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  1. 8 hours ago, spinnaker2 said:

    I dont know about you, but i have not seen any gentlemen guests who have abs like that aboard the Silversea ships i have sailed…

    Ah... So we haven't met. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Lookingtocruise42 said:

    By definition a polo is a collared shirt.
    according to ChatGPT: “The collar is one of the distinguishing features that separates a polo shirt from other types of shirts.”


    It may have started as a “sports” shirt, but it really isn’t.

    When we start using ChatGPT as a sartorial guide it seems the end of elegance is nigh. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Lookingtocruise42 said:

    Just because that was how it started its life, doesn’t mean that’s how it’s used today.



    Maybe, but it's still the shirt used by polo players. 


    People wear soccer shirts when not playing Association Football or running shoes while riding the bus. Still sports kit. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Lookingtocruise42 said:

    How is a polo sports attire?



    The clue is in the name. Polo shirt. 


    Think horses, mallets, chukkas, upper-class buffoons... 

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  5. 59 minutes ago, ronrick1943 said:

    No photo’s on this one.  Last night we ate at The Grill, it was fully booked and they had to turn people away without reservation.  Few people didn’t like it obviously, but the staff was courteous and professional.  Then walked in a party of 8 with reservations, dressed so-so at best-but that was their decision, and was none of our business anyway.  We were sitting near them, and boy was that quite a show.  They were demanding, obnoxious, maybe the word should be ridiculously demanding and loud.  First the table they received wasn’t what they really wanted., second they felt the service was slow and not getting enough attention. Next they wanted more breadsticks immediately, and they wanted their order taken immediately.  Anything the staff did wasn’t good enough.  Really surprised me was every time a waiter and assistant walked away from the table 3 of them were vaping.  Two of them constantly vaping and didn’t care about other guests around. Imagine if they vape in an open dining area, they most likely vape in their suite.  I realize this is against the rules of Silversea, but they didn’t seem to care.  Enough about that, but I hope something is done to stop that kind of behavior.



    On every cruise we've taken (not just SS) we have seen this sort of obnoxious, self-entitled dramatronics; thankfully, from rarely more than the few on whom millions of years of evolution has been wasted. 



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  6. 14 minutes ago, BigCheese1 said:

    I lived at Sek Kong (RAF). Fab time trying all the ‘foreign food’.

    First Saga cruise next year, looking forward to Khukuri, we had lots of Gurkha 

    food whilst at Sek Kong, is this the slant in there? Looking forward to my cruise (Norway August).

    Khukuri is really Anglicized Indian food and very good it is too. You won't find dahl bhat or goat curry on the menu. Nor anything to equal Shaffi's or Ali Khan. 


    I was RAF at Sek Kong too, 1990-1993. 


    (Incidentally, if you remember Shaffi's the guy that ran it, Ali Liggat, now has two restaurants - one in Wanchai and the other in Yuen Long. Both serve Cantonese food with little influence from Ali's homeland of Pakistan😔

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  7. 4 hours ago, lincslady said:

    I agree - pub grub.  But now and then that is what you feel like, and I can remember a few older people sitting near us who grumbled about any 'fancy' food and chose these every night.  I suspect there are not many like that nowadays.

    Reminds me of a bus ride in Hong Kong where the younger man opposite, a soldier from Sek Kong, was asking his father, who was visiting, how he liked Hong Kong. 


    "It's fine," he said. "But too much foreign food." 



  8. 33 minutes ago, lincslady said:

    My DH used to think washing up liquid was suitable for all cleaning activities, whether of person or house.

    To be fair, the basis of all shampoos is, essentially, Fairy Liquid. 


    I find it funny the shampoo manufacturers seem to think that adding tropical fruit to a product somehow increases its efficacy. It makes me wonder if shampoo manufacturers in tropical countries hoodwink their customers with promises of "essence of cabbage and beetroot" or the hair-nourishing addition of "rhubarb and shallot"? 

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