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  1. How difficult is getting a spot on a cooler weather cruise? British Isles to be exact. We plan on visiting Stonehenge before we board, so we definitely won’t be on early. Our cruise has 3 sea days, and I want to experience this area at least once.
  2. Ive had horrible seasickness our last 2 cruises on the last night. To the point of almost losing my cookies in the comedy club. I did have patches for the last cruise, and they worked for the whole cruise until they wore off on the last night, and I was too cheap to waste another patch. I’ll plan better next cruise for sure. I have no idea what changed in my system. I’ve been on a lot, and just recently started having trouble. It’s very frustrating. Especially for dh who ended up having to pack, and spend the evening without me the last night.
  3. We are doing Princess to the British Isles only because Carnival doesn’t do the itinerary I want. The ship looks beautiful, and with such a port intensive cruise, I really think we will enjoy Princess for this trip.
  4. We are on the September 13,2020 cruise. I have thought about renting a car that day, but we are still undecided. Thanks for the info on Overload. We may look in to that as well.
  5. Thank you for the recommendations! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some cool new designers while over there for sure! I have a few bags and accessories bought in the states, Las Vegas, New York etc, but there’s just something about one bought in France. It’s more that, than the actual monetary savings. 😂 I’ve been holding off buying the exact one I want until I can get it there. May be weird to some, but dh collects cars, and I collect bags and shoes. 😂 but I appreciate all the input!
  6. Oh believe me, I know exactly what I want and how much it is in the states. 😊 the cheaper prices, and refund of the VAT is well worth the extra hassle. All my previous LVs’ have been bought here, but there’s just something special about buying a LV in France even if it’s not Paris. 😂 which is where my next on will be bought. LMAO
  7. Awesome! Really all I want in Deauville is to go to Louie Vuitton. Thanks so much for the help!
  8. Is Uber available to get back to the ship from the Sixt office?
  9. We will be in Le Havre in September and I want to rent a car to get to Deauville. We are in port from 8 am to 7pm. Will this give us plenty of time in Deauville?
  10. Because a lot of people are rule followers to a fault, and have never cruised before so they don’t know you can actually board when you want. I do know we can board when we get there, but I usually do what the email says because of the whole rule following thing.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Outlet-Desktop-Charging-Station-Extension/dp/B0773H94GR/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3IWLHB5RUI1JM&keywords=cruise+ship+power+strip+no+surge+protection&qid=1569179948&s=gateway&sprefix=cruise+ship+powe%2Caps%2C254&sr=8-4 I use this one. It’s on the list Rabbi shared. It works great.
  12. Dumb question, but do they have corned beef hash for breakfast?
  13. I carry 2 bottles onboard in a wine carrier. I travel with my husband, but sometimes we’ve gone thru different security lines. How do they know I’m not traveling solo? In Miami they didn’t even take the bottles out of my carry on, nor did they even unzip/open the bag husband was carrying with my LaCroix. We joked it could have been 2 12 packs of beer and they would have never even noticed. If you don’t mind losing one bottle, just get something that holds 2 bottles and see what happens.
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