There is a place on board to ask about extras. They do NOT sell out the entire cruise just with online reservations because so many of the passengers don't realize that with a computer you can do so. We happen to like the GDR just as well as specialties, but I've known some to avoid the GDR at all costs. What floats your boat? There are more options in terms of courses in the GDR and the menu changes daily whereas the specialty restaurants have set menus. Mura
  4. I just loved this photo. It reminded me of one I took at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club in August 1987 of a stork reading a board that said something like "Birds in the Park". Not that it is anything like the beautiful photo above. Took me a long time to find such an old one ...now I have to see if I can upload it! Looks like it worked ... Mura
  5. Mura

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    I hope it does (because we are very loyal fans) BUT I hope you don't come with too many expectations. Sometimes that will guarantee disappointment. I get the feeling that you know that already. We haven't been on any Viking Ocean cruises although we've done three of their river boat cruises. The last one was disappointing and so we haven't returned. From what I have read, we probably WOULD enjoy a Viking Ocean cruise. My cousin has taken two Viking Ocean cruises so clearly she and her husband were very happy with the product. They've never sailed on Oceania although they did do at least one Azamara cruise (which they also enjoyed). Mura
  6. Mura

    New to Oceania

    LOL. Somehow I missed those raisin scones with jam and clotted cream ... We just don't go to tea often enough! Mura
  7. Mura

    New to Oceania

    As I said, NOT for the first time! Mura
  8. Mura

    New to Oceania

    Seems like Lyn and I had the same idea at the same time! That's not the first time... OTOH, at dinner time they just bring around tea bags. Do they have loose tea on board? That could mean bringing along some of your own tea leaves as well ... but they wouldn't take up much room! Mura
  9. Mura

    New to Oceania

    Even so, it couldn't hurt to ask the staff at Horizons if it's possible. Or even higher-ups. If I were to order tea at tea time (!) I'd definitely want infused or freshly brewed tea. I'd know better than to expect freshly brewed for one person! But it shouldn't be so hard to use an infuser ... especially if you bring one along! How about that? Mura
  10. Mura

    New to Oceania

    As to tea ... I'm not a tea drinker myself but I regularly make it for hubby. I always make it as instructed: heat the pot, then add hot water to the tea leaves and steep. I was looking a while ago online about making tea and discovered that some tea leaves like lower temperatures than absolutely boiling. Who knew? I sure didn't. By the way, when we were in Sochi in 2012 with Regatta on the Black Sea cruise, I bought some black tea. This is some of the best tea I've ever had. Highly recommended for anyone who might be in Russian territory in the future. A hearty tea but not bitter. Unfortunately I ran out long ago ... If you want brewed tea (or infused tea), how about making a request? They might accommodate you if possible. Admittedly, if only one person wants it out of all the other passengers, they might say no. But it never hurts to ask. If they can accommodate special diets, why couldn't they accommodate someone's tea preference? Better not answer that ... Mura
  11. Mura

    Regatta: Clearance under beds?

    Besides, if it doesn't fit the crew will store it for you until you need to leave the ship. I have a 28" suitcase and I'm pretty sure that it fit underneath the bed. Certainly a 26" would ... You shouldn't have a problem. If you want to keep the suitcase "in house" in case it doesn't fit underneath the bed, I think Paul's suggestion is right on! Mura
  12. Mura

    New to Oceania

    That's exactly why I didn't answer earlier -- it's hard to give information without knowing what you are looking for. The suggestion about telling us what cruise you're on, what ship you're on, duration of the cruise, your accommodations ... all those would be helpful for us to help you. Also using the search function might get you SOME answers. We don't even know your itinerary ... other than Bermuda! Good luck, we're here to help but parameters are helpful. Mura
  13. Mura

    Marina Vista Suites

    We were in 9001 on our first Marina cruise back in October '11. We'd been booked for an August Alaska cruise on Riviera but O made us an offer we couldn't refuse to switch. Same fare (which was about 1/2 of the Marina fare) plus extra OBC -- and we'd already had $1200 OBC because when we booked the Alaska cruise they were desperate for passengers. It did cost us something to change our air reservations, but that didn't bother us at all! Some people (I believe) have asked Oceania to kick in an adjustment on personal air fare but it never occurred to us to ask. We did love the suite! One thing to consider: if lights are on (even if it's just because the curtains aren't absolutely closed) the Bridge will ask you to turn them off. We ran around trying to find a light switch for the veranda lights and never did. Then it dawned on us that when the cabin stewards had done the turn-down, they didn't QUITE close the curtains. Problem solved. Yes, 9001 is close to the concierge suite but we rarely used it. Pretty much if we missed lunch, we'd go in and look for sandwiches or cookies! Others use it a lot more than we did. Mura
  14. The Darwin signs did give a clue about location, no question about it. But at some of the earlier ports we really didn't have a clue -- at least just in looking at the photos. I don't remember if you always specified where you were but I think you did not ... If you did, that's MY bad! Anyway, thanks again for all your work. We could be on the ship with you! Mura
  15. Ditto! I've often wondered just where you were when I saw the photos ... I'm not sure I need to see more tugs alongside Insignia, but that's probably just me. We all are enjoying your photos despite any slightly negative comments! Mura