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  1. I agree that it can be a mess but in our experience it's far worse on the "O" ships. More people trying to leave at the same time ... When we left the ship in Rio (2013) it was particularly bad. This was on Marina. We were docked as far away as possible from the terminal, so luggage was loaded into 8 passenger vans -- one at a time. (The Regent ship that had had the same itinerary except for one port was up at the front ...) Two people in our group were smarter than the rest of us and they went down to the crew gangway ... they were out quickly without a problem., Those of us hanging around Reception had a MUCH longer wait. I was impressed by our General Manager (Dominique Nicolle) who was out there loading luggage into the vans with the rest of the crew.
  2. Agree also that an August cruise is highly unlikely. Already we saw today (maybe on another thread) that suddenly August cruises are "full up". That's generally a sign they are about to be cancelled. I agree with others that the most likely scenario is that nothing will sail before late 2020. I would LOVE to be wrong!
  3. I have seen complaints (or maybe just questions) here about being close to the elevator or stairs. When we have been in those locations it was never a problem. It's true that some people think they need to talk loudly, no matter what the time of day, when they are "chatting" with each other while they walk up/down stairs or wait for an elevator. We live in Brooklyn Heights, a very quite residential neighborhood in NYC (aka Brooklyn). Most of the time it's extremely quiet at night. We have a duplex apartment on the first and second floors. When I sleep on the first floor sometimes the students who know live in a nearby dorm -- after a night of drinking -- will walk down the street, loudly talking to each other. This is very rare but it DOES happen. That noise is much louder than what I ever heard on an Oceania ship, even when near the suspect locations. We also never had a problem when located near to a laundry room, not that anyone has asked recently ...
  4. Assuming Covid-19 continues for a while, it certainly will affect how any cruise line deals with seating at mealtime. It sure was easier in the "old days"! In that case, smaller ships should be BETTER. Shouldn't they? Mura
  5. Perhaps the method of choosing a table in the specialties will change so that there is an early and a late seating. But I'd be interesting in knowing what is considered "late". 7:30? 9:00?
  6. We aren't currently booked on anything so my answer is no, I wouldn't trust that everything will be back to normal by then. If it is, I could book then. I still have the problem of leaving DH home alone ... Not because he depends on my presence so much but because of his vision problems which is why he no longer wants to travel. But I'm with PaulChili ... I'd want a dependable vaccine on hand before I sail again. Mura
  7. Pinot asked if there is nothing on the Tuscan Steak menu that we who don't care for Tuscan Steak like. I personally would not go that far, not at all. It's just that many of my favorites from both Polo and Toscana seemed to have disappeared. It's quite a while since we were on Sirena so I could well be misremembering but it seems to me that they kept more of the Toscana items than the Polo items, and there are more dishes from Polo that ring my bell than from Toscana. But I'd never starve if Toscana was the only restaurant choice.
  8. I'm very irritated that mid post my comment disappears and then I have to search for it ... sometimes it magically reappears, but not tonight! Anyway, I was saying that I love the Reuben and eat THE WHOLE THING. When we took our Danish friends through the western national parks -- Yellowstone and etc. -- we introduced them to the Reuben. Now they can't get enough of them ... Mura
  9. I have found that I don't always agree with RJB -- I'm sure he feels the same about me -- but I sure do about Tuscan Steak! They eliminated too many of our favorite dishes in creating the restaurant. From what I have read since Tuscan Steak came on the scene, a majority of diners agreed with us. So did the servers. Perhaps it doesn't help that we also are not fans of Red Ginger ... but we don't blame RG for Tuscan Steak or vice versa. Mura
  10. I can assure you that I was NOT the first! I heard it from others and decided it was a great suggestion. From my memory there are MANY who recommended this approach., Who was the first? I have no idea! But I CAN say that I was definitely not the first. I got the idea from others who'd already posted ... Mura
  11. I used to feel that way. When we first started cruising we only wanted port visits. Then we were on a cruise (Buenos Aires to Santiago) where each port was at least a day's sail away, and we realized we really liked the sea days. And that's when we started doing transatlantics ... So I can understand where you prefer a sea day after a port visit ... but we have come to like a number of sea days in a row. When we started cruising I never could have imagined that I would come to like lots of sea days! But we did. Not everyone will agree with us, of course. That's just how we feel now! We like port visits and we like sea days. MURA
  12. Not for everyone! I've become very fond of sea days. But when you aren't planning on them, and when there is a particularly difficult health problem ... I won't disagree! Mura
  13. I'm not at all sure that "Surf and No Turf" (or vice versa) was posted by me! But I've seen many posts suggesting just that and I MIGHT have been referencing them. For me, I like the combo but DH often takes no bun and double one or the other. It's very tasty however you order it! Mura
  14. I haven't checked out your specific itinerary but in 2013 we used Manu Peclat in Rio. He was excellent. <rioprivatetourguide@gmail.com> We were in Buenos Aires in early 2002 but didn't use any official guides there. At the time I was in regular email contact with a resident there and he took us around one day, the rest of the time we managed on our own. I just checked your itinerary and other than Rio we haven't done your ports. We did visit Montevideo on our 2002 cruise but we did it on our own. Mura
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