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  1. LOL! But as a California-born New Yorker, I admit to loving British queues as well. It makes thinks so much easier ... not to mention pleasant. I remember my mother commenting -- after her first European trip in 1964 -- how polite the Londoners were (regarding queuing up). Mura
  2. And Canada!! My first cross-country trip of Canada was in 1964 and we've been back a number of times since. Wonderful people and fabulous scenery, cultural events, etc. Hey, Canada even has major cities!! How about that??!! Mura Oops, obviously I forgot about the part that Canada doesn't want U.S. travelers yet ...
  3. Have to agree with you, Dan. Until and unless we can get back to cruising the way we knew it ... it won't happen for us. Given that DH doesn't want to travel any more, cruising would have been easy for me as a single ... not so easy on a land trip. But I'm willing to give it a go ... when life is "normal" again. I do have some friends who would be willing to join me on a land trip. Mura
  4. Mura


    We haven't cruised since November 2017 but we started out with Renaissance and then moved to Oceania. We had some cruises with wonderful lectures and some with just okay lectures. I remember really wonderful lectures on our Panama Canal cruise about the history of the area (this was our first O cruise) . There was also a Marina cruise (I forget which one, perhaps 4-5 years ago) where a passenger did a wonderful series on movies, operas and musical comedies. He was so successful that they asked him to do some extra presentations. The end result is: yes, it's a mixed bag. But they do break up the day when you have a lot of sea days -- which WE happen to enjoy. We also enjoy the cooking demos, even with the "sthick" that the chefs go through. Once you've seen a couple of these shows, you know what's coming. But for home cooks, we can learn something. And sometimes TASTE something! Mura
  5. I'm chiming in (without -- I admit -- having read every post diligently) even though we have no plans of traveling any time soon. DH had already said a year or two ago that he didn't want to travel in the future because of his serious vision problems -- it was no longer fun or interesting. But I was willing to cruise alone. And then came Covid-19. Personally, I'm not interesting in cruising if I always have to have a mask on when in public areas. I understand why the ship could want me to do so ... but that's not longer "fun". For months now we've been hiding out in our apartment and putting on a mask when we venture out ...but I don't want to travel that way. Likewise, if I were to take a cruise I would not be interested in ONLY being able to take a ship's tour. It's not that I am totally opposed to them. We've had excellent ship's tours and lousy ship's tours, but not all of our private tours were perfect either. However ... I do like the option of taking a ship's tour, a private tour OR going out on our own. Being limited to only ship's tours would be a big drawback. Plus, O's ship's tours were always much pricier than what we could do on our own ... and I doubt that's going to change. Unless it changes to being even IMORE expensive. This may all be a moot point. Even I won't book a cruise - or land travel - until life is "more normal". And while I will be willing to take a vaccine, I won't be first in line. I DO miss our foreign travel. We have done a lot of it in our time and I hate to think that we've already taken our last vacation out of the country. I should add that we have also done a lot of US travel as well ... I have even taken our Danish friends on several US National Park trips ... Mura
  6. See the post that right is just above this one (Our cruise officially cancelled). Several people who responded also had December 2020 cruises cancelled. Well, that post just above yours until I answered ...
  7. In fact, in MY opinion (and many others agree) the library on the "R" ships is superior to the library on the "O" ships. It's really my favorite space on the "R" ships. While I have on rare occasions used the lounge on the "O" ships, I wouldn't miss it if it weren't there. Primarily we will go there if we missed lunch somehow -- perhaps due to a long tour on shore -- and want some snacks to hold us over to dinner, the sandwiches in the lounge are welcome. But without the lounge we could just as easily order a sandwich or salad from room service. But the library on the "R" ships is really special ... Unless, perhaps, you encounter a woman that we did on a cruise some time ago ...she'd come into the library, get a book and a comfortable seat, and immediately start snoring. Loudly. Mura
  8. Getting back to OP's question ... While it isn't unusual for occasional ports to be skipped -- we were on a cruise a couple of years ago, for example, that had scheduled a stop at a Greek coast town where the port was cancelled because of flooding in Greece. Understandable. But I would guess that if the Amazon has to be cancelled because of Covid, or weather, or anything else, then at some point you would receive an updated advisory about a real change in itinerary. If you are booking this itinerary because of the Amazon portion, then you want to keep an eye on what is happening and cancel in advance if it doesn't look like the Amazon will indeed be on the itinerary. Not that I can imagine what replacement could be made for the Amazon portion ... it's not like you are talking one or two ports. Good luck! Mura
  9. I guess both Paul and myself should have added that the crew will always take away luggage that you can't fit in the room. They bring it back when you are getting ready to pack to leave the ship. No charge! Mura
  10. I always complained about the veranda cabin bathrooms going back to Renaissance days. I'm not tall but I am wide, and I found the shower a problem. And sitting on the loo could also be a problem. So we upgraded ourselves over time to at least a PH and sometimes more. But usually a PH. But a few years ago we were booked in a PH on Nautica and we got a downsell offer to a B2 (later upgraded to a B1) which we couldn't pass up -- it paid for our next cruise on Insignia a few months later in a VS. Suddenly the bathroom really didn't bother me, even though I'd become used to much larger facilities. I did have a rule of thumb: I could stand in front of the sink and put my arms out. My left arm would just about hit the shower "door" and by right arm would be over the commode. I could dry myself with my towel, but it WAS tight. Not un-doable, however. People who advise you not to drop the soap in the shower in these cabins is absolutely right!! That may be the biggest problem. I think OP's problem might be more his height than anything else. Mura
  11. I don't know about after the next upgrades, but there is room now. I have a 28" suitcase and it fits under the bed. I can't imagine that they would reduce that capacity ... so many passengers need it, especially those in more economical staterooms.
  12. Just because it most likely will be true in the future doesn't mean that it is today ....
  13. You won't need a suit, and many men don't bother with a sports jacket either. A collared shirt and dress pants should be fine.
  14. +1 If you use the butler more than most of us do, then an extra tip is in order! To be more specific, on some of our longer cruises when in a suite --I'm talking 14-21 days -- we might have dined in the suite 2-3 times. Our tip reflected that. If you think you might use en suite dining most nights ... that is a calculation to make. On departure night, we always have dinner in our stateroom. Usually we will dine en suite once or twice when we had a long day touring. You have to decide for yourself, but it's a nice option on busy days. As and has been said -- you don't pay extra for the ensuite service. Mura
  15. I used to be one who hated the bathrooms in the veranda cabins on the "R" ships ... that is why we "upgraded" ourselves to PH. But when we were in a B1 on Nautica three years ago (maybe two), the bathrooms really didn't bother me. Sure, I prefer the big suites. But we don't always want to pay that much ... and on that cruise we'd taken a downsell which paid for a cruise on another "R" ship a couple of months later in a VS.... I would not like to see the "R" ships disappear ...OTOH they are getting older, aren't they?! Mura
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